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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Bab"

Goddess name "A / Aa, Sirdu, Sirrida" Akkadia / Semitic A (also Aa, Sirdu, Sirrida). Moon Goddess of Chaldeans. Symbolized by a disk with eight rays, this figure is frequently associated with Goddesses of light across many cultures including Babylon, Mesopotamia, Akkadia and Semitic.
God name "A'as" Babylon God of wisdom Babylon/Hittite/Hurrian
Goddess name "A-a" Mespoptomia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W Semitic She was a sun Goddess
Demon name "Abaddon" Babylonian It is the second of the seven names of the underworld in the Babylonian Talmud. Chief of the Demons of the 7th hierarchy Hebrew/Christian
Spirit name "Akhkhazu" Babylonian "The Seizer." An evil Spirit, who had the power of securing his victim under his control. Babylonian
King name "Alalu" Babylonian The first King of the heavens in Babylonian mythology.
Demon name "Alu" Babylonian "The strong one". A Babylonian Demon.
Goddess name "Ama-arhus" Akkadian Babylonian and Akkadian fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Ama-arhus/ Arad-Ama-arhus/ Amat-Ama-arhus" Babylonia/ Akkadia A fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Amasagnul" Babylon/ Akkadia Goddess of fertility Babylon/Akkadia
Planet name "Anael" Babylon Aka Hanael or Aniel, an angel in Jewish lore and angelology, and is often included in lists as being one of the seven archangels. Haniel is generally associated with the Planet Venus. Babylon
Goddess name "Anahita" Babylon/Egypt Goddess of water and war. Babylon/Egypt
"Angiaks" Eskimo A child of the living dead in Eskimo lore. These are created during harsh times when an unwanted baby is taken out into the snow by a tribe's elders to die of exposure.
"Antu" Babylon/ Akkadia She is derived from the older Sumeria Ki
Goddess name "Antu aka Antum" Babylon/Akkadia A Goddess, the first consort of Anu. They were the parents of the Anunnaki and the Utukki. Antu was replaced as consort by Ishtar or Inanna, who may also be a daughter of Anu and Antu. She is similar to Anat. Babylon/Akkadia
God name "Anu/ Anus" Babylon The head of the Gods, he had an army of stars to destroy evildoers
Goddess name "Anunit aka Anunitu" Chaldea The Assyrian and Babylonian counterpart to the Sumerian Inanna and to the cognate northwest Semitic Goddess Astarte. Anunit, Astarte and Atarsamain are alternative names for Ishtar. Chaldea
Goddess name "Anunitu" Babylon The Goddess of the moon
Deities name "Anunnaki" Babylon The seven judges of the Underworld they began as fertility Deities
Deities name "Anunnaki aka Anunnaku" Babylon Ananaki, a group of Sumerian and Akkadian Deities related to, and in some cases overlapping with, the Annuna (the 'Fifty Great Gods') and the Igigi (minor gods). Babylon
God name "Arazu" Babylon The God of construction that was completed
Spirit name "Ardat lili" Babylonian "Maids of the night." Evil Spirits who plied their trade at night. Babylonian
Goddess name "Aruru" Babylon A Goddess to whom is ascribed the creation of Gilgamesh and Eabani. Babylon
Demon name "Asakku" Babylonian Plague spreading Demons. Babylonian
God name "Asalluha" Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria Minor God who acts as a messenger and reporter to Enki. Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Deity name "Assur" Babylon/ Akkadia National Deity(god) of Assyria
Goddess name "Astarte/ Ashtoreth" Phoenicia/ Babylon/ Assyria/ conference/ Canaan A Goddess of fertility, sacred love, sexuality & of sex & the moon
"Bab" Arabia The founder and prophet of Babism. He was a merchant from Shiraz, who at the age of twenty-five claimed to be the promised Qa'im (or Mihdi). After his declaration he took the title of Bab meaning "Gate". Six years later he was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz.
Goddess name "Baba" Sumeria Goddess of healing and fertility. Sumeria
Spirit name "Baba Yaga" Slavic The wild old woman; the dark lady; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest Spirit, leading hosts of spirits. Slavic
Demon name "Babael" Hebrew A Demon known as the Keeper of Graves.
