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List of Gods
Aizen-Myoo Japan The god of tavern keepers, musicians, singers, prostitutes & love
Aja Babylonian The dawn goddess
Aja Yoruba A goddess of healing, herbs & of knowledge
Ajalamo Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W. Africa A god of fetuses
Ajatar Finnish A goddess of evil
Ajatar (sometimes Ajattara) Finland An evil forest spirit.
Ajaya Buddhist/ Mahayanna A minor goddess
Ajbit Maya A god that helped create people [13 were involved]
Aje Yoruba A goddess of wealth in all its forms
Aji Suki Taka Hi Kone Japan A god of thunder
Ajok Louko Chief god
Ajtzak Maya Another god that helped create people
Ajysyt Yakut/ Siberia A goddess of healing & birth
Aka Turkey The mother goddess
Akasagarbha India/ Buddhism A Bodhisattva & the personification of supreme knowledge of the absolute void
Akelos Greek A river god
Aken Egypt An underworld god & keeper of the underworld ferryboat
Aker Egypt A god of the earth that guards in the entrance to the underworld
Akerbeltz Basque An avatar of the god Mari
Akerbeltz Basque An avatar of the god Mari
Akert khentet auset[s] Egypt A book of the dead deity
Akeru Egypt Pluralistic earth gods
Akewa Toba A sun & war goddess
Akhushtal Maya She is the goddess of childbirth
Akka ("old lady") Finland Female spirit, feminine counterpart of "Ukko"[7].
Akonadi Ghana An oracle goddess of justice
Akongo Ngombe A supreme & creator god
Akras Finland The god of fertility and the protector of plants, especially the turnip.
Aksayajnana-Karmanda Buddhist 1 of the 12 Dharnis & the deification of literature
Aksobhya Buddhism A Dhyani-Buddha
Aktunowihio Cheyenne The soul of the earth & a subterranean spirit.
Akuj Akuj Africa The chief deity
Akusaa Egypt A goddess of war & sunset
Akycha Alaskan A goddess of war
Akycha Inuit The sun god
Al Lat Arabic A goddess of fertility, procreation & the earth
Al Shua India A goddess of Ursa Major
Al Uzza Arabian A goddess of the dawn
Ala Nigeria A goddess of fertility, morality & of justice
Ala Ibo Nigeria A goddess of the earth in its dual aspect of fertility & death
Ala Muki Polynesia A river goddess who takes the form of a dragon
Alaghom Naom Tzentel Maya The goddess of thought & intellect
Alaisiagae the Celtic/ British/ Roman They are minor goddess
Alako/ Dundra Norway/ Gypsy Sent to the earth as a human to reveal the secret laws & a band of lore of the the gypsies, he stayed over in a the moon
Alalahe Polynesia The goddess of love
Alalu s HurrianThe first heavenly King who lasted for 9 years
Alalu Ossetian Cen. Caucasians A spirit of smallpox & protects women
Alastor Greek A mortal that became a minor spirit that avenged evil deeds & demanded vengeance for crimes
Alat Arabic An astral goddess
Alatangana Kono E. Guinea/ W. Africa One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp
Alaunus Celtic a local name from the Mannheim area for Mecurius
Alauwaimis Hittite This demon drives away evil & sickness
Albasta Slavic A goddess of evil
Albina Etruscan A dawn goddess & protector of ill fated lovers
Alcis Greek A goddess of physical prowess & strength
Alecto Greek One of goddesses of vengeance
Alecto of Eumenides Greek A goddess of justice
Alectrona Greek An early goddess
Alemona Roman A goddess of fetuses
Alephus Greek A Minor river god
Alfhild Scandinavia A goddess of wrestling
Alfs Germanic A minor race of gods
Alignak Inuit A god of the moon, storms, earthquakes & tides
Alii Menehune Hawaii Chief of the Little People
Alisanos Gaul A god of stones
Alk'unta'm Bella Coola The sun god
Alkonost Russia A goddess of the land of the dead & justice
Allah Mid East A god
Allatu[m] W. Semitic An underworld goddess
Almaqah S. Arabia An astral god
Almha Irish A goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
Almoshi Slavic A goddess of healing & cattle
Aloadae/ Aloidae Greek they were 54 ft. tall and warred with the gods, they lost
Alom Maya A sky god that helped 6 other gods create the world
Alopurbi India A goddess of hunting
Alpanu Etruscan An underworld goddess
Alpheus Greek A river god that fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Aretimas
Alphito Greek A white goddess
Altan Telgey Mongol The earth goddess
Altria Etruscan An ancient earth goddess
Aluelp Caroline Is. job,
Aluluei Micronesia A god of knowledge
Am-Heh Egypt An underworld god & minor deity who lives in a lake of fire
Ama Baikal/ Siberia A goddess of the dark & of the underworld
Ama No Uzume Japan The witty goddess of persuasion
Ama Terasu Japan The sun goddess queen of the universe
Ama-Tsu-Mara Japan/ Shinto The god of smiths
Ama-arhus/ Arad-Ama-arhus/ Amat-Ama-arhus Babylonia/ Akkadia A fertility goddess
Amaethon Celtic A god of agriculture
Amagandar/ Orokannar Tungus/ Siberia Protective female spirits
Amalthea Greek? A nymph of springs
Amasagnul Babylon/ Akkadia She is a fertility goddess
Amaterasu Japanese A goddess of war & the sun
Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami/ Amaterasu Omikami Japan/ Shinto The sun goddess
Amatsu Mikaboshi Japan A god of evil
Amaunet Egypt A fertility goddess
Amayicoyondi Peru A goddess of the sky
Amba Dravidian India A goddess of the earth
Amberella Baltic A goddess of the ocean
Ambisagrus/ Bussumarus Britain The weather deity
Ame No Uzume Japanese A goddess of fertility & happiness
Ame-No-Kagase-Wo Japan/ Shinto An astral deity that had to be executed
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A water goddess
Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto The supreme god from about 600 CE till now
Ame-No-Tanabata-Hime-No-Mikoto Japan/ Shinto The goddess of weavers
Ame-No-Toko-Tachi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A primordial deity
Ame-Waka-Hiko Japan/ Shinto A god that goofed & had to die
Amelenwa Africa A goddess of justice
Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Amen Egypt A primordial creation deity
Ament Libya A goddess who welcomes the dead to the after world
Amesha Spentas/ Yazatas They are gods without being gods & created without being creatures[6 in number]
Ami Egypt A god of fire.
