Books about the Gods

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List of Gods
Dama Huli Invisible deities which control the weather, attack people & cause illness, sterility or death
Damara Britain A fertility goddess associated with Beltane
Damballah Haiti A goddess of sweet waters
Damgalnuna Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The mother goddess who whelped Marduk
Damkina Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The earth mother goddess
Damona Celtic A cow goddess, little known
Damu Sumeria A god of exorcism
Dan Fon A god of unity
Dan Mahi/ Benin A goddess of order & the rainbow
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
Danaids Greek The goddesses of fountains & water
Danaparamita Buddhist A philosophical deity
Danavas India they are half divine/ half demonic beings
Danu Greek The Aegean mother goddess
Danu Hindu/ Vedic The primordial goddess
Danu/ / Danann/ Dana Irish The major mother goddess
Danus Greek The father of the Danaids, 50 beautiful women
Daphne Greek An oracular goddess & mountain nymph
Darago Philippine A goddess of fire & volcanos
Daramulum Aus. A lunar being & mediator between the creator and humans
Daronwy Wales This god appears only in the songs/ book of Taleisin
Darzamat Latvia A goddess of the gardens
Dashizhi China A goddess of knowledge
Datin N. Arabia A god mentioned in inscriptions but what he did no one knows
Davas/ Daevas/ Devas/ Devs Persia Rather malevolent spirits
Daya Hindu/ Puranic A goddess who oddly enough is considered a minor aspect of the god of Visnu
Dayang Raca Borneo A goddess of fire
Dazhbog/ Dabog/ Dazbog Slavic A god of the sky, wealth & war
Dazimus Sumeria The goddess of healing
Deae Matres Britain The mother goddesses, a triune of earth goddesses
Debata Toba-Batak Sumatra A word used to denote an individual god/ divine power
Debena Czechoslovakia A goddess of the forests
Debena Slavic A goddess of hunting
Dechtere/ Dechtire Irish A trinity unto herself
Decima Roman A goddess of birth that watches over the pregnancy
Dedun/ Dewden Egypt A god that was the lord & giver of incense
Dedwin Nubian a god of riches & incense that was nailed by the Egyptians
Deimos Greek The god of terror & panic
Deive Lithuania Before Christians it was an appellation of divinity, as in certain stones that were the object of veneration
Dekla Latvian A goddess of midwives
Demeter Greek A goddess of agriculture, grain, autumn, the earth , & fertility
Demogorgon Greek A mysterious spirit/ creator god
Dena Iran A goddess
Dendritus Greek A goddess of the tree
Deng Dinka/ Neur Sudan A god of rain
Deohako Seneca Collective name of the three daughters of the Earth Mother
Dercetius Roman/ Iberia A mountain god
Derceto Greek A goddess of fertility
Derceto Mysia A mother goddess
Derketo Chaldea A moon goddess associated with fertility
Despina Greek A nymph
Deva Hindu/ Vedic/ Puranic A generic name of a god
Devaki Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess
Devana Czechoslovakia/ Slavic A goddess of the hunt
Devananda Jain/ India A mother goddess of happiness & joy
Devaputra Buddhism A designation for the lower ranked gods
Devas India Some gods at perpetual war with the demons
Devasena Hindu/ Puranic A goddess
Devel/ Del Gypsy The highest being/ god
Deverra Roman A goddess of verse & guardian of newborn children
Devi Hindu A twelve armed warrior goddess
Devi India These are female deities
Deving Iching Latvia A god of horses
Devona Briton A goddess of the rivers of Devon
Dewi Ratih Bali A moon goddess
Dewi Shri Bali The rice goddess
Dewy Canaan A goddess rain
Dhanada Buddhist/ Mahayana A form of the goddess Tara
Dhanistha Hindu/ Puranic A minor goddess of misfortune to & malevolent astral deity
Dhanvantari Hindu/ Vedic/ Puranic/ Epic A sun god that later became an avatar of the god Visnu
Dhara Hindu/ Puranic An attendant god
Dharma Hindu A god of justice, righteousness & virtue
Dharmadhatuvagisvara Buddhist A physician god
Dharmamegha Buddhist/ Vajrayana A minor goddess
Dharmapala Buddhist/ Vjrayana A minor goddess concerned with law
Dharni Pinnu India A goddess of health
Dharti Mata Hindu/ Puranic A mother goddess
Dhat Badan Yemen The primary goddess
Dhatar Hindu/ Puranic A sun god
Dhavajagrakeyura Buddhist/ Mahayana A goddess that sets on a sun throne
Dhisana Hindu A minor goddess of prosperity
Dhrti Jain/ India A minor goddess that apparently just hangs around
Dhruva Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An astral god
Dhumavati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another goddess
Dhumorna Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another goddess
Dhumravati Hindu/ Puranic A rather terrible goddess, walks around with a skull in the hand
Dhupa Buddhist/ Mahayana A minor goddess & a censor
Dhurjati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A god, a manifestation of Siva
Dhvajosnisa Buddhist A god, apparently a guardian deity
Dhyanaparmita Buddhist A philosophical deity
Dhyani Buddhas The five meditating Buddhas that came from the primeval Buddha
Dhyanibuddha Buddhist A generic name for a spiritual or meditation Buddha
Dhyanibuddhasakti Buddhist A collective name for a specific group of goddesses
Di Jun China A god of the eastern sky
Dia Griene Scottish A goddess of war
Diablesse Haitian A goddesses of justice
Dian Cecht Irish A god of crafts & healing
