Books about the Gods

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List of Gods
Halahala Buddhist/ Mayhayana A god of poison
Haldi Urart Armenia A tutelary god
Halki Hittite A god barley & grain
Halsodyne Greek A sea goddess
Haltia Finno/ Ugric A goddess of healing
Ham vareti Persia A goddess of mist
Hamadryades Greek/ Roman Tree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
Hamavehae Roman/ Rhineland A trinity of mother goddesses
Hamedicu Huron The High god
Hami-Yasu-Hime Shinto/ Japan The goddess of potters
Hammon Libya A god of the dead son
Han Xiang-Zhi China/ Taoist An immortal being, there were eight
Hana Norse A god of silence
Hananim Korea The god of the sky, a supreme god, he moves stars, rewards good & punishes evil
Hanghepi Wi Dakota The Moon god
Hani-Yasu-Hiko Japan/ Shinto The god of potters
Hani[s] Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor god
Hannahanna Hittite A god of agriculture & the sky
Hannahannas Hittite/ Hurrian the mother goddess
Hano Bella Coola A goddess of teaching
Hansa Hindu/ Puranic A god, a minor avatar of visible
Hanuman/ Hanumat Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Chief minister & general of the monkey people as well as a patron saint of learning
Hanwasuit Hittite The tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her
Hanwi Ogalala A goddess of the dawn & twilight
Hao Ch'iu China A god of the heart
Hao Janjero Ethiopia A god that resided in the river Gibe
Haoma Iran A plant that suffered the indignity of being deified, its sap was an intoxicating drink used in a sacrificial ceremonies
Hapantalli/ Hapi/ Hapy Egypt A god of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
Hapantalliyas/ Hapantalli Hittite He took his place at the moon god's side
Hapi Egypt A god that protected the the lungs of the dead
Hapi Egypt This god was the personification of the Nile
Hara Hindu/ Puranic An avatar of Siva
Hara-Yama-Tsu-Mi Japan/ Shinto A mountain god concerned with the wooded mountain slopes
Harachte Egypt The god of the morning sun
Harakhti Egypt A form of the god Horus
Hardaul Hindu A plague god, he protected against cholera
Harendotes Greek A form of the Egyptian god Horus that guards and protects his father
Hari Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor incarnation of the god Visnu
Harihara India The twin divinity composed of Visnu & Siva
Harimella/ Viradechthis Scotland A goddess of Tungrain origin
Hariti Buddhist A plague goddess associated with smallpox
Hariti Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess
Harmachis Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus
Harmeti Egypt The tutelary god of Seden, a form of Horus
Harmonia Greek A goddess of justice
Haroeris Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, but this time as an adult
Harpocrates Greek The god of silence & secrecy
Harpokrates Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, as a child sitting on his mother's knee
Harpre Egypt This god's job was to protect the king from illness & misfortune
Harsa Hindu A goddess
Harsaphes Egypt/ Hellenized A ram headed god of fertility and water
Harsiese[s] Egypt A form of the god Horus, especially as the child of Isis & Osiris
Harsomtus Egypt/ Hellenized A form of the god Horus
Harti China/ Japan A demoness that Buddha converted to a goddess that protects children instead of eating them
Hasam[m]eli Hittite He is the god of blacksmiths & of the craft of wrought-iron
Hasamelis Hittite/ Hurrian He is a god who can protect travelers
Hasta Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor benevolent goddess of fortune
Hastbaka Navaho The oldest male of the spirits
Hastebaad Navaho The chief of the female spirits
Hastehogan Navaho The chief male spirit of the house
Hastseltsi Navaho The male spirit of racing.