Amida Buddhist/ Japan A primordial deity
Amimitl Aztec A minor god of fish hunters & lakes
Amitabha Buddhist/ India The fourth Dhyanibuddha
Amitolane Zuni The rainbow spirit.
Amm S. Arabia A moon & weather god
Amma Dogon The supreme god
Amma Dogon/ Mali The creator god with a novel story
Amma Dravidian/ Tamil/ India A local god
Ammavaru Hindu/ Dravidian/ India A primordial mother goddess
Ammit Egypt He ate the hearts of unworthy souls
Ammon/ Amen Egypt The god of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war
Ammut Egypt An underworld goddess that eats the hearts of the evil
Amn Egypt A goddess of justice
Amogahasiddhi Buddhist The fifth meditation Buddha
Amoghapasa Buddhist God
Amon/ Amun Egypt A god of agriculture, fertility & long life
Amor Roman A god of love
Amphion Greek A god
Amphitrite Greek A goddess of the sea
Amponyinamoa Ghana A goddess of long life
Amsu Egypt A god of fertility
Amun Egypt The supreme creator god
Amunet/ Nuit Egypt A goddess of mystery
Amurru W. Semitic A minor mountain god
Amymone Greek A goddess of springs
An Sumeria The god of the Underworld & chief deity
An Zu Assyria The goddess of chaos
Anael Babylon A goddess of astral light
Anahita Egypt/ Babylon A goddess of water & war
Anahita Persia A goddess of fertility, semen & of water
Anaitis Persia A fertility goddess
Anala Hindu/ Puranic An attendant god
Ananke Greek An omnipresent goddess of destiny
Ananse Ashanti Africa The creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
Ananta Hindu/ Puranic A snake god & one of the seven snake deities
Anantamukhi Buddhist 1 of the 12 Dharnis
Anantesa Hindu/ Puranic A minor deity & 1 of the eight Lords of of knowledge
Anapel Koryak/ Siberia The goddess who presides over birth & reincarnation
Anasuya Hindu A goddess of wisdom
Anat Ugarit The warrior virgin, slayer of snakes, life & fertility goddess
Anat/ Anath Canaan A goddess of war, hunting & love
Anath Phoenicia The chief W. Semitic goddess of love & war
Anatis . A moon goddess?
Anatu Mesopotamian A goddess of the sky & ruler of the earth
Anaulikutsai'x Bella Coola A river goddess that oversees the salmon's cycle of life
Anbay S. Arabia A god of justice & an oracular source
Ancasta Britain A goddess
Anceta Kamos Moab (Jordan) The chief god that when Hellenized became equated with Ares
Anceta Roman A goddess of healing
Andarta Celtic/ Gallic A fertility goddess most likely
Andjety Egypt An underworld god of the ninth nome[district]
Andrasta Icene Britain A victory goddess
Andriaahoabu Madagascar The high Lady that descends to earth on a silver chain
Andriam Vabi Rano Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Androgyne Greek The man/ woman god/ goddess
Andromeda Greek A goddess of dreams
Andvari Scandivania A dwarf that can turn himself into a fish & living in water in
Anextiomarus Roman/ British A god linked with Apollo
Angels Jewish/ Christian/ Islam These spirits are messengers between the heaven & earth, with nine orders at present
Angerona Roman A goddess anguish, secrecy, silence & the winter solstice
Angina Roman Another goddess of health, specifically of sore throats
Angitia Greek A snake goddess
Angitia Roman Early goddess of healing & witchcraft
Angpetu Wi Lakota The sun god
Angru Mainya Persia An evil underworld god
Angus Celtic A god of youth
Angus Mac Og Irish One of the Tuatha De Danaan
Angus Og Irish A god of love
Anguta Inuit A god who lives under the sea and drags down the dead
Anhouri Egypt A minor god
Anhur Egypt A god of war and hunting
Ani Africa A goddess of justice
Anieros Phrygian/ Roman A goddess of the earth
Anila Hindu/ Puranic .
Aningan Inuit A moon god called Igaluk in Alaska
Anjea Australia A fertility spirit
Ankalamman Hindu/ Dravidian A Guardian goddess that wards off demons
Anna Kuari Oraon/ India A local vegetation goddess
Anna Perenna Etruscan A goddess of reproduction, wanton love, & of spring
Annalia Africa A river goddess
Annallja Tu Bari Sudan A goddess of sexuality
Annapatni Hindu A goddess of food
Annapurna India A goddess of autumn
Annis Celtic The black goddess
Anpao Dakota The spirit of the dawn.
Anqet Libya A goddess of water fertility healing & lust
Ansa Hindu/ Puranic A minor sun god