Dian-Cecht Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Diana Greek/ Roman A goddess of childbirth, chastity, virginity, fertility, hunting, the moon & the sky
Diancecht Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Diang Shilluk Sudan A cow goddess
Dice/ Dike Greek A goddess of justice
Dictynna Crete A mother goddess
Didi Thakrun Hindu a plague goddess associated with cholera
Dieva-deli Latvia Heavenly beings, 2 sometimes 3
Dievini Lativa A group of minor gods
Dievs Latvia A pre-Christian sky god
Digambara Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess
Dii Mauri Moor N. Africa They were redeemers, immortals, & exalted deities that were almost never named
Diiwica/ Dilwica Serbia Another goddess of the hunt
Dikkumara Jain/ India A god associated with rain & thunder
Diksa Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Dil Irish A goddess
Dilmun Sumeria The god of fresh water
Dilwica Slavic A goddess of hunting
Dimme Sumeria A female demon of fever and & diseases of infants
Dinawagan Philippines A goddess of health & healing
Dinditane Huli A fertility god of gardening
Dionysus Greek A god of altered states, wine, ecstasy, revelry & nature
Dioskouroi Greek Twin gods see Castor & Pollux
Dipa Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess of light
Dipa Tara Buddhist/ Mahayana A minor goddess
Dipamkara Buddhist He proceeded the Buddha in east Asia
Dipankara Buddhist/ Tibet A deity that is one of the minor group of Buddhas
Dipti Hindu/ Puranic A minor goddess
Dirghadevi Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Dis Scandinavia A goddess of drinking
Dis Pater Roman A god of war
Disa Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic in minor goddess & the momma of the minor creation god Sarga
Disani Afghanistan The supreme fertility & mother goddess
Disciplina Roman A goddess of discipline
Discordia Roman A goddess of discord & war
Disir Nordic/ German A collective name for guardian goddesses
Dispater/ Dis Pater Gaul A god whose name means the father
Diti Hindu A goddess of the earth
Diviriks Lithuania The deity of the rainbow
Divonia Celtic/ Gaelic A fertility goddess associated with water
Diwali Bhil/ India A goddess of happiness & merriment
Djanggawuls Aus. The goddesses of fertility that messed up & created humanity & of vegetation
Djigonasee Huron A goddess of justice, fairness & peace
Djila'qons Haida/ PNW A sea goddess
Doda/ Dodola Serbia A goddess of rain
Dogumrik Kafir/ Afghanistan A local warrior & guardian god
Doh Yenisi Siberia a rather good magician that could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like
Dohit Mosetene The god that created the first human from clay
Dola/ Dolya Russia/ Serbia A goddess of fate
Domfe Kurumba Africa The god of rain & wind
Domnu Irish A goddess of the Formorians
Don/ Donn/ Dhonn Irish/ Wales A goddess that is called a god of death
Donar Germanic A god of the sky & thunder
Dongo Songhoi A god of thunder
Donn Irish An underworld god responsible for the passage of the dead to the underworld
Dorina Nigeria A goddess of hunting
Doris Greek An ocean goddess
Dorje Naljorma Tibet A goddess of happiness
Dornoll Celtic A goddess of physical prowess
Dou Mou China A goddess North Star, health & diseases & justice
Doudoun Nubia The god of the Nile cataracts
Doushen China A goddess of justice
Dragoni Albania A god of thunder & lightning
Druantia Celtic A goddess
Dryads Greek Nymphs of the trees & woods
Dryope Greek A goddess of water
Dsahadoldza Navaho A fiery god of earth & water
Du'uzu Dunatis Celtic A god of fortifications
Dua Egypt A lion headed god of the future & protector of the stomach of the deceased
Duan Luteh Irish A moon goddess
Dubh Lacha Irish An early goddess of the sea
Dugnai Lithuanian A goddess of baking & kneading & liquor
Duha Deo Hindu A minor god the bridegroom
Duillae Roman/ Iberian A fertility & vegetation goddess
Dumuzi Babylon A god of fertility
Dumuzi Sumeria A shepherd god & the Jewish Tammuz
Dunatis Celtic A god of fortifications
Dunawali Huli An evil goddess
Dunne Enin/ Siberian/ Tungus A goddess of the sky, fire & that ruled over the clan territory
Dur Kassite Iran An underworld god
Durangama Buddhist / Vajrayana A minor goddess
Durga Hindu/ Puranic A goddess of fire & a vengeful warrior
Durjata Buddhist/ Mahayana The minor goddess that waits on the god Buddhakapala
Dusara W. Semitic A local god associated with vegetation & fertility survived until about 500 C. E.
Duttur Sumeria The goddess of ewes
Duzi Kafir/ Afghanistan a local god known only from of an altar stone, but he did like male goats as a sacrifice
Dwyn Kazoba Baziba Africa He is in the god of the sun and as well as the moon
Dwyn/ Dwynwen Celtic A god of love
Dyaus Hindu/ Vedic A god of the rain
Dyaus Pitar Hindu/ Vedic/ India The creator god
Dyaush India The first supreme god
Dylan Wales/ Britain A guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway
Dzalarhons Haida A goddess of fire & volcanoes
Dziva Africa A goddess of justice
Dzivaguru Korekore The great earth goddess
Dziwozony Polish A goddesses of healing, herbs & love
E Alom Maya A primeval creator goddess
E Quhalom Maya/ Quiche A primeval creator god
Ea/ Enki Babylon/ Mesopotamia The god of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
Eacus Roman/ Iberia A weather god
Eadon Irish A goddess of poetry
Easal Irish/ Manx A god of abundance & prosperity
Eastre German A goddess of healing