Hastseoltoi Navaho The female spirit of hunting
Hastsezini Navaho The male spirit of fire
Hatasa Buddhist A horse goddess
Hatdastsisi Navaho The benevolent male spirit that helps cure disease
Hathor Egypt A goddess of procreation, sexuality, romance, trees, poetry, music, alcohol, childbirth, infants, death, fertility, love, marriage, beauty, joy & the sky
Hatmehyt/ Hatmehit Egypt The fertility & guardian goddess of fish & fisherman
Hatshepsut Egypt A goddess of justice
Hatti Hindu A plague goddess associated with cholera
Hatti Hittite The throne goddess
Hatuibwari San Cristoval Is./ Melanesia A rather strange sort, half divine/ half demonic snake & female at that
Haubas S. Arabia a local god known only from inscriptions
Haubas/ Hobas S.Arabia A god that may be a particular form of Attar
Hauhet Egypt A primordial goddess, one of the Ogboad
Haukim S.Arabia A local god thought to be concerned with arbitration & the law
Haumea Hawaii A goddess of childbirth, midwives & of fertility
Haumia Maori A god of wild plants
Haumiatiketike/ Haumia Polynesia/ Maori A vegetation God
Haurun Canaan A fiery earth god
Haurvatat Zoroaster One of the spirits, it is associated with life after death
Havea Lolo Fonua Polynesia A goddess of intercourse
Haya-Ji Japan/ Shinto The God of the winds
Hayagriva Buddhist/ Tibet The patron god of horses
Hayagriva Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic The most important incarnation of Vishnu
Hayasa Hindu A horse god, could be Hayangriva in disguise
Hayasum Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor god of uncertain function
Hazzi Hittite/ Hurrian A god invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain & weather god
He Bo/ Bing Yi China He is the divine ruler of all rivers
He Xian-Ku China/ Taoist One of the eight immortals, she achieved immortality through her exemplary life
He Zur Egypt A baboon god accepted as a manifestation of Thot
Hea Mesopotamia/ Ugarit The goddess of wisdom
Heammawihio Cheyenne The great spirit
Hebat Hittite A goddess of the sky, her title was "Queen of heaven"
Hebe Greek A goddess of beauty, wine spring & youth as well as the cup bearer of the gods
Hecaerge Greek A goddess of archery
Hecate Greek A goddess of agriculture, black magic, witchcraft, crossroads, fertility, the moon, night, & wisdom
Hedammu Hurrian He is a snake demon that resides in the sea and he is constantly hungry
Hedetet Egypt She is the scorpion goddess found in the Book of the dead
Hedrun Scandinavia A goddess of intoxicating mead
Hegemone Greek A goddess of plants; responsible for their fruition
Heh Egypt A primordial god of infinity
Heha Egypt A god of magical words
Hehet Egypt A primordial goddess of the immeasurable
Heimdal Germanic A god of warriors
Heimdall Norse A god of fire & light
Heitsi Hottentot/ Africa This dying god is the god of the hunt
Hekate Greek The chthonic goddess of the moon & pathways as well as nocturnal evil
Heket Egypt A goddess midwives
Hekoolas Miwok A goddess of war
Hekt Egypt A goddess midwives
Hel[i] Germanic A goddess of death
Helena Greek A Moon goddess & healer
Helene Greek A vegetation goddess, she is the one the Trojan War was fought over
Helia Greek A sun goddess
Helios Greek A god of war & the sun
Helle Greek A sea goddess
Heloha Choctaw A spirit[female] of thunder
Hemantadevi Buddhist/ Tibet The goddess of winter
Hemen Egypt A falcon god
Hemsut/ Hemuset Egypt A goddess of fate and newborn babies
Hendursaga Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Sumeria/ Akkadia The god of law
Heng Huron The spirit of thunder
Heng E China A goddess of the moon
Heng o China A goddess of the moon
Henkhesesui Egypt A ram headed, winged, beetle god of the east wind
Heno/ Hinu/ Hino Iroquois The sky god & the spirit of thunder
Henwen Wales A goddess
Hephaestos Greek A god of volcanoes, fire & metal working
Heqt Egypt A frog headed goddess of life, childbirth
Hera/ Here Greek A goddess of childbirth, marriage, motherhood, of the sky, & storms
Herabe Huli A god who causes insanity.
