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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods 

Goddess name "Cessair" Ireland The first ruler of Ireland and a well known pre-Celtic Mother Goddess figure much like Dana. Ireland
Goddess name "Cethlion" Ireland Goddess of the sea and the Formorians. Was called "crooked teeth. Ireland
Monster name "Ceto" Greek A hideous aquatic Monster, a daughter of Gaia and Pontus. She was the personification of the dangers of the sea, unknown terrors and bizarre creatures. Eventually, the word "ceto" became simple shorthand for any sea monster. Greek
God name "Ceyon" Tamil God of hills. Tamil
"Ceyx" Greek Lord of Trachis, was connected by friendship with Heracles. He was the father of Hippasus, who fell in battle fighting as the ally of Heracles. Greek
Supreme god name "Cghene" Nigeria The supreme God of the Isoko people in southern Nigeria. He is believed to have created the world and all peoples, including the Isoko. Cghene is beyond human comprehension and is only known by his actions. Because the God is so distant and unknown he has no temples or priests, and no prayers or sacrifices are offered directly to him.
God name "Ch'I-You" China God of weapons, dancers, smiths and war. China
Goddess name "Ch'ang O / Chang'e, Chang-Ngo, Heng-E / Heng-O" China the Chinese Goddess of the moon. Unlike many lunar deities, Chang'o only lives on the moon. China
Goddess name "Ch'ang O/ Heng-O" China A Goddess of the moon
God name "Ch'ang Tsai" China God of the spleen. China
God name "Ch'eng Huang" China God of the land, ditches, moats and the people. China
"Ch'ih Sung" China Lord of the rain. China
"Ch'ih Sung tzu" China Lord of the rain
God name "Ch'ing Lung" China God of the lungs. China
God name "Ch'ung Ling yu" China God of the nose. China
God name "Chaac" Mayan God of Rain and Thunder. Mayan
God name "Chac" Mayan Gods of lightning, rain, thunder, wind and fertility. Mayan
Demon name "Chac Uayab Xoc" Maya A fish god known as the great Demon shark
God name "Chac Uayab Xoc" Mayan A fish God and the patron deity of fishermen. He blessed their catches, yet also ate them if they drowned. Mayan
God name "Chac Xib Chac" Mayan God of sacrifice and war. Mayan
God name "Chac/ Chac Mol" Maya A God[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind & fertility
Hero name "Chaeron" Greek A son of Apollo and THero, the daughter of Phylas, is the mythical founder of Chaeroneia in Boeotia. Greek
Spirit name "Chagrin aka Cagrino" European An evil Spirit in the form of a yellow hedgehog. European
Ghost name "Chagrin aka Harginn" Romania A mischievous Ghost that most often takes the form of a large yellow hedgehog, which always foretells some impending disaster. Romania
Spirit name "Chahuru" Pawnee Spirit of water Pawnee
God name "Chaitanya" Hindu Mendicant God Hindu/Puranic
"Chakora" Hindu A fabulous bird, similar to a partridge that lives upon the beams of the moon. Hindu
Goddess name "Chakwaina Okya" Zuni Goddess of childbirth Zuni
Goddess name "Chalchiuhtlcue" Aztec A Goddess rain & storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty & youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do.
God name "Chalchiutotolin" Aztec Penitence God Aztec
"Chalciope" Greek 1. A daughter of Rhexenor, or according to others of Chalcodon, was the second wife of Aegeus.
King name "Chalciope 2" Greek A daughter of King Eurypylus in the island of Cos, and mother of Thessalus. Greek
"Chalcon" Greek 1. A wealthy Myrmidon, and father of Bathycles.