God name "Babes" Roman In Rome, the God who caused infants to utter their first cry.
"Babo" Greek A mythical woman of Eleusis, whom Hesychius calls the nurse of Demeter
Monster name "Babullius" Greek A Monster of the primitive world, is described sometimes as a destructive hurricane, and sometimes as a fire-breathing giant concealed in the country of the Arimi in the earth, which was lashed by Zeus with flashes of lightning. Greek
Goddess name "Ban" Babylonian The consort of Ningirsu and one of the most prominent Goddesses in the Babylonian pantheon.
Goddess name "Bel" Akkadian Bel became especially used of the Babylonian god Marduk and when found in Assyrian and neo-Babylonian personal names or mentioned in inscriptions in Mesoptamian context it can usually be taken as referring to Marduk and no other god. Similarly Belit without some disambiguation mostly refers to Bel Marduk's spouse Sarpanit. However Marduk's mother, the Sumerian Goddess called Ninhursag, Ningal and Ninmah and other names in Sumerian, was often known as Belit-ili 'Lady of the Gods' in Akkadian.
God name "Bel" Babylonian Signifying "lord" or "master", is a title rather than a genuine name, applied to various Gods in Babylonian religion. The feminine form is Belit 'Lady, Mistress'. Bel is represented in Greek and Latin by Belos and Belus respectively. Linguistically Bel is an East Semitic form cognate with Northwest Semitic Ba‘al with the same meaning.
"Belesis or Belesys" Assyrian The noblest of the Chaidaean priests at Babylon, who, according to the account of Ctesias, is said, in conjunction with Arbaces, the Mede, to have overthrown the old Assyrian empire. Beiesis afterwards received the satrapy of Babylon from Arbaces.
Goddess name "Belet-Seri" Akkadia Goddess of the underworld, who kept track of the dead coming through Babylon/Akkadia
Goddess name "Belet-Seri/ Belitsari" Babylon/ Akkadia The underworld Goddess that kept track of the dead coming through
God name "Belit Ilani" Babylon Mistress of the Gods. Evening Star of Desire. Babylon
Goddess name "Belit Seri" Babylon Goddess of justice and fairness. She kept the records of human activities. Babylon
Goddess name "Belit-Ili" Babylon/Akkadia Mother Goddess, the mother of Enlil. Babylon/Akkadia
Goddess name "Beltiya" Babylon/Akkadia Sublime and elevated, incomparable among the Goddesses. Babylon/Akkadia
God name "Birdu" Babylon/Akkadia Minor underworld God. Babylon/Akkadia
"Bur" Babylon Another name for Adad. Babylon Norse
God name "Dagan" Babylon/ Akkadia/ Canaan A fertility & grain God who in the Ugatitic creation myth was the father of Baal
God name "Dagan" Babylon/Akkadia/Canaan Fertility and grain God who in the Ugatitic creation myth was the father of Baal. Babylon/Akkadia/Canaan
Goddess name "Damgalnuna" Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria Mother Goddess who whelped Marduk. Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Damkina" Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria Earth mother Goddess and consort of Ea. Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Spirit name "Dom-Daniel" Arabian The abode of evil Spirits, gnomes, and enchanters, somewhere "under the roots of the ocean," but not far from Babylon. (Continuation of the Arabian Tales.)
