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List of Gods
Hoder/ Hodur Nordic The blind god
Hoenir German This god gave all mortals the five senses
Hoenir Nordic A god identified in the poetic edda
Hokewingla Dakota A turtle spirit
Hokushin-O-Kami Japan/ Shinto An astral deity, Ursa Minor
Holda German She is the goddess of beauty & love
Holi India A goddess of happiness & merriment
Holle Germanic This goddess of last the newborn emerge from the underworld where she also accepts the souls of the dead
Holly King & Oak King Celtic Two sacrificial gods
Honabe Huli The primeval goddess
Honir Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
Honus/ Honos Roman The god of military honors
Hor-Hekenu Egypt in this form, Horus is the lord of protection
Hora Roman A goddess of beauty
Horae/ Horai Greek The goddesses of order & the seasons, all three of them
Horagalles Lapland A weather god, a local version of Thor
Horkos Greek The god of oaths
Horus Egypt A god of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north & the sky
Hosia Greek A goddess of holy rituals
Hotei Japan/ Shinto Another of the Seven gods of Luck
Hotogov Mailgan Buriat/ Siberia A goddess of heaven at night
Hotoru Pawnee The wind spirit
Hotr[a] Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of sacrifices
Hou Chi China Lord of abundant harvests
Hou T'u China A god of the earth
Hours Egypt Underworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re
Hov Ava Russia The moon goddess
How Chu China the is the goddess of the air
Hoy Kong China A goddess of Ursa Minor
Hrsikesa Hindu A god, a minor avatar of Visnu
Hsi Ling su China The god of silk
Hsi Shih China A goddess of face cream
Hsi Wang Mu China Mother goddess of the Western Paradise & female energy
Hsi shen China A god of joy
Hsiao Wu China The god of prisons
Hsieh T'ien chun China A god personification of the planet Saturn
Hsien Nung China A god of agriculture
Hsien Se China A god of agriculture
Hsu Ch'ang China A god of archery
Hsuan Wen hua China The god of hair
Hu Egypt A god that personified royal authority
Hu Shen China A god of hail
Hu Tu China A goddess of the Summer solstice
Huaca Peru A spirit being
Huacas Peru/ Bolivia Any natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
Huan Yang ch'ang China A god of the heart
Huanacari Inca A guardian spirit
Huang Fei-hu China at the chthonic god that became the judge of the dead because their souls call at the sacred mountain
Huang T'ing China A god of the spleen
Huang Ti China A god of architecture & an astral god, a deified emperor & he invented the compass
Huang-di China The mythical yellow emperor
Hubal Arabic A local tutelary & oracular god
Huban Elamite Iran A tutelary god
Hubris Greek A god personifying lack of restraint
Huehuecototl Aztec A minor god, one of sexual lust
Huehuecototl-Coyotlinahual Aztec A minor god of feather workers
Huehueteotl Aztec The god of fire
Huiracocha/ Viracocho Inca The supreme deity accused of a virgin birth & creator of of the world
Huitaca Chibcha A goddess of intoxication & the moon
Huitzilopochtli Aztec He is a god of war & the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation
Huitznahua Aztec Collectively, the remaining brothers of the war god that were defeated
Huixtocihuatl Aztec A goddess of the ocean & salt
Hulka Devi Hindu A goddess of cholera
Humban Mesopotamia The supreme deity
Hun Hau Maya A god of death
Hun Hunapu Maya A creator god
Hun Nal Maya A god of maize
Hunab Ku/ Itzamn Maya The most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
Hunahpa Utiu Maya Yet another god that helped create humans
Hunahpu Gutch Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
Hunahpu Vuch Maya A goddess of hunting
Hunapu Maya Another creator god
Hung Sing China A guardian God of of fishing boats & their crews
Hunhau Maya 1 of several gods of death that ruled the underworld
Hunthaca . A moon goddess?
Huo Pu China A god of fire
Hur ki . A moon goddess?
Hurabtil Elamite Iran A god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
Huracan/ Hurucan/ Hurakan/ Hurukan Quiche A creator god that fashioned the first humans
Hurakan Nicaragua A god of storms, thunder & hurricanes
Huvi Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
Huvi Ovimbundu W.Africa A god of hunting
Huzayui Egypt A serpent headed, winged god of the west wind
Hvar Iran The sun god
Hyaninthos . A god of vegetation
Hygeia Greek/ Roman A goddess of health & medicine
Hymen Greek/ Roman A god of marriage & first love
Hymenaeus Greek This poor god is the goddess of marriage
Hymenaios Greek/ Roman A god of marriage
Hyperion Greek The Titan god of primordial light
Hypermnestra Greek A goddess of water
Hypnos Greek The god of rest and/ or sleep
Hypsistos Greek/ Roman A local god of the Bosporus area
I'lena Koryak/ Siberia .