"Chalcon2" Greek Of Cyparissus, the shield-bearer of Antilochus. He was in love with the Amazon Penthesileia, but on hastening to her assistance he was killed by Achilles, and the Greeks nailed his body to a cross. Greek
Goddess name "Challalamma" India Goddess of buttermilk [?] India
Goddess name "Chalmeacacihuitl" Aztec Minor underworld Goddess Aztec
God name "Chalmetcal" Aztec Minor underworld God Aztec
God name "Chamer" Mayan A God of death, particularly popular in Guatemala. He was married to Ixtab. Mayan
Goddess name "Chamunda" Hindu An emanation from the forehead of the Goddess Durga to encounter the demons Chanda and Munda. Hindu
God name "Chan Hs'ien" China Guardian God of children who had been a mortal King China
Goddess name "Chanda aka Chandi" Hindu The Goddess Durga in the form she assumed for the destruction of the Asura called Mahisha. Hindu
God name "Chandra" Vedic God of the moon Vedic
God name "Chang Er" China Was the wife of the archer Hou Yi, who received the herb of immortality from the Gods after shooting down nine of the ten suns that were stifling the world with their heat. China
God name "Chang Fei" China God of war and butchers. China
God name "Chang Hsien" China God of dreams and of pregnancy. China
God name "Chang Pan" China God of masons. China
"Chang Sien" Chinese A divinity worshipped by women desirous of offspring. Chinese
God name "Chang Tao Ling" Taoist/Chan God of the afterlife and head of the heavenly Ministry of exorcism. Taoist/Chan
Goddess name "Chang Xi" China Goddess of the moon. China
Goddess name "Chang Yong" China Goddess of justice. China
"Changeling" Greek A child, usually stupid and ugly, supposed to have been left by fairies in exchange for one taken. Sometimes, it is an old fairy or the bastard children of water-nixies and human beings whom they have dragged under the sea. Hartland, Science of Fairy Tales
Goddess name "Changing Woman" Cherokee Goddess of the moon. Cherokee
God name "Chango" Africa A warrior God that Defense morals against enemies that want the land, wealth & women
Goddess name "Chantico" Aztec She is the Goddess of hearth fires & volcanoes.
God name "Chao T'eng k'ang" China God of the bowels China
Goddess name "Chao san Niang" China Goddess of wig salesmen China
God name "Chaob" Mayan The four wind Gods. Mayan
God name "Chaob" Mayan Wind[s] God[s] Mayan/Lacandon
God name "Chaos" Greek The vacant and infinite space which existed according to the ancient cosmogonies previous to the creation of the world (Theogony 116), and out of which the Gods, men, and all things arose. Greek
"Charis" Greek The personification of Grace and Beauty, which the Roman poets translate by Gratia and we after them by Grace. Homer, without giving her any other name, describes a Charis as the wife of Hephaestus. Greek
"Charites" Greek Or the Graces. Aphrodite's retinue was usually completed by the Charites and were usually considered the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, though they were also said to be daughters of Dionysus and Aphrodite, or of Helios and Aegle Greek
"Charon" Greek A son of Erebos, the aged and dirty ferryman in the lower world, who conveyed in his boat the shades of the dead - though only of those whose bodies were buried across the rivers of the lower world. Greek
King name "Charopus" Greek Or Charops, bright-eyed or joyful-looKing, a surname of Heracles, under which he had a statue near mount Laphystion on the spot where he was believed to have brought forth Cerberus from the lower world. Greek
Demon name "Charun" Etruscan The Etruscan Demon of death who torments the souls of the deceased in the underworld and guards its entrance to the underworld. Similar to the Greek Charon, is portrayed with the nose of a vulture, pointed ears, winged, holding a hammer, with which he finished off his victims.
King name "Charybdis and Scylla" Greek The names of two rocks between Italy and Sicily, and only a short distance from one another. In the midst of the one of these rocks which was nearest to Italy, there dwelt, according to Homer, Scylla, a daughter of Crataeis, a fearful monster, barKing like a dog, with twelve feet, six long necks and mouths, each of which contained three rows of sharp teeth. Greek
Goddess name "Chasca" Inca Goddess of the dawn and the dew Inca
God name "Chattrosnia" Buddhist God Buddhist
"Chax" Greek Grand duke of hell.
Goddess name "Chaya" Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
"Chebeldei" Siberia These are the inhabitants of lower world
Hero name "Chederles" Moslem A Hero who saved a virgin being attacked by a huge dragon. Because he drank the Water of Immortality he is still living to render aid in war to any who invoke him. Moslem
"Cheiron" Greek The wisest and justest of all the centaurs. He was the instructor of Achilles, whose father Peleus was a friend and relative of Cheiron, and received at his wedding with Thetis the heavy lance which was subsequently used by Achilles. Greek
Demon name "Chemosh" Moabite A Moabite Demon.
