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List of Gods
Eate/ Egata Basque A god of fire & storms
Ebech Canaan A mountain god that lost a fight, fatally so
Ebhlinne Irish A goddess of Munster & midsummer
Ebisu Japan A god of fishermen
Eblis Islam The chief of the evil spirits
Ebore Africa A sky god
Ec Yenisei Siberia The high god
Ececheira Greek A goddess of armistices & peace
Echidna Greek Half woman, half snake, a demonic monster
Echtghe Irish Believed to be another form of Dana Aughty
Edeke Teso Uganda A god of disasters
Edinkira Africa A tree goddess
Edusa Roman A goddess of infants who are weaning
Ee loolth Duwamish A mountain goddess
Ee-A-o/ Yao Gnostic Christian A primordial being
Egeria Roman A goddess of childbirth of midwives, fountains & justice
Egres/ Akras Karelian Finland A fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop
Egungun oya Africa Another form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
Ehacatl/ Quetzalcoatl Aztec A god of education & the wind
Eibhir Irish/ Manx She is most likely a forgotten sun goddess
Eileithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth
Eir Norse A goddess of healing
Eir Scandinavia A goddess of mercy & teaching
Eirene Greek A goddess of peace & one of the Horae
Eithne Irish An old goddess Ethleen Ethlinn Ethniu
Eji Ogbe Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W.Africa A god that is king of the pantheon
Ek Chuah Maya A god of war & commerce
Ek Maya . A Babob
Eka Abassi Africa Creator of life
Ekadasaruda Hindu The collective name for the group of gods[ 11 ] the are forms of the god Rudra
Ekahau Aztec A god of commerce
Ekahau Maya He is the god of travelers & merchants
Ekajata Buddhist A goddess of happiness
Ekarudra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor deity, another aspect of Siva
Ekastaka India A goddess of healthy children
Ekchuah Maya A god of traveling merchants
Ekhi/ Eguzk Basque The personification of the sun
Ekineba Africa A goddess of teaching
Ekkekko Quecha The god of good fortune
El Canaan/ Hebrew/ Phoenicia A supreme god started life as a storm god Ymvh, God
El Syria A storm god, also found in the mythologies of Canaan & the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova God
El'eb Canaan A primordial god
Elagabul Greek The God of Emesa[Syria]
Elaine Wales/ Britain Maiden aspect of the goddess
Elais Greek One of the Oenotropae
Elasii Greek The goddesses of healing & epilepsy
Elben Germanic Nature spirits
Electryone Greek A moon goddess
Eleithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth & midwives
Elel Puelche Argentina A malevolent demonic being
Elena Russian A goddess of fire
Eleos Greek A goddess of peace & mercy
Elgabal Syria A local mountain god with solar links
Elihino Cherokee The earth goddess
Elim Judaic A collective term for god's the lower order of the gods from the great deities, the Elohim
Eljon Syria A god
Elkunisra Canaan/ Hittite A creator god
Ellaman Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A goddess of passage, an astral deity
Ellel/ Ellilus Hittite A god
Elli Scandinavia A goddess of wrestling
Ellil Babylon/ Akkadia A creator & air god
Eloai Gnostic Christian primordial been
Elohim Semitic Gods plural (various)
Elphame/ Elphlane/ Elphane/ Queen of Elphame Scotland A goddess of death & disease
Elpis Greek A goddess of happiness
Emanjah Trinidad A river goddess & teacher of children
Eme'mqut Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
Emeli Hin Tuareg Sudan A creator god & generic term meaning Lord
Emer Celtic A goddess of wisdom
Emes Sumeria A vegetation god
Emma O Japan/ Buddhist A god of death & lord of hell
Empung Luminuut N. Celebes Is./ Sulawesi A goddess that gave birth to the sun god
En Iltyrain A god who was demoted a demon by the Christians
Enbilulu Sumeria A god of agriculture & the underworld
Endouellicus Roman/ Iberia A healing god
Endukugga Sumeria The god of the Underworld
Endursaga Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A herald god
Enekpe Africa A goddess of the family & guardian of destiny
Enki/ Ea Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator god, water, cunning & fertility
Enkimdu Sumeria The farmer god of canals & ditches
Enlil Sumeria The god of air and weather
Enmesarra Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The god of law
Ennead Egypt The Heliopolis pantheon as a group
Ennugi Mesopotamia The attendant & throne bearer god
Enodia Greek A goddess of crossroads & gates
Enten Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A fertility god that doubled as a guardian deity of farmers
Enudu Gisha Uganda A god of plague, specifically smallpox
Enyo Greek A goddess of war & waster of cities
Enzu Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A god who was named appears to be a corrupted form of Suen
Eos Greek A goddess of warriors & of the dawn
Eostre Celtic A goddess for whom the Ostara Sabbat is named for aka Easter
Epaphos Greek The progenitor of the Egyptians
Epet Egypt A goddess of healing, childbirth, children
Epimetheus Greek/ Roman A minor creator god
Epona Celtic A goddess of horses, mules, & oxen
Epos/ Olloatir Britain A god often seen as a male form of Epona
Eranoranhan Hierro Is./ Canary Is. The protector of men only
Erato Greek The Muse of lyric poetry & mime
