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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods 

"Biame" Australia The "Great One," or creator. Australia
"Bias" Greek Son of Amythaon, and brother of the seer Melampus. He married Pero, daughter of Neleus, whom her father had refused to give to any one unless he brought him the oxen of Iphiclus. Greek
"Biasd na Srogaig" Celtic A mythical animal that had one horn on its forehead and dwelt in lochs. Celtic. Isle of Skye
Goddess name "Bibi" Gypsy A Goddess of healing & cholera
Goddess name "Bibi the Child-Strangler" Bibi Sometimes affectionately known as "Aunty Bibi," is a Romany witch-Goddess. Bibi is an old crone who either wears torn black garments or is entirely naked. Like the Romanian goddess Dschuma, Bibi is disease incarnate, particularly cholera. She is referred to as "the child-strangler" because it is believed that disease often effects children, who are young and weak.
"Biblys" Greek Fell in love with her brother and when he refused her love, she turned into a constantly. flowing fountain. Greek
Goddess name "Biddy Mannion" Ireland Goddess of midwives. Ireland
God name "Bidhata Purusha" Hindu A God of fate and the Hindu equivalent of the Fates and the Norns. He writes the child’s future life on its forehead, on the sixth day after its birth.
Goddess name "Bidhgoe" Celtic Female of Illusion, Goddess of love and of sexuality Celtic
"Biersel" German A Kobold who lives in the cellar, drinks beer and cleans the jugs and bottles. German Torgau District
Demon name "Biffant" France A little-known Demon, chief of a legion who was said to have entered the body of Denise de la Caille and who was obliged to sign with his claws the proces verbal of exorcisms. France
Planet name "Bifrons" Unk Demon of astronomy, geometry, and other such sciences, Planetary influences. He often takes the form of a man. He is acquainted with the virtues of herbs, precious stones and plants. He can transport corpses from one place to another. It is he who lights the strange corpse lights above the tombs of the dead. Unk
"Bifrost" Norse [To tremble; the trembling way]. The rainbow. Norse
"Bikeh Hozho" Navaho The personification of speech. Navaho
Goddess name "Bila" Australia Cannibal sun Goddess. She provided light for the world by cooking her victims over a giant flame. Australia
God name "Bile" Celtic God of Hell. Celtic
Spirit name "Bileth" Hebrew One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Hebrew
Goddess name "Biliku" N Amerian Goddess of weavery, storytelling, arts and crafts Native American
"Bilskirnir aka Bilskirner" Norse The heavenly abode of Thor, from the flashing of light in the lightning. Norse
Spirit name "Bilwis" Teutonic A maleficent Spirit who was active on Walpurgis Night and wrought havoc to the crops. Teutonic
"Binky" Discworld The horse ridden by Death. Discworld
Goddess name "Bintang" Borneo A Goddess of love
King name "Binzuru-Sonja" Japan One of the pupils of Buddha, the first of the Sixteen Rakan. Rakan with grey hair and long eyebrows. Originally he was a retainer of the King, Uuten. He became a priest and attained miracle power by performing Arakan’s vow. It is said that he was praised by Shaka for he used the miracle power for the world and that he didn't enter Nirvana and made efforts cultivating ordinary people. He was worshipped on the above in Theravada Buddhism, however, many are worshipped in restaurants in China. He is enshrined in front of a temple in Japan. It is believed that stroking him eliminates distresses. Japan
Demon name "Bir" India A very malignant village Demon. India
God name "Birdu" Babylon/Akkadia Minor underworld God. Babylon/Akkadia
"Bisal Mariamna" India Shakti of Sunlight in Mysore. Symbolized by a brass pot full of water called the Kunna-Kannadi or 'eye mirror'. India
Goddess name "Bisam" India Goddess of health and diseases. India
God name "Bishamon" Japan One of the seven Gods of luck and the Buddhist patron of warriors. Japan
Demon name "Bishamon-Ten/ Bishamontenno/ Tiamontennu" Japan A god of wealth & protector of human life that chases Demons
"Biston" Greek A son of Ares. Bistonians The Thracians; so called from Biston, son of Mars, who built Bistonia on the Lake Bistonis. Greek
Deities name "Bitol" Mayan A sky god and one of the creator Deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Mayan
"Bitru aka Sytry" Greek Great Prince of Hell who appears in the form of a leopard with the wings of a griffon.