God name "Chen Kao" China God of the ears China
God name "Cheng San Kung" China God of fishing China
God name "Cheng Yuan ho" China God of strolling singers China
God name "Chernobog" Slavic God of chaos and the night Slavic
God name "Cherub" Mesopotamia These are the guardians of important places & they intercede both with the Gods/ & for the gods
Angel name "Cherubim" Pan-cultural The second mightiest order of Angels. They have four wings and four heads to point out in the four cardinal directions. Pan-cultural
God name "Chhih of warg tzu" China A God of rain
God name "Chi Po" China God of the winds. China
God name "Chi Sung Tzu" China Rain God. China
Goddess name "Chia" Chiboa Goddess of the moon. Chiboa
Goddess name "Chiang" China Goddess of agriculture. China
God name "Chibchacum" Chibcha God of farmers and merchants. Chibcha
"Chibiabos" Algonquin Brother of Nanabush. Algonquin
Goddess name "Chibilias" Mayan Goddess of the rainbow. Mayan
Goddess name "Chibirias" Mayan Goddess of the earth, who sends the rain and paints the earth. Mayan
God name "Chiccan" Mayan Gods of rain. Mayan
Monster name "Chichivache" French Chichivache the "sorry cow," a Monster that lived only on good women- all skin and bone, because its food was so extremely scarce. The old English romancers invented another monster, which they called Bicorn, as fat as the other was lean; but, luckily, he had for food "good and enduring husbands," of which there is no lack. French
Spirit name "Chickcharney" Bahamas Small furred/feathered Spirit of the forest. Andros Is. Bahamas
God name "Chicoahui Itzcuintli-Chantico" Aztec God of lapidaries. Aztec
Goddess name "Chicomecoatl" Aztec She is the Goddess of grain, fertility & frost
God name "Chicomenochtli" Aztec God of painters and solar pleasure[not my claim] Aztec
Goddess name "Chiconahui" Aztec HGoddess of the earth. Aztec
God name "Chicoonahuiehecatl" Aztec Minor creator God. Aztec
Goddess name "Chie" Chibcha Fun loving Goddess. Chibcha
God name "Chih Jih" China God of the day. China
Goddess name "Chih Nii" China Goddess of spinning. China
Goddess name "Chih Nu" China Goddess of weaving. China
God name "Chih of warg tzu" China God of rain. China
God name "Chikara Korekore" Zimbabwe Sky God. Zimbabwe
King name "Chilminar and Balbec" Persian Two cities built by the Genii, acting under the orders of Jan ben Jan, who governed the world long before the time of Adam. Chilminar, or the "Forty Pillars," is Persepolis. These two cities were built as lurKing places for the Genii to hide in. Persian
Monster name "Chimaera" Greek A fire-breathing Monster, which, according to the Homeric poems, was of divine origin. Greek
"Chimalmat" Mayan A giant who, by Vucub Caquix, was the mother of Cabrakan and Zipacna. Mayan
God name "Chimata No Kami" Japan God of crossroads, roads and footpaths. Japan
Goddess name "Chimera" Greek A Goddess of volcanoes
God name "Chiminagua" Chibcha Another omni-potent God that created the earth in a rather simple matter
God name "Chin hua Niang niang" China God of drums and violins China
"Chinese dragon" China In China, the drawing of a five-clawed dragon is not only introduced into pictures, but is also embroidered on state dresses and royal robes. This representation is regarded as an amulet.
God name "Ching Ling Tzu" China God of tea China
Goddess name "Chinnamastaka" Hindu/Puranic/Epic Goddess, a headless form of Durga. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Chinnintamma" India Goddess of households. India
"Chinta-mani aka Divya-ratna" Hindu "The wish-gem" a jewel, said to have belonged to Brahma, which has the power to grant all desires. It is who himself is called by this name.
God name "Chio Yuan Tzu" China God of the brain. China
"Chione" Greek A daughter of Boreas and Oreithyia, and sister of Cleopatra, Zetes, and Calais. She became by Poseidon the mother of Eumolpus, and in order to conceal the event, she threw the boy into the sea; but the child was saved by Poseidon. Greek
God name "Chipiripa" Curra Rain God Curra.
Goddess name "Chirakan Ixmucane" Mayan One of the new Goddess formed by the four gods who made the world. Mayan
Goddess name "Chiuacoztl" Nahu Goddess of childbirth. Nahu
God name "Chiuke Ibo" Nigeria Sky God who is also regarded as Creator god. Nigeria
Goddess name "Chlaus Haistic" Ireland Ancient Goddess of unknown function who came down to earth as a powerful witch. Ireland
"Chloris" Greek A daughter of the Theban Amphion and Niobe. According to an Argive tradition, her original name was Meliboea, and she and her brother Amyclas were the only children of Niobe that were not killed by Apollo and Artemis. But the terror of Chloris at the death of her brothers and sisters was so great, that she turned perfectly white, and was therefore called Chloris. Greek
Spirit name "Chlvnik" Russian A household Spirit who lives in the cattleshed. Russian
God name "Chnum" Egypt God Egypt
God name "Choimha" Arab "beautiful water", she was a woman created by the Gods specifically to marry B'alam Agab.
