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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Atthis Greek Or Attis, a daughter of Cranaus, from whom Attica, which was before called Actaea, was believed to have derived its name. The two birds into which Philomele and her sister Procne were metamorphosed, were likewise called Attis.
God Name: Attis Roman A god of plants
God Name: Atua Fafine Polynesia Creator being Tikopia/Polynesia
God Name: Atua Fafine Tikopia Polynesia A creator being
God Name: Atua I Kafika Tikopia/Polynesia Supreme sky god. Tikopia/Polynesia
God Name: Atua I Kafika Tikopia Polynesia The supreme god viewed as a intercessor rather than a Controller
God Name: Atua I Raropuka Polynesia Creator deity Tikopia/Polynesia
God Name: Atua I Raropuka Tikpoa Polynesia Another creator deity
God Name: Atuesuel Christian A super hero angel who fights the monsters of hell. Christian
God Name: Atugan Mongolia The goddess of earth & the source of all life whose power is beyond understanding but can be bestowed
God Name: Atum Egypt The first god, having arisen by his own force himself, sitting on a mound (benben), from the primordial waters (Nu). Early myths state that Atum created the god Shu and goddess Tefnut from his semen by masturbation in the city of Annu. Egypt
God Name: Atunis Etruscan A god similar to Adonis
God Name: Atunis aka Atuns Etruscan The Etruscan incarnation of the popular life-death-rebirth deity. He is a consort for Turan. Originally non-Etruscan, directly from Greek Adonis. Etruscan
God Name: Au Gilbert Island God of the sun and sky lord Gilbert Island.
God Name: Au Co Vietnam An immortal fairy who married a dragon, their hundred children being the ancestors of the Vietnam people. Vietnam
God Name: Aua Egypt God of Gifts. Egypt.
God Name: Auchimalgen Chile Moon goddess, wife of the sun. Only Auchimalgen cares anything for the human race, all the rest of the gods being utterly malevolent. Auchimalgen wards off evil spirits and turns red when some important person is about to die. Chile
God Name: Audhumbla Norse Also written Audhumbla. The cow formed from the frozen vapors resolved into drops. She nourished the giant Ymer. Norse.
God Name: Auditors of Reality Discworld Supernatural entities and celestial bureaucrats. They make sure that gravity works, file the appropriate paperwork for each chemical reaction, and so forth. Discworld
God Name: Audjal Caroline Islands The earth goddess
God Name: Auf Egypt Aka Euf Ra. An aspect of the Sun god Ra. Shown as a ram-headed man wearing the solar disk. Rules over Peace, rest, sleep, courage.
God Name: Aufaniae Celtic A collective name for a group of Celtic mother goddesses worshipped throughout Celtic Europe. They are known only from symbolical inscriptions and they appear to have been found mainly in the German Rhineland. Celtic
God Name: Auge Greek Princess of Arkadia and a priestess of Athena, who birthed her illegitimate son within the sacred precincts of the goddess. As punishment for the sacriligeous act, Athena made the land barren until the king had the girl exiled and sold into slavery. Greek
God Name: Augeas Greek A son of Phorbas and Hermione, and king of the Epeians in Elis. According to some accounts he was a son of Eleios or Helios or Poseidon.
God Name: Augeus Greek A god of healing
God Name: Augralids Greek A goddesses of justice
God Name: Auilix Mayan God of dawn. Mayan
God Name: Aukaneck Inuit God that lived in the sea, whose movements created the waves. Inuit
God Name: Aumanil Inuit God that lived on land and controlled the movements of the whales. Inuit
God Name: Aura Greek A daughter of Lelas and Periboea, was one of the swift-footed companions of Artemis. She was beloved by Dionysus, but fled from him, until Aphrodite, at the request of Dionysus, inspired her with love for the god.
God Name: Aurboda Norse Gymer's wife and Gerd's mother. Norse.
God Name: Aurgelmer Norse A giant; grandfather of Bergelmer; called also Ymer. Norse.
God Name: Auriel Christian The archangel of alchemy and vision, the tallest of the archangels with eyes that can see across eternity and the ability to let you into the fairy kingdoms. Christian
God Name: Aurita Roman A goddess that heals earaches
God Name: Aurora Roman A goddess of warriors & of the dawn
God Name: Ausaitis Lithuania God of health. Lithuania
God Name: Ausautas Lithuanian God of health and medicine. Lithuanian
God Name: Auseklis Latvia Goddess linked to fertility, involved in the heavenly bathhouse. Latvia
God Name: Auseklis Latvian A Latvian god, and the personification of Venus. He is third most popular deity in Latvian mythology after Saule and Me-ness.