Angel name "Black Angels" Islamic A name used for the fallen Angels and are generally considered demons. Islamic
God name "Bladud" Welsh God of the sun Welsh
Goddess name "Blathnat" Welsh Maiden form of the triple Goddess Ireland/Welsh
"Bleidablik [vast splendour]" Scandinavian The abode of Baldur, the Scandinavian Apollo.
"Blemmyae" Greek A race of people described by Pliny, they are headless and have their eyes and mouths in their breasts.
"Blemys" Indian Along with Orontes, and Oruandes, was a chief of the Deriades who fought against Dionysus in the Indian War.
Goddess name "Blid" Norse Goddess of happiness. Norse
God name "Blinded Angel" Catholic The devil Satan. According to Pope John Paul II the devil exists in perpetual darkness because he has blinded himself to the light and beauty of God. Catholic
"Blisargon" Hebrew The Grand Enticer of Thieves, he eventually leads all of his followers to destruction. Unk
"Blud" Wendish A Will-o’-the-wisp and is the soul of an unbaptized child. Wendish
Demon name "Blue Goblin" Carnarvonshire A malevolent Demon in Carnarvonshire.
Angel name "Blue Men" Scotland "The fallen Angels were driven out of Paradise in three divisions, one became the Fairies of the land, one the Blue Men in the sea and one the Nimble Men . . . or Merry Dancers of the sky." Campbell. Superstitions of Scotland.
Angel name "Blue Men of the Minch" Islands Blue Men of the Minch, fallen Angels who dwell in the strait between Long Island and the Shiant Islands and responsible for sudden thunderstorms and shipwrecks.
Spirit name "Bmola" Abenaki Bird Spirit. Abenaki
God name "Bo" Benin God of the Ewe people in Benin. He was a protector of warriors.
Goddess name "Bo Dhu" Ireland Black cow Goddess. Ireland
Goddess name "Bo Find" Ireland White cow Goddess. Ireland
God name "Bo Hsian" China/Taoist God. China/Taoist
Goddess name "Bo Ruadh" Ireland Goddess who helped bring fertility to barren. Ireland
Goddess name "Boaliri" Australia The younger of the two sister Goddesses that created life. The other was Waimariwi. Australia
Angel name "Boamiel" Jewish An Angel with authority over the four divisions of heaven. Jewish
Goddess name "Boann" Ireland Goddess of fertility and the river Boyne. Ireland
Goddess name "Boann/ Boannan Boyne" Irish A Goddess of fertility & the river Boyne
God name "Bochica" Chibcha Supreme sun God and a god of law Chibcha
Goddess name "Bod" Indian The divinity invoked by Indian women who desire fecundity. Children born after an invocation to Bod must be redeemed, or else serve in the temple of the Goddess. Indian
Spirit name "Bodachs" Scotland Malicious house Spirits of the Scottish Highlands in the form of a shriveled old man who lives up the chimney in the daytime and comes out at night to punish naughty children. Scotland
"Bodn" Norse One of the three vessels in which the poetical mead was kept. Hence poetry is called the wave of the bodn. Norse
Goddess name "Bodua" Celtic Goddess of war Celtic
Angel name "Boel" Zohar The Angel with the keys to the Garden of Eden. He's also in charge of Saturn. Zohar
Hero name "Boeotus" Greek A son of Poseidon or Itonus and Arne (Antiope or Melanippe), and brother of Aeolus. He was the ancestral Hero of the Boeotians, who derived their name from him. Greek
"Bogan aka Bauchan" Celtic A type of Hobgoblin. Celtic
Ghost name "Bogeyman" Scotland Boogyman, or bogyman, is a legendary Ghost-like monster often believed in by children. The bogeyman has no specific appearance. The term bogeyman is also used metaphorically to mean a person or thing of which someone else has an irrational fear.
Spirit name "Boggart" Scotland A local hobgoblin or Spirit. Scotland
"Bogie or Bogle" Scotish A bugbear (Scotish form of bug).
"Bogles" Scotland A form of Goblin with a very nasty temperament.