Goddess name "Chokmah" Spain Goddess of order and wisdom Spain
"Cholmus" Siberia Creator of animals Siberia
God name "Chonsu" Egypt God of the moon Egypt
Ghost name "Choorail" Moslem The Ghost of a pregnant woman. India. Moslem
God name "Chors" Balkans Pre-Christian sun God Balkans
Deity name "Chos-Skyon" Buddhist Tutelary guardian Deity(god) Buddhist/Tibet
God name "Chou Wang" China God of sodomy China
Goddess name "Chowa" India Goddess of health India
Goddess name "Christalline" Haiti Evil Goddess of the sea Haiti
"Christmas Decorations" Christian The great feast of Saturn was held in December, when the people decorated the temples with such green things as they could find. The Christian custom is the same but transferred Jesus. The holly or holy-tree is called Christ's-thorn in Germany and Scandinavia, from its use in church decorations and its putting forth its berries about Christmas time. The early Christians gave an emblematic turn to the custom, referring to the "righteous branch," and justifying the custom from Isaiah lx. 13- "The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee; the fir-tree, the pine-tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary."
"Chronos" Greek The Protogenos of time and the very first being to emerge at creation self-formed. Greek
God name "Chrysaor" Greek 1. A son of Poseidon and Medusa, and consequently a brother of Pegasus. When Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, Chrysaor and Pegasus sprang forth from it. Chrysaor became by Callirrhoe the father of the three-headed Geryones and Echidna. ( Theogony of Hesiod 280) 2. The God with the golden sword or arms. In this sense it is used as a surname or attribute of several divinities, such as Apollo, Artemis and Demeter. We find Chrysaoreus as a surname of Zeus with the same meaning, under which he had a temple in Caria, which was a national sanctuary, and the place of meeting for the national assembly of the Carians. Greek
"Chrysippe" Greek wife of Chrysippos.
"Chrysothemis" Greek There are four mythical females of this name, and one male, a son of Carmanor, the priest of Apollo at Tarrha in Crete. He is said to have been a poet, and to have won the first victory in the Pythian games by a hymn on Apollo. Greek
Goddess name "Chthonia" Greek May mean the subterraneous, or the Goddess of the earth, that is, the protectress of the fields, whence it is used as a surname of infernal divinities, such as Hecate, Nyx and Melinoe, but especially of Demeter. Greek
God name "Chu Niao" China God of the heart China
God name "Chu Ying" China God of the eyes China
God name "Chu jung" China God of fire and the celestial executioner China
Goddess name "Chuang Mu" China Goddess of the bedroom China
Goddess name "Chuginadak" Aleut Goddess of fire and volcano Aleut
Goddess name "Chuh Kamuy" China Goddess of the moon China
God name "Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg" Maya A creator God thought by some to be the name of the Christian God
God name "Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg," Mayan Creator God Mayan
Goddess name "Chulavete" Mexico Goddess of the morning star Mexico
Goddess name "Chun T'i" China Goddess of the dawn and warriors China
Goddess name "Chunda" Buddhist Goddess of happiness Buddhist
God name "Chung K'uei" China God of the afterlife who belongs to the Ministry of exorcism China/Taoist
God name "Chung Liu" China God of eaves China
God name "Chung kuei" China Protector of those who travel and God of examinations China
God name "Chunsu" Egypt The son of Amon-Ra, a moon-God and god of healing. He formed one of the Triad with Mut and Amon-Ra. Egypt
Goddess name "Chup" Chumash Goddess of the wind and rain Chumash
Goddess name "Chup Kamui" Ainu Goddess of war and the sun Japan/Ainu
God name "Cian" Ireland God of medicine who went to retrieve a cow which had been stolen by Balor. Ireland
Goddess name "Cihuacoatl" Aztec She is a Goddess whose roaring signaled war
Goddess name "Cihuacoatl aka Cihuacoatl" Aztec Chihucoatl, Ciucoatl, "snake woman" was one of a number of motherhood and fertility Goddesses and was especially associated with midwives, and with the sweatbaths where midwives practiced. Aztec
Goddess name "Cihuacoatl-Quilaztli" Aztec Creator Goddess who helped Quetzalcoatl create the current race of humanity by grinding up bones from the previous ages, and mixing it with his blood. Aztec