God name "Dumu-zi" Babylonian "Child of life." A God of the sun. Babylonian
Deity name "Dumu-zi-zuab" Babylonian A local Deity(god). Nebo, under this name, is described as a son of the deep. Babylonian
God name "Dumuzi" Babylon God of fertility. Babylon
Deity name "Dun-shagga" Babylonian A local Deity(god). Babylonian
God name "Ea" Babylon/Mesopotamia As a member of the supreme trinity he was God of the waters, giver of arts and sciences and the healer of the sick. Babylon/Mesopotamia
God name "Ea/ Enki" Babylon/ Mesopotamia The God of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
"Ek" Mayan Babob Mayan
Demon name "Ekimmu" Babylonian Demons that infest the graves. Babylonian
God name "Ellil" Akkadia Creator and air God Babylon/Akkadia
"En-lil" Babylon The name of Bel in the oldest inscriptions Bel. Babylon
God name "Enki aka Ea" Mesopotamia/Sumeria A deity later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology, originally chief God of the city of Eridu. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God name "Enmesarra" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The God of law
God name "Enzu" Akkadia God who was named appears to be a corrupted form of Suen Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
"Eriskegal" Allatu/ Babylon She is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
Demon name "Eriskegal aka Erishkigal" Babylon/Allatu Demon Queen of Seduction and Undeath, Mistress of Succubi. Babylon/Allatu
King name "Fierabras" Babylon Son of Balan, King of Spain. The greatest giant that ever walked the earth. For height of stature, breadth of shoulder, and hardness of muscle he never had an equal. He possessed all Babylon, even to the Red Sea; was seigneur of Russia, Lord of Cologne, master of Jerusalem, and even of the Holy Sepulchre.
Deity name "Gad" Babylonian The pan-Semitic Deity(god) of fortune worshipped during the babylonian captivity.
God name "Galla" Akkadia Minor underworld Gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gat Um Dug" Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria Ancient Earth Mother and Goddess of fertility of the Lagash. Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gatumdug/ Gula" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility Goddess as well as the tutelary goddess of Lagas
God name "Gerra" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia The God of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil
God name "Gestu" Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria Minor God of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind. Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gnowee" Australia Sun Goddess who lived on Earth before there was a sun. Gnowee's baby son wandered off while she was gathering yams and she began searching for him carrying a large torch. She continues to do so and her torch is the sun. Australia
Goddess name "Gula" Babylon/Sumeria Mother Goddess of creativity, fire and with the power to inflict/cure disease. Babylon/Sumeria
Goddess name "Gula/ Gula Bau" Babylon/ Sumeria A mother Goddess of creativity, fire & with the power to inflict/ cure disease
Goddess name "Gunura" Sumeria Goddess who had a seat named 'House Pure Heaven,' in the Temple at Babil. Sumeria
Demon name "Gusion" Christian A strong Great Duke of Hell, and rules over forty legions of Demons. He tells all past, present and future things, shows the meaning of all questions that are asked to him, reconciles friends, and gives honour and dignity. He is depicted as a baboon. Christian demonology
God name "Hani[s]" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God
"Hapi" Egypt One of the Four sons of Horus depicted in funerary literature as protecting the throne of Osiris in the Underworld. Hapi is depicted as a baboon-headed mummified human on funerary furniture and especially the canopic jars that held the organs of the deceased. Hapi's jar held the lungs. Hapi was also the protector of the North. Egypt
Angel name "Haroot and Maroot" Hebrew Two Angels who, in consequence of their want of compassion to man, are susceptible of human passions, and are sent upon earth to be tempted. They were at one time kings of Babel, and are still the teachers of magic and the black arts. Hebrew
God name "He Zur" Egypt Baboon God accepted as a manifestation of Thot Egypt
Goddess name "Hemsut" Egypt Goddess of fate and newborn babies Egypt
Goddess name "Hemsut/ Hemuset" Egypt A Goddess of fate and newborn babies
God name "Hendursaga" Akkadia God of law Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Hez-ur" Egypt Baboon God, considered to be a form of Thot Egypt
Goddess name "Hur ki" Babylon/Mesopotamia Not the Goddess of the moon, just a very naughty girl. Babylon/Mesopotamia
God name "Ilabrat" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God, heavy into politics
Supreme god name "In-Shushinak" Babylonia The Supreme God of the Elamites. East of Babylonia
Goddess name "Ishtar/ Inanna" Babylonia She was the Goddess of sexuality & of love and war
Goddess name "Istar" Akkadia Goddess of fertility and war known as the star of heaven Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Goddess name "Istar/ Estar" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A Goddess of fertility & war known as the star of heaven
God name "Isum" Akkadia Minor God, possibly a god of fire Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
"Jedza" Poland Equivalent of Baba Yaga Poland
"Jizo Bosatsu" Japan Works to ease the suffering and shorten the sentence of those serving time in hell. Jizo can appear in many different forms to alleviate suffering. In modern Japan, Jizo is popularly known as the guardian of unborn, aborted, miscarried, and stillborn babies. Japan
"Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu" India "At first there was neither earth nor sky, Shuzanghu and his wife Zumiang-Nui lived alone...In due time Zumiang-Nui gave birth to a baby-girl, Subbu-Khai-Thung, who is the Earth and to a baby-boy, Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu, who is the Sky." India
God name "Kaka" Akkadia Minor God with political pull Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
"Kamennaia Baba" Origin 'The Stone Mothers', the monolithic stone menhirs in southern Russia. These were possibly of Scythian origin and engraved with serpent and animal images, hold a horn, and are flanked by horsemen.
