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List of Gods
Bia Greek The goddess of force [& no, it does not stand for the bureau of idiotic affairs]
Bibi Gypsy A goddess of healing & cholera
Biblys Greek A goddess of fountains
Biddy Mannion Irish A goddess of midwives
Bidhgoe Celtic A goddess of love & of sexuality
Bikeh Hozho Navaho A goddess of happiness
Bila Aus. A goddess of war
Biliku . A goddess of fire
Bintang Borneo A goddess of love
Binzuru-Sonja Japan A god of fine vision & curing who is unable to escape pain, therefore he helps others to do so
Birdu Babylon/ Akkadia A minor underworld god
Bisal Mariamna India A goddess of war
Bisam India A goddess of health, Diseases
Bishamon Japan He is one of the 7 gods of luck & the Buddhist patron of warriors
Bishamon-Ten/ Bishamontenno/ Tiamontennu Japan A god of wealth & protector of human life that chases demons
Bitol Maya A sky god[1 of 7] that helped create the world & its mortals
Bladud Wales The sun god
Blathnat Irish/ Wales The maiden form of the triple goddess
Blid Scandinavia A goddess of happiness
Bo Dhu Irish A black cow goddess
Bo Find Irish A white cow goddess
Bo Hsian China/ Tao A god
Bo Ruadh Irish A goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Irish
Boann/ Boannan Boyne Irish A goddess of fertility & the river Boyne
Bochica Chibcha The supreme sun god & a god of law
Bodua Celtic A war goddess
Boibhniu Celtic A god Blacksmiths
Bokwus Kwakiutl A wild spirit of the woodlands
Bolbe Greek A lake goddess
Boldogasszony Hungary A virgin goddess who protected mothers & children
Bolon Ti Ku Maya A collective name for the the nine underworld gods that are not well defined
Bombat Kamayan Hindu A local deceased goddess
Bomo Rambi/ Bomu Rambi Zimbabwe A moon goddess
Bomong Minyong A goddess of war
Bona Dea/ Fauna Roman A goddess of fertility, great prophecy, the dispenser of healing herbs & rather prim & chaste
Bonchor Tunisia A god thought to be the creator deity
Boora Pennu Khondi India A god of light that created the earth goddess & they made the other great gods
Boraspati ni Tano Batak An earth spirit
Boreas Greek The god of the North wind
Borghild Norse A goddess of the moon
Bormanus Celtic/ Breton god of hot springs
Bormonia Roman A goddess of healing
Borvo/ Bromo/ Bormanus/ Gramnnos/ Belenos/ Toutiorix Britain/ Gaul The god of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona
Brag srin mo Tibet A goddess of fertility & an ancestral goddess
Bragi Norse A god of eloquence & wisdom
Brahani Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess
Brahma Hindu The supreme god and creator of the cosmos
Branab Llyr Celtic He is a god of the dead & can restore him is to life
Brangwaine Welsh A goddess of love
Branwen/ Branwyn Irish/ Manx/ Wales The Venus of the Northern Seas & a goddess of love
Breasal Wales/ Cornwall High King of the entire planet
Breksta Lithuania A goddess of the darkness
Brenos Celtic War god
Bres Maclatha Irish A vegetation god
Brhaspati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An astral god personifying Jupiter
Briant Celtic? A goddess of the river which holds her name
Brigantia Britain A goddess of sovereignty Britainnia
Brigantia/ Bridget/ Brigit Pan-Celtic The goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, & women in childbirth
Brigantis Celtic Yet another moon goddess
Brighid Celtic A goddess of education, healing, sore eyes
Brighid Gaelic A goddess of metal working
Brigit Irish A fertility goddess
Brihaspati India The god of incantation & ritual
Brimo Greek A death goddess
Brisaya . A moon goddess
Britannia British The genia Lor of Britain
Britomartis Crete A goddess depicted as a hunter
Brizo Greek A goddess worshiped as a prophet Delos
Brome Greek Another nymph who was a nurse for Dionysus
Bronach Irish A goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals
Brono Norse A god of light
Buadza Gan Ghana A god of the wind
Bubastis Egypt A goddess of childbirth
Bubilas Lithuania A goddess of bees
Buddha India He was deified after his death
Buddhaalocana Buddhist/ Shingon A goddess & female Buddha
Buddhabodhiprabhavasita Buddhist A minor goddess
Buddhakapala Buddhist/ Mahayana A god
Budha Hindu/ Vedic/ Epic/ Puranic/ Buddhist An astral god
Budhi Pallien N. India A forest goddess
Buga Tungus/ Siberia The supreme God
Bugady Musun Evenki/ Siberian The goddess that was the mother of all animals
Bugid Y Alba Puerto Rico/ Haiti A god of war
Buk Neur/ Sudan The goddess of rivers & streams
Buku W. Africa The god/ goddess of the sky
Bulaing Karadjeri Aus. A goddess
Bulan Indonesia/ Malaysia A moon goddess
Bulane Mozambique A god of water
Buluc Chabtan Maya A god of war
Buluga Andaman Islands A god
Bumba Bantu/ Africa A god of fire
Bumerali Aus. A goddess of physical prowess
Bunbulama Aus. A goddess of rain
Bunzi Zaire A rain goddess
Buri Nordic One of two primordial beings
Buriyas Kasite Iran A war god
Bussumarus Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Buto Egypt A cobra god of Lower Egypt & justice
Buxenus Gaul The god of box trees
C(co)chimetl Aztec A minor God of merchants that & commerce
Ca the a Mojave The goddess of love
Cabaguil Maya A god who helped create the world & mortals
Caca Roman A goddess Hearth of fire
Cacoh Maya A creator god
Caelestis Carthage A moon goddess
Caer Ibormeith Irish Usually thought of as a goddess of sleep & dreams
Cagn Mantis/ Kalahari Africa The creator
Caillech/ Cailleach/ Carlin/ Mala/ Liath Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A goddess of winter & the goddess in her destroyer aspect
Caireen Irish Protective mother goddess
Caishen China The god of wealth
Cakra Hindu The mind the creator
Cakresvari Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Cakulha Maya A god of the lessor lightning bolts
Calliope Greek The Muse of of poetry & eloquence bonds
Callisto Greek A nymph
Cally Berry Irish A maiden goddess
Calounger Brazil She is a death goddess and/ or a sea goddess
Calypso Greek The nymph who kept Odysseus captive for seven years
Camaxtli Aztec A god of war & fire as well as of one of of the 4 gods that created the world
Camaxtli Maya Here he is a god of fate
Camenae Roman A goddess of springs & rivers
Camilla Italian A goddess of fire
Camozotz Maya The bat god
Campestres Gaul/ Roman The name of a lost goddess of fields
Camulos Briton A war god [Colchester ?]