Spirit name "Cihuateto" Aztec These are women that die in childbirth, gain eternal life & become Spirits that accompany the sun
Goddess name "Cinei" Chukchi/ Siberia A sea Goddess
Goddess name "Cinei-new" Siberia/Chukchee A sea Goddess and wife of Peruten, god of the sea. Siberia/Chukchee
God name "Cinteotl" Aztec A God of fertility
God name "Cinteotl" Aztec God of fertility Aztec
Goddess name "Cinxia" Roman A minor Goddess of marriage[ She worries over the attire of the bride]
King name "Cinyras" Greek A famous Cyprian hero. According to the common tradition, he was a son of Apollo by Paphos, King of Cyprus, and priest of the Paphian Aphrodite, which latter office remained hereditary in his family, the Cinyradae. Greek
Monster name "Cipactli" Aztec A vicious primeval sea Monster, part crocodile and part fish. Always hungry, every joint on her body was adorned with an extra mouth. Aztec
Goddess name "Cipactli" Aztec/ Mexico A primordial Goddess of water
Goddess name "Circe" Greek A mythical sorceress, whom Homer calls a fair-locked Goddess, a daughter of Helios by the oceanid Perse, and a sister of Aeetes. Greek
"Cirein Croin" Caithness A sea-serpent and the largest animal in the world. Celtic. Caithness
Nymph name "Cirrha" Greek A Nymph from whom the town of Cirrha in Phocis was believed to have derived its name. Greek
Goddess name "Cista" Persia Goddess of the Way and Mithra's companion. Persia
God name "Cit Bolon Tum" Mayan A boar-headed God of medicine and healing. Mayan
God name "Cit Cac Coh" Mayan God of war iconised as a red. Puma Mayan
God name "Citalatonac" Aztec Creator God. Aztec
King name "Cithaeron" Greek A mythical King in Boeotia, from whom mount Cithaeron was believed to have derived its name. Greek
"Cithara" Greek One of the most ancient stringed instruments, traced back to 1700 B.C. among the Semitic races, in Egypt, Assyria, Asia Minor, Greece and the Roman empire, whence the use of it spread over Europe. Greek
Goddess name "Citlalicue" Aztec Creator Goddess and the goddess of Milky Way. Aztec
Goddess name "Citra" Hindu Minor Goddess of misfortune and a malevolent astral deity Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Citrasena" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Goddess name "Cittavasita" Buddhist Minor Goddess Buddhist
God name "Cizin" Mayan God of death Mayan
"Clairm'e" Haiti River loa Haiti/Vodun
Goddess name "Clairmezin'e" Haiti Goddess of rivers Haiti
"Clanis" Greek The name of two mythical beings mentioned in Ovid's Metamorphoses. (xii) Greek
"Clarius" Greek A surname of Apollo, derived from his temple at Claros in Asia Minor. Greek
"Claudia" Greek One of the vestal virgins. Greek
"Clementia" Roman A personification of Clemency, was worshipped as a divinity at Rome, especially in the time of the emperors. Roman
"Cleodora" Greek wife of Lixos.
"Cleolla" Greek According to Hesiod, Catalogues of Women, Pleisthenes was a son of Atreus and Aerope, and Agamemnon, Menelaus and Anaxibia were the children of Pleisthenes by Cleolla the daughter of Dias. Greek
Goddess name "Cleone" Greek Goddess of water. One of the daughters of Asopus, from whom the town of Cleonae in Peloponnesus was believed to have derived its name. Greek
"Cleopatra" Greek 1. A daughter of Idas and Marpessa, and wife of Meleager, is said to have hanged herself after her husband's death, or to have died of grief. Her real name was Alcyone. 2. A Danaid, who was betrothed to Etelces or Agenor. There are two other mythical personages of this name in Apollodorus iii. Greek
Goddess name "Clio" Greek Goddess of history Roman/Greek
Goddess name "Clio" Greek/ Roman A Goddess of history
Goddess name "Cliodna" Ireland/Scotland Sea and Otherworld Goddess who usually took the form of a sea bird and therefore symbolized the Celtic afterlife. Ireland/Scotland
Goddess name "Cloacina" Roman Goddess of sewers Roman
"Cloacina / Cluacina" Greek a surname of Venus, under which she is mentioned at Rome in very early times.
"Clodones" Greek There were revels in Parnassus, in Phocis, Messenia, Arcadia, even Sparta. The festivals were held on mountains, with blazing torches, in dark winter nights. The votaries were in large part women, and were known by many names,--Maenads, Thyiads, Clodones, Mimallones, Bassarides, etc. They were clothed in fawn skins, carried thyrsi and in their ecstasies used to hunt wild animals, tear them in pieces, and sometimes eat them raw. Greek