God Name: Auset Egypt Goddess of Sirius. Egypt
God Name: Austeja Lithuania Bee goddess. Lithuania
God Name: Austre East A dwarf presiding over the east region. Norse.
God Name: Austrine Lithuania/Baltic Goddess of the dawn. Lithuania/Baltic
God Name: Autholea Greek wife of Cisseus.
God Name: Autolycus Greek A son of Hermes or Daedalion by Chione, Philonis, or Telauge. He was the husband of Neaera, or according to Homer, of Amphithea, by whom he became the father of Anticleia, the mother of Odysseus and Aesimus.
God Name: Automata Greek wife of Architelos.
God Name: Autonoe Greek A daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, was the wife of Aristaeus, by whom she became the mother of Polydorus. (Theogony of Hesiod) According to Apollodorus (Apollodorus iii), Polydorus was a brother of Autonoe, and Actaeon was her son.
God Name: Autyeb Egypt Goddess of happiness and joy. Egypt
God Name: Auxesia Greek The goddess who grants growth and prosperity to the fields, a surname of Persephone. Greek
God Name: Auxo 1 Greek One of the Horae. 2. An ancient Attic divinity, who was worshipped, according to Pausanias, together with Hegemone, under the name of Charites
God Name: Avalokitesvara Buddhist The Buddhist epitome of mercy and compassion. When Avalokitesvara attained to supreme consciousness, he chose not to pass into nirvana, but vowed to stay behind as the succor of the afflicted. He was filled with compassion, karuna, for the sufferings of the living, which he sought to bring to enlightenment. He was represented as a handsome young man holding a lotus flower in his hand who wore a picture of Amithaba in his hair. His female consort was Tara, also known as Pandaravasini, 'clad in white'.
God Name: Avatar Hindu Avatar, avatara or avataram, most commonly refers to the incarnation of a higher being, or the Supreme Being onto Earth. Hindu
God Name: Avatea Hervy Is A moon god
God Name: Averruncus Roman The god of aversion. He is said to help in avoiding calamity, while also bringing forth good fortune. In other references, Averruncus is known as the god of childbirth. Roman
God Name: Aversa Etruscan A goddess pictured carrying an ax
God Name: Aveta Celtic A goddess of female-fertility, childbirth and midwives, also associated with all fresh water. Celtic
God Name: Avfruvva Finland Mermaid goddess of Finland
God Name: Avrikiti Fon Benin Goddess of fisherman Benin
God Name: Avtotar Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East. Enochian
God Name: Awaeh Yegendji Haudenosaunee Mother Swan. She is a aged wisewoman living alone in the forest with Her three daughters. Haudenosaunee
God Name: Awataerohi Haudenosaunee A disease spirit, caused when it takes up residence within a victim's body. Haudenosaunee
God Name: Awitelin Tsita Zuni The ‘Fourfold Containing Mother-earth,' Zuni
God Name: Awonawilona Pueblo/Zuni "The One Who Contains Everything." The Supreme God, the Creator of All. Before the creation there was only Awonawilona; all else was darkness and emptiness. Both male and female, Awonawilona created everything from himself and taking form became the maker of light, the Sun. Pueblo/Zuni
God Name: Axiocersa Phrygian Goddess of the earth Phrygian
God Name: Axo Mama Peru Goddess of the potato crops Peru
God Name: Aya Mesopotamia Goddess of dawn and war Mesopotamia
God Name: Ayaba Dahomean Goddess of the hearth Dahomean
God Name: Ayas Hittite He is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
God Name: Ayauhteot Chile A moon goddess
God Name: Ayauhteotl Chile Goddess of the moon, haze and mist and is is associated with vanity and fame. Chile
God Name: Ayi' Uru'n Toyo'n Yakut Yakut creator spirit.
God Name: Ayida Haiti Goddess of rainbows, especially in Benin and Haiti, Ayida-Weddo aka Aida-Wedo, Aido Quedo, a loa of fertility, rainbows and snakes, and a companion or wife to Damballah-Wedo. Also Ayida-Weddo is known as the Rainbow Serpent. Haiti
God Name: Ayiyanayaka Ceylon God of fields and woodland who protects against plague. Northern part of the island of Ceylon.