"Kingu" Babylon He is in the husband/ son of Tiamat
God name "Kisar" Akkadia Primordial God/dess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Kulla" Akkadia God of builders and responsible for the creation of bricks Babylon/Akkadia
God name "Kus" Akkadia God of herdsmen Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Kusag" Babylon Not only is he this patron God of priests, he is the high priest of the gods. Babylon
Goddess name "Lahamu" Babylonian In the Babylonian story of creation, Lahama is the daughter of the primordial Goddess Tiamat. She guards the gate to the sea; the sea is her dominion. She holds an overflowing vase; she contains, bestows the waters of life. The Seven Tablets of Creation
Demon name "Lilitu" Babylon Nocturnal Demones who lingers on as the Jewish Lilith Babylon
Demon name "Lucifer" Babylon Very haughty and overbearing. Lucifer is the name given by Isaiah to Nebuchadnezzar, the proud but ruined king of Babylon: "Take up this proverb against the King of Babylon, and say, ... How art thou fallen, from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" (Isa. XIV. 4, 12). The poets feign that Satan, before he was driven out of heaven for his pride, was called Lucifer. Milton, in his Paradise Lost, gives this name to the Demon of "Sinful Pride." Christian/Gnostic
God name "Lugal-Irra" Akkadia Chthonic underworld God Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Mami" Babylon Mother Goddess, created humankind Babylon
Goddess name "Mamitu" Akkadia Goddess of treaties and oaths, as well as a judge in the underworld Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God name "Mandanu" Akkadia God of divine judgment Babylon/Akkadia
God name "Manungal" Akkadia Chthonic underworld God Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Marduk" Babylon God of fertility , the lord of all the Gods Babylon/Mesopotamia
God name "Merodach" Babylon God of the sun Babylon
God name "Mes An Du" Akkadia God Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Mes Lam Taea" Akkadia God of war but thought to be an aggressive aspect of the chthonic underworld God Nergal Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Mummu" Babylonian Vizier of primeval Gods Apsu, the fresh water, and Tiamat, the salt water. An ancient Sumero-Babylonian craftsman-god, and personification of technical skill.
"Mylitta" Babylon/Phoenicia Represented the productive principle of nature, and received the title of the queen of fertility. Babylon/Phoenicia
Goddess name "Mylitta/ Mu'Allidtu" Phoenician/ Babylon A Goddess of fire, childbirth & fertility
King name "Nabo or Nebo" Babylon One of the divinities of the Assyrians, supposed to be the moon. Many of the Kings of Babylon assumed the name.
God name "Nabu" Mesopotamia God of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabu's consort was Tashmetum. Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Nana" Babylon Yet another Goddess of spring. Babylon
Nymph name "Nana" Greek A Nymph of Sangarius, a river located in present-day Turkey. She became pregnant when an almond from an almond tree fell on her lap. The almond tree had sprung where Agdistis, a mythical being connected with the Phrygian worship of Attes, was slain. Agdistis was a son of Cybele, the Mother of all things. Nana abandoned the baby, who was adopted by his grandmother, Cybele. The baby, Attis, grew up to become Cybele's servant and lover. Greek
Goddess name "Nanaja" Akkadia War and Goddess of fertility Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Goddess name "Nanse" Babylon A Goddess of widows, orphans and the poor. She stood for social justice and turned no one away so long as they were worthy of help. Babylon
God name "Nebo" Babylonian The Babylonian God of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabo's consort was Tashmetum.