Here Ketit Egypt A lion headed goddess who breathes fire on the evil deceased
Herensugue Basque A snake shaped devilish spirit
Heret-Kau Egypt An underworld goddess of the old kingdom
Hermanubis Egypt A god of the dead in the cult of Isis
Hermes Greek A god of athletes, sport, gambling, commerce, communications, eloquence, luck, medicine, oratory, roads, & wind
Hermes Greek A god of travelers, messenger to the gods, "The Good Shepherd", god of herds & flocks, a rather busy fellow
Hermod Nordic The messenger god
Hermraphroditos Greek A god that it became one with a goddess & is now of uncertain status
Hermus Roman A river god
Herne British/ Anglo-Saxon An underworld god & leader phantom hunt
Heron Egypt A god appearing on the monuments of the Greek & Roman eras, thought to be a horseman god
Heros Thrace An underworld god who is also a horseman
Herovet/ Jarovit Slavic The god of the army
Herse Greek The goddess of the dew
Heruka Buddhist/ Mayhayana A god, one of the more popular in the pantheon
Herysaf Egypt A primeval god
Hesat Egypt The goddess of birth & a minor guardian of pregnant & nursing mothers
Hesperos Greek The goddess of evening
Hestia Greek She was the virgin goddess of the hearth, family, & peace prosperity, stability & community
Hetep Egypt A god of peace & happiness
Hetepes-Sekhus Egypt An underworld goddess
Hettsui No Kami Japan The goddess who protected & provided for the family
Hevajira Buddhist/ Mahayana A god equivalent to the Hindu Siva
Hexchuchan Maya/ Itza A god of war
Hexe German A goddesses of curing illness
Hez-ur Egypt The baboon god, considered to be a form of Thot
Hi'lina Haida/ PNW The tribal god that represents the Thunderbird
Hi-Hiya-Hi Japan/ Shinto The sun god
Hi-No-Kagu-Tsuchi Japan/ Shinto A fire god whose birth caused the death of the primordial goddess Izanami
Hihankara Lakota A goddess of the Milky Way
Hiisi Finland Demon, originally meaning a sacred grove, later a mean goblin.
Hiisi Karelin Finland A pre-Christian tree god that of course was demoted to mean devil, but in the eight minor sense
Hike/ Heka Egypt This god had his shrines in/ around of Memphis
Hikoboshi Japan/ Shinto An astral god
Hila Inuit A god of weather
Hilaeira Greek The goddess of brightness
Hilal Arabic A god of the new moon
Himalia . A goddess invoked to bless the harvest
Himavan/ Himivat Hindu A mountain god, the apotheosis of the Himalayan Mountains
Himerus Greek A god of sexual desire
Hina Hawaii A goddess of the moon, fertility & healing herbs
Hine titama Maori A goddess of the dawn
Hine-Ahu-One Polynesia/ Maori A chthonic goddess
Hine-Ata-Uira Polynesia/ Maori The goddess of light
Hine-Nui-Te-Po Polynesia/ Maori A chthonic goddess of night & of the underworld
Hinglaj[-Mata] Hindu A mother goddess
Hinkon Tungus/ Siberia A hunting god as the controller of all animals
Hino Iroquois A god of the sky
Hinokagutsuchi Japan/ Shinto? this is the fire god whose birth killed the goddess Izanami
Hintubuet . A moon goddess
Hintubuhet New Ireland Is./ Melanesia This goddess is a supreme being, however she is androgynous
Hippona Roman A goddess of horses
Hiranyagarbha Hindu/ Vedic A creator god identified in the Rig Veda, the demon King that proclaimed himself king of the universe
Hiranyakasipu India A demon that held the earth prisoner, under flood waters
Hiribi Canaan The goddess of summer
Hiro Easter Is. The god of rain and fertility
Hisakitaimisi Creek The controller of life
Hittavainen Karelian Finnish A hunting god & the guardian of hare hunters
Hlin Norse A goddess of consolation
Hlin Scandinavia A goddess of summer
Hlothyn/ Holdyn/ Fjorgyn Nordic A goddess from the poetic edda
Hnossa Scandinavia A goddess of infatuation
Ho Masubi Japan A god of fire
Ho Po Ping I China A god of the Yellow River
Ho-Musubi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A fire god
Ho-Po China/ Taoist A god that controls all rivers but in particular, the Yellow River
Hoa Tapu Tahiti A god of war
Hoatziqui Mexico A goddess of justice
Hod Norse A god of winter