God Name: Ayizan Haiti Aka Grande Ai-Zan, Aizan, or Ayizan Velekete. Goddess who protects the market place and commerce. She is a root loa, associated with Vodoun rites of initiation (called kanzo). She is syncretised with the Catholic Saint Clare, her symbol is the palm frond, she drinks no alcohol, and is the wife of Loko Atisou. Haiti
God Name: Aylekete Africa God of the sea and a member of the Vodun gods Fon
God Name: Aylekete/ Agbe Fon A god of the sea & a member of the Vodun gods
God Name: Aymelek Turkish God of the moon. Turkish
God Name: Ayt'ar Slavic God of procreation Slavic
God Name: Ayurvasita Buddhist Minor goddess, one of twelve vasitas. Buddhist
God Name: Ayya Vaikundar Tamil According to Akilattirattu Ammanai, a scripture of the Ayyavazhi, was an avatar of Narayana. As per the Ayyavazhi mythology the body in which Ayya Vaikundar incarnated is that of Mudisoodum Perumal. Tamil
God Name: Ayyapan Hindu The Celibate God of Kerala. Hindu
God Name: Ayyteem Pan National God of cash machines. Pan National
God Name: Azacca Haiti God of Farming and agriculture. Haiti
God Name: Azan Greece A son of Ares and the nymph Erato, was the brother of Apheidas and Elatus, and father of Cleitor. The part of Arcadia which he received from his father was called, after him, Azania. After his death, funeral games, which were believed to have been the first in Greece, were celebrated in his honour.
God Name: Azariel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Azcatl Aztec Red ant that found the source of food energy. Aztec
God Name: Azele Yaba Africa Goddess of justice. Wife of Nyamele, a sky god Africa
God Name: Azer Christian Angel who starts fires. Christian
God Name: Azer Ava Russian Ancient Russian goddess, the name Azer-Ava translates into "forest mother" or "the friendly tree goddess". Azer-Ava lives in trees and welcomes those who venture out to pick berries and mushrooms. She is known as a goddess of fruitfulness who brings rain and corn, and oaths are taken in her name.
God Name: Azeruel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Azesi Greek A surname of Demeter and Persephone, which is derived either from "to dry fruits", or from "to seek". Greek
God Name: Azeus Greek A son of Clymenus of Orchomenos, father of Actor and grandfather of Astyoche. He went with his brothers against Thebes, to take vengeance for the murder of his father, who had been slain by the Thebans at a festival of the Onchestian Poseidon. Greek
God Name: Azi Buryat red headed earth spirits that like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, & of all & reward models that please them. Those that irritate them forfeit their souls
God Name: Azi Buryat Red headed earth spirits who like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, and of all and reward models who please them. Those who irritate them forfeit their souls Buryat
God Name: Azidahaka Persia A serpent with three heads, six eyes and three pairs of fangs. He was the adversary of Yima. Persia
God Name: Aziri Africa A deity of salty waters, candies and confectionary. Africa
God Name: Azizos Levant Azizos or Aziz, the Palmyran god of the morning star. He is usually portrayed as riding a camel with his twin brother Arsu. Levant
God Name: Azrael Christian Also known as the Great Attractor and the Death of Universes, is apparently not a worshipped god on the Discworld, but he exists nonetheless, and is an entity of enormously unthinkable scope and size.
God Name: Azrail Mahometan The angel of death who sends souls to the angels of compassion or to the angels of punishment. Mahometan
God Name: Azumi-no-isora Japan/Shinto Is a shinto deity of the seashore. He is considered to be an ancestor of the Azumi family. He is worshiped at Mekari Shrine of Kitakyushu, Shiga Shrine of Tsushima. Japan/Shinto
God Name: A·Si Persia "Treasure-laden", goddess of treasure hunters. Persia
God Name: B'alam Agab Mayan "night jaguar," he was the second of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. He married Choimha. Mayan
God Name: B'alam Quitze/ Balam Quitze,/ Balam Quitze S America B'alam Quitze aka Balam Quitze, Balam Quitze, meaning "jaguar with the sweet smile," was the first of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. The gods created Caha-Paluma specifically for him to marry.
God Name: Ba China The goddess of drought
God Name: Ba Egypt Or Kneph, a ram-god, of the soul, and thus of birth. Egypt
God Name: Ba Egypt Banebdjed, a ram-god of birth, essentially the soul Osiris. Egypt
God Name: Ba Egyptian One part of the ancient Egyptian concept of the soul which was imagined as a bird body with a human head.
God Name: Ba Han China Goddess of drought. China
God Name: Ba Maguje Hausa Spirit of drunkenness. Hausa
God Name: Ba She China A snake reputed to swallow elephants. China
God Name: Ba Xian China/Taoist The eight immortals. China/Taoist
God Name: Ba-Chi Nigeria Iju, god of the sky who sends the fertilizing rain. Nigeria
God Name: Ba-Pef Egypt Malevolent underworld god. Egypt
God Name: Baal Assyrian Baal is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning "master" or "lord" that is used for various gods, spirits and demons particularly of the Levant, cognate to Assyrian belu.