God name "Nebo" Babylonian The God of science and literature, is said to have invented cuneiform writing. His temple was at Borsippa, but his worship was carried wherever Babylonian letters penetrated. Thus we had Mount Nebo in Moab, and the city of Nebo in Judea.
God name "Nebo aka Nimrud" Babylonian The Assyrio-Babylonian God of letters.
Goddess name "Nergal" Assyrian/ Babylonian One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, a Goddess of war & death
Goddess name "Nergal" Babylon One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, amorality personified, and a Goddess of war and death. Babylon
God name "Neti" Babylon/ Akkadian A chthonic underworld God
Goddess name "Nin" Babylonia A Goddess of wisdom
Goddess name "Nin Insinna" Babylon Goddess of fertility. Babylon
Goddess name "Nin Mar Ki" Babylon "gracious lady", a Goddess of Babylon
Goddess name "Nin Ur" Babylon Goddess with jurisdiction over a varying number of minor gods. Babylon
Goddess name "Nin'insinna" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Nin-Anna" Babylon Beer Goddess was a venerable and long-lasting deity. All hail to the ale. Babylon
God name "Nin-Ildu" Akkadia God of carpenters who is a minor tutelary deity Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Goddess name "Nin-Imma" Babylon Goddess of fertility who is the deification of the female sex organs Babylon
God name "Ningilin/ Ninkilum" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A rather obscure God
God name "Ningirama" Akkadia Minor God of magic who protected against snakes Babylon-Akkadia
God name "Ningis Zi Da" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian The God of light coming from harassing & tutelary god ofGudea[Lagas]
Goddess name "Ninhursagaa/ Nintu" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian/ Iraq The Goddess of the earth and creator of humans, fertility & productivity
God name "Ninkaranunna" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A Barber God
Goddess name "Ninkigal" Assyrian "the lady of the great region", Goddess worshiped in Babylon. The sister of Ishtar and the wife of the Assyrian Pluto.
Goddess name "Ninmah" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A mother Goddess
God name "Ninshorsag" Babylon God od of Life. babylon
Goddess name "Ninsun" Akkadia Mother of Gilgamesh and the wild bull Dumuzi, and wife of Lugalbands. A Goddess of Gudea, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Akkadia and Sumeria. Aka, "Rimat-Ninsun", the "august cow", the "Wild Cow of the Enclosure", and "The Great Queen.
Goddess name "Ninsun[a]" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadian A cow Goddess that was the tutelary goddess of Gudea
Goddess name "Nintur" Babylon Goddess of the womb Babylon
God name "Nintura" Akkadia God of thunderstorms and the plow Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God name "Ninurta" Babylon God of agriculture, rain, fertility, war, thunderstorms, wells, canals and floods. Babylon
Goddess name "Nouhro" Babylon Goddess of Light. Babylon
God name "Nusku" Babylon God of light and fire. Babylon
Goddess name "Omorca" Babylonian The Goddess who was sovereign of the universe when it was first created. It was covered with water and darkness, but contained some few animals of monster forms, representations of which may be seen in the Temple of Bel. Babylonian
God name "Pa-bil-sag" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The tutelary God of Isin
"Pazuzu" Babylon A demom invoked for protection against crop pestilence. Babylon
Goddess name "Pi Hsia Yuan Chin" China Goddess of birth and midwives who brings health and good fortune to the newborn baby. China
Demon name "Pradyumna" Hindu A son of Krishna and Rukmini who, as a baby, was abducted by the Demon Sambara and cast into the sea and swallowed by a fish. The fish was caught and opened and the child was found inside. He was given to a woman in Sambara's house to raise. Narada informed her about the true identity of the child. When Pradyumna grew up, he battled the demon Sambara, defeated him. Pradyumna was later killed in a drunken brawl in his father's court at Dwaraka. Hindu
Goddess name "Renenutet" Egypt A Goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet
God name "Rimmon" Babylon Sun God. Babylon
"Sa" Babylonian The remote and inscrutable divinity of the cosmic deep. Babylonian
God name "Sakka[n]/ Amakandu/ Sumuqan" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadian A patron God of herdsmen & A god of cattle
God name "Sala" Babylonian The female consort of the Sun-God of Eridu. Babylonian
God name "Samas" Akkadia God of the sun and patron deity of Sippa and Larsa Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Goddess name "Samkhat" Babylon Goddess of happiness and joy. Babylon
God name "Sara" Akkadia Minor war God Babylon/Akkadia
Goddess name "Sarrahitu" Akkadia Goddess of fertility who started out being Tutelary Goddess of the city of Su-Sin Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Goddess name "Sarrahitu/ Sarra Itu" Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility Goddess that started out being the tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin
God name "Scniitic Bel" Babylon A Sun-God who rules among the shades below. Babylon
God name "Sebitti" Akkadia Collective name for the minor war Gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God name "Shamash" Assyrians / Babylonians Sun God and God of righteousness, law and divination.