God name "Boibhniu" Celtic Blacksmith God Celtic
Spirit name "Bokwus" Kwakiutl Fearsome Spirit in the great North Western American forests. Kwakiutl
"Bolay or Boley" Indian The giant which conquered heaven, earth, and the inferno. Indian
Goddess name "Bolbe" Greek An extremely beautiful Lake Goddess, the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Bolbe's offspring was Limnades who are Nymphs living in fresh water lakes. Greek
Goddess name "Boldogasszony" Hungary Virgin Goddess who protected mothers and children. Hungary
God name "Bolon Ti Ku" Mayan Collective name for the the nine underworld Gods who are not well defined Mayan
God name "Bolon tza cab" Maya Ruling God of All. Maya
God name "Bolontiku" Maya A group of underworld Gods. Maya
"Bolthorn" Norse A giant, father of Bestla, Odin's mother. Norse
King name "Bolverkr aka Bolverk" Norse [WorKing terrible things]. An assumed name of Odin, when he went to get Suttung's mead. Norse
Deity name "Bomazi" Congo Ancestral Deity(god) of the Bushongo and other peoples of the Congo.
Goddess name "Bombat KaMayann" Hindu Local deceased Goddess. Hindu
Goddess name "Bombat Kamayan" Hindu A local deceased Goddess
Goddess name "Bomo Rambi" Zimbabwe Goddess of the moon. Zimbabwe
Goddess name "Bomo Rambi/ Bomu Rambi" Zimbabwe A moon Goddess
Goddess name "Bomong" Minyong Goddess of war. Minyong
"Bona Dea" Roman A Roman divinity, who is described as the sister, wife, or daughter of Faunus, and was herself called Fauna, Fatua, or Oma, worshipped at Rome from the earliest times as a chaste and prophetic divinity; and her worship was so exclusively confined to women.
Goddess name "Bona Dea/ Fauna" Roman A Goddess of fertility, great prophecy, the dispenser of healing herbs & rather prim & chaste
God name "Bonchor" Tunisia God thought to be the creator deity Tunisia
"Boon-givers" India Favourers, finders of light, and Heaven, with gracious love accept my songs, my prayer, my hymn. The Rig-Veda
Goddess name "Boora Pennu Khondi" India God of light who created the Goddess of the earth and they made the other great gods India
"Bootes" Greek Inventor of the plough. At his death he, his plough, and the two oxen yoked to it, were taken into the heavens as the constellation. Greek.
"Borak" Arab Borak or Al Borak (the lightning). The animal brought by Gabriel to carry Mahomet to the seventh heaven. It had the face of a man, but the cheeks of a horse; its eyes were like jacinths, but brilliant as the stars; it had the wings of an eagle, spoke with the voice of a man, and glittered all over with radiant light. This creature was received into Paradise.
Spirit name "Boraspati ni Tano" Batak Earth Spirit Batak
"Boreas" Greek Bopeas, or Bopas), the North wind, was, according to Hesiod (Theogony 379), a son of Astraeus and Eos, and brother of Hesperus, Zephyrus, and Notus. He dwelt in a cave of mount Haemus in Thrace. Greek
Goddess name "Borghild" Norse Goddess of the moon norse
God name "Bormanus" Briton God of hot springs Celtic/Briton
Goddess name "Bormonia" Roman Yet another Goddess of healing. Roman
Nymph name "Bormus" Greek A son of Upius, abducted by Nymphs. Greek
"Borr / Bor" Norse Borr aka Bor [burr, a son; Scotch bairn]. A son of Bure and father of Odin, Vile and Ve. Norse
Goddess name "Borvo" British/Gaul God of hot springs equated with Apollo and has similarities to the Goddess Sirona, who was also a healing deity associated with mineral springs. British/Gaul
God name "Borvo/ Bromo/ Bormanus/ Gramnnos/ Belenos/ Toutiorix" Britain/ Gaul The God of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona
God name "Borysthenes" Arab The Scythian river God of Borysthenes, now called the Dneiper.