God Name: Baal Phoenicia He is the god of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain & of storms
God Name: Baal Phoenicia God of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain and of storms Phoenicia
God Name: Baal Syria A god of fertility
God Name: Baal Syria God of fertility. Syria
God Name: Baal Brathy Phoenicia Mountain deity. Phoenicia
God Name: Baal Hammon Carthage Sweety of Tanit. Carthage
God Name: Baal Malage Phoenicia/Canaan Local god known from inscription. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal Samin Phoenicia/Canaan Baal Samin[Lord of Heaven], Head of the pantheon. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal Sapon Phoenicia/Canaan Mountain deity. Phoenicia/Canaan
God Name: Baal/ Hadad Canaan A storm god[originally meant lord]
God Name: Baalat Phoenicia Queen of the gods, partial to books, libraries and writers. Phoenicia
God Name: Baalat/ Ba'Alat Phoenicia She is queen of the gods who is partial to books, libraries & writers
God Name: Baalberith Canaanite Lord of covenant, god of death and demon master of the infernal alliance. Demon of blasphemy and murder. Demon of the second order. Chief Secretary and Archivist of Hell, master of the Infernal Alliance. He was one of the demons who possessed an Ursuline nun at Aix-en-Provence in 1610. Canaanite
God Name: Baalshamin Semitic God of the sky. Semitic
God Name: Baalzephon Canaanite Captain of guard and sentinels of Hell. Canaanite
God Name: Baau Phoenicia Creator goddess. Mother of the first man. Phoenicia
God Name: Bab Arabia The founder and prophet of Babism. He was a merchant from Shiraz, who at the age of twenty-five claimed to be the promised Qa'im (or Mihdi). After his declaration he took the title of Bab meaning "Gate". Six years later he was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz.
God Name: Baba Sumeria Goddess of healing and fertility. Sumeria
God Name: Baba Yaga Slavic The wild old woman; the dark lady; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest spirit, leading hosts of spirits. Slavic
God Name: Babael Hebrew A demon known as the Keeper of Graves.
God Name: Babes Roman In Rome, the god who caused infants to utter their first cry.
God Name: Babo Greek A mythical woman of Eleusis, whom Hesychius calls the nurse of Demeter
God Name: Babullius Greek A monster of the primitive world, is described sometimes as a destructive hurricane, and sometimes as a fire-breathing giant concealed in the country of the Arimi in the earth, which was lashed by Zeus with flashes of lightning. Greek
God Name: Bacabs Mayan They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens. Mayan
God Name: Bacax Roman/Africa Cave god known from inscription at Crita. Roman/Africa
God Name: Bacchanalia Greek Dionysius and the Bacchanalia. Greek
God Name: Bacchantes Greek The female devotees of the god Dionysus
God Name: Bacche Greek One of the Nysaian nymphs who, along with Macris, Erato, Bromie and Nysa hid Bacchus in their cave and nurtured him.
God Name: Bacchis Egyptian A sacred bull which changed its colour every hour of the day. Egyptian
God Name: Bacchus Greek The youthful, beautiful, but effeminate god of wine. He is also called both by Greeks and Romans Dionysus.
God Name: Bachelor Hebrew One of the names given to Satan, when he appeared in the guise of a great he-goat, for the purpose of intercourse with the witches. Hebrew
God Name: Bachu Chibcha Goddess who started the human race, turned her and her mate into dragons. Chibcha
God Name: Bacis Greek Seems to have been originally only a common noun derived from to speak, and to have signified any prophet or speaker. In later times, however, Bacis was regarded as a proper noun, and the ancients distinguish several seers of this name. Greek
God Name: Backlum Chaam Mayan God of male sexuality and of sex. Mayan
God Name: Bactrian Sage Zoroaster Zoroaster A native of Bactria, about 500 BCE.
God Name: Badb Brazil A much feared serpent goddess
God Name: Badb Brazil Much feared serpent goddess. Brazil
God Name: Badb/ Bodva Irish A goddess of war
God Name: Badb/ Odva/ Badb Catha Irish A goddess of war
God Name: Badhava Hindu Aka Haya-Siras. A flame with the head of a horse. Hindu
God Name: Badi Mata Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
God Name: Baeldaeg aka Baldag Saxons Teutonic god of the day, of light-the name used among the Saxons and Westphalians.