God name "Shamash" Babylon God of war, justice, divination and prophecy. Babylon
God name "Shamish" Babylon God of the sun and the God of justice. Babylon
God name "Sheger" Babylon Supplies live sheep and cattle for the God Mot to feast upon. Babylon
Goddess name "Shutu" Babylon Goddess of the south winds. Babylon
God name "Sin" Babylon God of the moon. Babylon
Goddess name "Sin" Babylon/ Chaldea A moon Goddess
Goddess name "Siris" Babylon Goddess of banquets and rain clouds Babylon
Goddess name "Siris/ Sirah" Babylon A Goddess of banquets & rain clouds
God name "Sirsir" Akkadia Guardian God of boatmen Babylon/Akkadia
Goddess name "Sirtur" Akkadia Goddess of sheep Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Spirit name "Stromkarl" Norwegian A Norwegian musical Spirit. The Stromkarl has eleven different musical measures, to ten of which people may dance, but the eleventh belongs to the night-spirit, his host. If anyone plays it, tables and benches, cups and cans, old men and women, blind and lame, babies in their cradles, and the sick in their beds, begin to dance.
God name "Suhhab" Babylonia One of the seven great Gods, each of whom produced a race of men. Babylonia
God name "Sullat" Akkadia Minor God who was an attendant of God of the sun Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God name "Sulman[u]" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W Semitic A chthonic war & fertility God
God name "Sutekh/ Hurrian" Babylonia A weather God
Goddess name "Tasmettu[m]" Akkadia Goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Goddess name "Tiamat" Babylonian The primordial mother Goddess in Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, and a central figure in the Enuma Elish creation epic.
God name "Tutu" Babylon Tutelary God of Borsippa. Babylon
Goddess name "Uks Akka" Swedish Goddess of midwives who looks after newborn babies. Swedish
Spirit name "Ukur" Babylon Underworld Spirit of earth and water. Babylon
God name "Ukur/ Kus" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadian A chthonic underworld God
Demon name "Witches' Sabbath" European The muster at night time of witches and Demons to concoct mischief. The witch first anointed her feet and shoulders with the fat of a murdered babe, then mounting a broom-stick, distaff, or rake, made her exit by the chimney, and rode through the air to the place of rendezvous. The assembled witches feasted together, and concluded with a dance, in which they all turned their backs to each other.
Spirit name "Xhindi" Albanian Put scissors and broomsticks under your baby's mattress to keep these invisible Spirits away. Albanian
"Yohak" Thalaba The giant guardian of the caves of Babylon. Thalaba
God name "Zakar" Babylonian God of dreams as messages from the Gods. Babylonian
Goddess name "Zarpandit aka Zerbanit" Babylonian Zerbanitu, Zerpanitum, and Beltis. Babylonian Goddess worshipped nightly at the appearance of the moon.
Goddess name "Zarpanitu" Babylonian A birth Goddess and a consort of Marduk. Babylonian
Goddess name "Zicum aka Zikun" Babylonian Zigara, the primeval Goddess, the mother of Anu and the gods. Babylonian
"Zig" Arabis A prodigious cock, which stands with its feet on the earth and touches heaven with its head. When its wings are spread it darkens the sun, and causes a total eclipse. This cock crows before the Lord, and delighteth Him. Babylonish Talmud