Canda Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A terrible goddess & a distinct form of Durga done in
Candali Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess of terrible appearance
Candamius Roman/ Iberia An astral god
Candanyika Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another distinctive form of Durga
Candavati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another form of Durga
Candelifera Roman A goddess of childbirth & midwives
Candelifera Roman She Roman is a mother goddess responsible for bringing in the child into the light
Candesvari Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess that stands upon a corpse
Candfrasekhara Hindu/ Puranic A form of a god Siva
Candi India The goddess Durga in her moon form
Candika Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess of desire
Candit Sudan The goddess of streams
Candit Sudan The goddess of streams
Candogra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess, a distinctive form of Durga
Candra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Buddhist A planet god commonly affiliated with the moon
Candsvera Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A Minor God & benevolent aspect of Siva
Canidia Greek? A moon goddess that was also a sorceress
Cankilikkaruppan Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local god
Canola Irish Believed to be one of the oldest of the Irish deities
Caolainn Irish A goddess of wisdom healing & fertility
Capakan Maya The god of earthquakes & mountains
Cardea Roman A goddess of door hinges
Carika Buddhist A goddess of the repetitive chant
Cariociecus Roman/ Iberia A war God
Carlin Scottish A goddess of winter & Shaimin
Carman Irish A goddess of County Wexford & black magic
Carme Greek A nymph & companion of Artemis
Carmenta Roman A goddess of childbirth & midwives, prophecy & springs
Carmentes Roman A minor goddesses of birth
Carna Roman A goddess of health
Carne Britain/ Cornwall Most likely another version of Herne
Carravogue Irish/ Britain A goddess of winter from County Meath Crone
Carridwen Welsh? A moon goddess
Caryatis Greek A goddess of healing
Castalia Greek A goddess of springs
Catequil Inca A god of lightning & thunder
Cathubodia Breton A Breton version of the Irish earth goddess Banbha
Cathubodua Pan-Celtic A war goddess
Caturmurti Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A specific form of Vishnu [4 faces]
Cauri Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess of terrifying appearance
Cavillaca Peru A virgin goddess that was preggers by a sneaky god
Ce Actal Aztec A minor creator god
Ceacht Irish A goddess of medicine
Cebhfhionn Irish A goddess of inspiration
Ceiuci Brazil A star goddess who created all animals
Celedones Greek A goddesses of happiness
Cenkalaniyammal Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local goddess that guards the paddy fields
Centeocihuatl Aztech A maize goddess
Centeotl Aztec He is the maize god
Centzon-Totochtin Aztec These are the party gods, a drunken & immoral group that meet frequently that a blast
Ceres Roman A goddess of agriculture, grain & summer
Ceridwen Welsh A goddess of inspiration & the hag aspect of the mother goddess
Cerklicing Latvia A god fields & grain
Cernunnos Pan-Celtic A god of fertility & the horned god
Cernunnos Roman A god of prosperity
Cerridwen British A goddess of mountains
Cerridwen Celtic A goddess of fertility
Cerridwen Wales/ Scotland A moon, grain, education & healing goddess
Cerridwen Welsh A goddess of education & healing
Cessair Irish Well known pre Celtic mother goddess
Cethlion Irish A goddess of the sea & the Formorians
Ceto Greek A goddess of the sea
Cghene Isoko/ Nigeria A creator god with no material aspect, but a nice guy, no temple or priest
Ch'I-You China A god of weapons, dancers, smiths & war
Ch'ang O/ Heng-O China A goddess of the moon
Ch'ang Tsai China A god of the spleen
Ch'eng Huang China A god of the land,ditches, moats & the people
Ch'ih Sung tzu China Lord of the rain
Ch'ing Lung China A god of the lungs
Ch'ung Ling yu China A god of the nose
Chac Uayab Xoc Maya A fish god known as the great demon shark
Chac Xib Chac Maya A god of sacrifice & war
Chac/ Chac Mol Maya A god[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind & fertility
Chahuru Pawnee The spirit of water
Chaitanya Hindu/ Puranic A mendicant god