I'lena Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
Iae Brazil A god of the moon
Iakchos Greek A god that might be demon &/ or a demon that might be god
Ialonus Celtic A fertility god
Iambe Greek A goddess of happiness
Ianagi & Izanami Japan The god & goddess that created Japan
Iapetos Greek A Titan god who now hangs out in Tartarus
Iarila Russia A fertility goddess
Iaso Greek/ Roman A goddess of healing & medicine
Iatiku & Nautsiti Acoma NA The sisters who created man
Ibath Irish A Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/ father god
Iblis Islamic The Islamic version of the Jewish/ Christian Devil
Icauna Roman/ Celtic The river goddess of the river Yonne[Brittany]
Icci Siberia Animistic spirits
Iccovellauna Celtic A water goddess
Ichpuchtli Aztec A goddess of lust pleasure
Ida Hindu She is the goddess of prayer & devotion that was a man that turned into a woman, really
Ida Ten Japan This young god protects monasteries & is rather quick
Idem Huva Finno Ugric A goddess of autumn
Idliragijenget Inuit A sea goddess
Idlirvirisong Inuit The demonic cousin of the sun
Idothea Greek A goddess of the sea
Idunn Nordic The keeper of the apples of immortality
Iegad Pelew Is. this is the god that is guilty of bringing light to earth
Iemaparu Pueblo/ Kachina? Corn mother
Ifa Yoruba The god of wisdom, knowledge & divining
Ifru Roman/ N. Africa A god known from an inscription at Crita
Igaehinvdo Cherokee The sun goddess
Igalilik Inuit A very tough hunting spirit
Igaluk Inuit The god of the moon
Igigi Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The collective name for the group of younger sky gods
Ignerssauk Inuit A sea god, generally benevolent
Ignirtoq Inuit The goddess of lightning
Ih P'en Maya A chthonioc fertility god, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property & other wealth
Ihi Tahiti A goddess of learning, of wisdom
Ihi/ Ehi Egypt He is the lord of the sistrum
Ihoiho Society Is. The creator god that created everything including the primeval waters
Ihy Egypt A minor god of music
Ikal Ahau Maya A chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
Ikas Algonquin Mother Earth
Ikenga Ibo Nigeria A god of fortune, a benevolent deity
Iku Nigeria A god of death
Iku-Ikasuchi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto The most significant of the eight thunder deities, A god of thunder
Iku-Turso Finland A malevolent sea monster; probably same as Tursas.
Ikvaku Hindu/ Vedic An ancestral sun god, that creator god
Il Canaan/ Lebanon/ Syria The creator god
Ila Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of sacrifices
Ilaalge W. Semitic A local god in
Ilabrat Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor god, heavy into politics
Ilamatecuhtli Aztec Old mother goddess
Ilankaka Nkundo A sun goddess
Ilankaka Zaire A goddess of war
Ilat Pokot/ Suk The rain god
Ilazki Basque The apotheosis of the moon in a feminine form
Ilithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth Eileithyia, Eilethyia, Eleuto
Illapa/ Illyapa/ Katoyalla Inca He is the god of lightning, thunder & rain storms
Illargui Basque A moon goddess
Ilmarinen Finland The great smith, maker of heaven. Originally a male spirit of air.
Ilmarinen Finnish A god of good weather & the wind, he is also a protective deity of travelers & for a lark he forged the sun
Ilmatar Finland Female spirit of air; the daughter of primeval substance of creative spirit. Mother of V?in?m?inen in Kalevala.
Ilmatar Finland He is the god of the earth
Ilyapa Inca A god of storms & weather
Im Mesopotamia A storm god
Imana Banyarwanda/ Burundi/ E. Africa The chief god
Imazuma Japan/ Shinto The goddess of lightning
Imhotep Egypt A god of healing, embalming, medicine, learning, sleep etc
Imiut Egypt A minor chthonic protective god
Immap Ukua Inuit/ E. Greenland A sea goddess, moma to all of the sea creatures
Immat Kafir/ Afghanistan A demonic god that liked virgins
Imo Africa A goddess of justice
Improcitor Roman A minor god of agriculture that worried over harrowing of the fields
Imra Hindu/ Kush A god
Imra Kafir/ Afghanistan A creator god that is still worshipped today
Imset/ Amset Egypt This god is a funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased
Ina Brazil A dolphin goddess
Ina'hitelan Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit that supervises the skies
Inana Mesopotamian/ Sumeria A goddess of fertility, of love & war
Inanna Mesopotamian A goddess of fertility, of love
Inanna Sumeria A goddess of heaven, light, long life, the moon, & war
Inanupdikile Panama A goddess of rain
Inara Hittite/ Hurrian A minor goddess
Inaras Anatolia A goddess of liquor
Inaras Hittite The goddess of the wild animals of the steppe
Inari Japan/ Shinto A god/ dess of food & rice
Indr Kafir/ Afghanistan A tutelary & weather god
Indra Hindu A god of rain, storms, thunder & clouds
Indra Vedic A god of fertility & war
Indrani Hindu/ Puranic/ Vedic A goddess of wealth
Indukari Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Inemes Micronesia A goddess of love & of sexuality
Ing Anglo-Saxon An ancestral god
Inghean/ Crobh/ Dearg Bhuidhe Irish One of the isters who made up a triple goddess & goddess of summer
Inguma Basque A spirit of death that enters people's homes by night & strangles them
Ini Egypt A goddess of justice
Ini Heret Egypt She is the goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's & other professional liars
Inkanyamba Zulu/ S. Africa A storm god, deals directly with tornadoes
Inkosazana Zulu/ S. Africa A goddess of education, rain, the rainbow & mist
Inmar Votyak Finnish/ Ugric A sky goddess that was taken over by the Christians and called of the Mother of God
Inmutef/ Inummutef Egypt A minor canopic god
Inna Africa A goddess of justice
Innana Sumeria The goddess of love, procreation, and war
Insitor Roman A god concerned with the sowing of crops
Inta Aztec A god of fire who is associated with paternalism
Intercidona Roman A goddess of midwives
Inti Inca/ Quechua A god of war & the sun
Inuat Inuit These are the spirit beings that reside with all living creatures & maintain the lamp of life