Erce Celtic The earth mother & harvest goddess
Erda German A very old & wise earth goddess
Erebos Greek/ Roman A primordial deity, different
Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
Ereshkigal Sumeria A goddess of death
Erge Basque A spirit that takes men's lives
Erh Lang China A god that with his dog saved Beijing from flooding
Eri of the Golden Hair Irish A virgin goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
Erinys Greek A goddess of wrath
Eris Greek A goddess of discord & strife
Erishkigal Sumeria A goddess of the underworld
Eriskegal Allatu/ Babylon She is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
Eriu/ Erin/ Eire Irish One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann & a fertility goddess
Erkilek Inuit malevolent hunting god
Erlik Samoyed Finland? A god of the netherworld
Ermutu Egypt A goddess of childbirth & midwives
Eros Greek A god of erotic love, passion & of sex
Erra Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A war god
Erzuli Mapiangueh Haiti A goddess of justice
Erzulie Haiti A goddess of health, clothes, flowers, jewelry, of fertility, love, virginity, beauty & sex
Es Ket Siberia A creator god that fashioned humans from clay
Esceheman Arapaho Grandmother earth
Eschetewuaraha Chamacoco The goddess of rain
Eschu/ Legba Yoruba/ Africa These deities are messengers between gods & mortals, not very nice either
Eseasar Africa An earth goddess
Esenchebis Greek A reference to the goddess Isis
Eshara Chaldea The goddess of war & of productive fields
Eshmun Canaan The god of healing
Eshu Fon/ Yoruba Divine messenger
Essus/ Esus Britain/ Gaul A harvest/ woodcutter god
Estsanatlehi Navaho A goddess of change, fertility & the sky
Esu Edo Benin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
Esus Celtic The war god that may have been a tree god
Etain/ Echraidhe Irish A goddess of war
Etugen Mongol A virgin earth goddess
Eueucoyotl Aztec A god of fertility, sex, pleasure, sorrow & spontaneity
Eumenides/ Erinyes Greek A goddesses of justice
Eunomia Greek One of the Horae & goddess of order
Eunostos Greek The goddess of flour mills
Euphrosyne Greek A goddess of happiness & one of the graces
Euros Greek/ Roman The god of the east winds
Eurybia Greek A sea goddess
Eurydice Greek A mountain valley nymph with a sad love story[ aren't they all?]
Eurynome Greek A goddess of the sea & in one account she is the goddess of all creation
Euterpe Greek The Muse of lyric poetry & music
Eutychia Greek A goddess of happiness
Evaki Amazon/ S.A. A goddess of the night
Evan Etruscan Considered female a being that is one of the Las
Ewauna Coquille/ PNW Creator goddess
Ezili Fon Haiti/ Vodun/ West Indies A goddess who represents wisdom & beauty & love
Fa Africa A god of divination
Fabulinus Roman A minor God
Fachea Irish A goddess of poetry & patron of bards
Fagus Gaul/ Pyrenean The god of beech trees
Faivarongo Tikopia Polynesia A god of sailors
Fama Roman A goddess of fame & rumors
Fan K'uei China A god of butchers
Fand Celtic A goddess of happiness & pleasure
Fand Irish A goddess of healing & the ocean
Faragvoul Puerto Rico/ Haiti A votive god
Faro Bambara W. Africa A river god that brought order to the world when it was created
Fate Roman A goddess of fate
Fatit/ Merin Albania Female entities that are in charge of the individuals destiny
Faumea Polynesian A goddess of fertility
Fauna Roman A goddess of agriculture & winter
Faunus Roman A god of agriculture, fertility, nature & prophecy
Fe Gai Ivory Coast A tutelary god
Fe'e Polynesia The god of the dead
Fea Irish A war goddess
Febris Roman A goddess of healing & fevers
Februus Roman A god of purity
Fei Lien/ Fewi Lian/ Feng Bo China A god of the wind
Felicitas Roman A goddess of happiness
Fene Henry Either a demon or a place where demonic beings hang out, or both
Feng Pho Pho China A goddess of the winds
Feng Po China A sky god of the wind
Feng Po Po China A goddess of the wind
Fengbo China Another god of the wind
Fengbo China Another god of the wind
Fenja Scandinavia A goddess of physical prowess
Feronia Etruscan A goddess of the autumn, fire & volcanoes
Feronia Roman A goddess of orchards & protects freedmen
Fideal Scottish A goddess of water
Fides Roman A goddess of fidelity, honesty, oaths & public trust
Fidi Mukullu Bena Lulua Zaire A creator god
Finncaev Irish Thought to be a goddess of love & beauty
Finvarra Irish A strong god Fionnbharr
Finweigh Bilan The god who made man.
Fionn Mac Cumhal Irish/ Manx/ Scotland An ancient giant god/ warrior
Fjorgynn Nordic A god mentioned in Snorri's Edda
Flidais Irish Ruler of wild beasts of the forests\woodlands
Flora Roman A goddess of gardens, plants, flowers, love, prostitution,spring & youth
Fo China The name for Buddha
Fomore Irish They are the adversaries of the Tuatha De Danann, & called it demons
Fons Roman A goddess of fountains
Fornax Roman A goddess baking & grain
Forseti Norse/ Germanic A god of justice for men & gods
Fortuna Roman A goddess chance, fate, luck & happiness
Foto-Tama Japan/ Shinto An ancestral god
Frau Holle Germanic A goddess of winter
Fravasi/ Fravartin Iran Interesting - The concept denotes the spirit of the pre-existence of the believer that watches over him as a protective spirit
Frey Norse A god of rain, weather, seafaring & war