God Name: Baetylus Greek The name of a peculiar kind of conical shaped stones, which were erected as symbols of gods in remarkable places, and were from time to time anointed with oil, wine, or blood. Greek
God Name: Baeus Greek The helmsman of Odysseus, who is said to have died during the stay of the latter in Sicily. Greek
God Name: Bag-Mashtu / Bag-mazda Armenia Bag-Mashtu aka Bag-mazda A sky god with whom Khaldi was identified. Armenia
God Name: Bagadjimbiri Australia Two brothers and creator gods. They arose from the ground as dingos and made water-holes, sex organs from a mushroom and another fungus for the androgynous first people, and invented circumcision. Australia
God Name: Bagaios Asia Minor The Phrygian equivalent of Zeus. Asia Minor
God Name: Bagala Hindu One of the mahavidyas and an aspect of Devi. Hindu
God Name: Bagba Africa Fetish with the power of giving or withholding rain is ascribed to him, and he is lord of the winds, including the Harmattan, the dry, hot wind which blows from the interior. Africa
God Name: Bagdabidit Mongoia God of sanitation and toilets. Mongoia
God Name: Bagishi Afghanistan God of flood waters and posterity. Afghanistan
God Name: Bagos Papaios Asia Minor A Phrygian sky god. Asia Minor
God Name: Baguette d'Armide France The sorcerer's wand. Armida is a sorceress in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Baguette is a rod or wand. France
God Name: Bagvarti Armenia Tutelary goddess. Armenia
God Name: Bagvarti Urat Armenia A tutelary goddess
God Name: Bahr Geist Scotland A banshee or grey-spectre. Scotland
God Name: Bahu India "the Creating Mother". India
God Name: Bahyra Brazil The creator god of the heavens and the earth who "expressed his wrath by thunder and lightning." The Apiaca, Brazil
God Name: Baiamai Australia He is considered by some to be the creator. Others believe he created his son, Burambin, who then created the world. Australia
God Name: Baiame Australia The omniscient intangible great spirit is self-created, lives in the sky, is the creator of all things. He is important in initiation rites; he "receives the souls of the innocent." His voice is the thunder, his will is manifest through the wind. The Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, and Euahlayi, Australia
God Name: Baiame / Baayami / Baayama Australia Baiame aka Baayami or Baayama, the ancestor and patron god of the Kamilaroi. He is a sky god and a deity of death and life, and a god of rain and the shamans. Australia
God Name: Baiame/ Daramulun/ Nurundere Kamilaroi/ Wiradyuri Aus A god of all things & master of life death
God Name: Baiji China A goddess of health & epidemics
God Name: Baile Ireland Baile of the Honeyed Speech, God of Blarney. Rules over quick and clear thinking, speeches, ideas, impressing someone, mental activity, speaking, protection for lovers, blessing magic wands. Ireland
God Name: Baile of the Honeyed Speech Irish The god of Blarney
God Name: Baira Ethiopia The supreme being of the Amar Kokke. Ethiopia
God Name: Bairo Ethiopia The supreme being of the Banna. Ethiopia
God Name: Baj Bajania Yakut Rather joyous forest god.Yakut
God Name: Bajura Arabia Mahomet's standard.
God Name: Bakuli Nigeria The supreme being of the Mbula. Nigeria
God Name: Bala Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
God Name: Bala Jain A messenger goddess
God Name: Bala Jain Messenger goddess Jain
God Name: Bala-Sakti Dravidian Goddess Dravidian
God Name: Balaam Hebrew Demon preoccupied with avarice and greed. Hebrew
God Name: Balaam’s Ass Christian An ass which is said to have spoken Hebrew to Balaam. Christian
God Name: Balac Maya War God. Maya
God Name: Balakrsna Mayan They are guardian deities. Mayan
God Name: Balam Hebrew One of the seventy-two spirits of the brazen vessel, as enumerated in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Hebrew
God Name: Balam the ox Koran And the fish Nun, are the food of Mahomet's paradise; the mere lobes of the livers of these animals will suffice for 70,000 saints. Koran
God Name: Balan Hebrew A demon said to be high in the monarchy. The demon of finesse and ruses. Also a prince of hell. Hebrew
God Name: Balan Bravest Gaul Balan Bravest and strongest of the giant race. Gaul
God Name: Balanke Mayan The name of the sun god among the Kekchi. Mayan
God Name: Balanos Greek A Hamadryad nymph of the Oak tree. Greek
God Name: Balaparmita Buddhist Philosophical deity. Buddhist
God Name: Balarama Hindu Balarama Hindu god of agriculture and physical strength. Symbolized by the club and the plow.