Demon name "Bossum" African One of the two chief deities of the Gold Coast, the other being Demonio. Bossum, the principle of good, is said to be white; and Demonio, the principle of evil, black. African
Demon name "Botis" Hebrew A horrid viper, but when commanded, assumes a human shape, with large teeth and horns. He bears a sharp sword in his hand, discerns past, present and future, and reconciles friends and foes. One of the three Demons in the service of Agaliarept. Hebrew
Angel name "Bottomless Pit" Hebrew The abyss, often referred to as hell. The Angel in charge is called Abaddon or Appolyon. He has a key that can bind Satan for a thousand years. Hebrew
"Bouders or Boudons" Indian A tribe of giants and evil genii, the guard of Shiva. Indian
"Bower of Bliss" France A Wandering Island, the enchanted residence of Acrasia, destroyed by Sir Guyon. France
"Bozaloshtsh" Wendish A messenger of death who cries like a child outside a house where someone is about to die. Wendish
Goddess name "Brag srin mo" Tibet Goddess of fertility and an ancestral Goddess Tibet
God name "Bragi" Norse God of eloquence and wisdom. Norse
God name "Bragi aka Brage" Norse The God of poetry. A son of Odin. He is the best of skalds. Norse
"Brags" England Mischievous Goblins that can take the form of a cow with a white flag around its neck, an ass, or a naked man flapping a white sheet, a chanting girl, or a giant, white singing cat. England
Goddess name "Brahani" Hindu Mother Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Supreme god name "Brahma" Hindu Supreme god and creator of the cosmos. Hindu
God name "Brahma" Hindu Creator God, part of the main hindu trinity, the other two being Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the unmoved, uncaused first cause, and he created everything. Hindu
Ghost name "Brahmadaityas" Hindu Benign Ghosts of Brahmin priests with four faces and four hands. They guard their master against Shiva the destroyer.
God name "Brahman" Hindu The one and only (formless) supreme aspect of God. The Universe in Potential Static Energy. Hindu
Deity name "Brahmins" Hindu Their "tri-murti" is a three-headed Deity(god), representing Brahma (as creator), Vishnu (as preserver), and Siva (as destroyer).
God name "Branab Llyr" Celtic He is a God of the dead & can restore him is to life
Goddess name "Brangwaine" Welsh Goddess of love. Welsh
Goddess name "Branwen" Ireland/Welsh/Manx Venus of the Northern Seas and a Goddess of love. Ireland/Welsh/Manx
Goddess name "Branwen/ Branwyn" Irish/ Manx/ Wales The Venus of the Northern Seas & a Goddess of love
Angel name "Brap" Enochian A minor Angel, skilled at locating precious metals. Enochian
Angel name "Brcn" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
King name "Breasal" Welsh/Cornwall A legendary High King of Ireland of the 2nd or 3rd century BCE. Welsh/Cornwall
Spirit name "Breath-of-the-Wind" Iroquoi A Spirit of the air and child of Ataensic. Iroquoi
"Breidablik" Norse [Literally to gleam, twinkle]. Balder's dwelling. Norse
Goddess name "Breksta" Lithuania A Goddess of twilight. Lithuania
God name "Brekyirihunuade" Akan Brekyirihunuade is the highest God in the religion of the Akan people, "he who knows and sees everything".
God name "Brenos" Celtic God of war. Celtic
God name "Bres Maclatha" Ireland Vegetation God. Ireland
God name "Brhaspati" Hindu Astral God personifying Jupiter Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Briant" Britain Goddess of the river which holds her name. Britain
Angel name "Briap" Enochian An alternative name for the Angel Brap. Enochian
God name "Briareos" Greek A giant with fifty heads and a hundred hands. Homer says the Gods called him Briareos
Monster name "Briareus" Greek Also called Aegaeon, a son of Uranus by Gaea. Aegaeon and his brothers Gyges and Cottus are known under the name of the Uranids (Theogony of Hesiod 502), and are described as huge Monsters with a hundred arms and fifty heads. (Apollodorus i. Theogony of Hesiod 149) Greek
Goddess name "Brigantia" British A Goddess in Britain and Europe. She was the tutelary goddess of the Brigantes in northern Britain (modern Yorkshire) and of the Brigantes on Lake Constance in Austria. British
Goddess name "Brigantia" Celtic Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, and women in childbirth Pan-Celtic
Goddess name "Brigantia/ Bridget/ Brigit" Pan-Celtic The Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, & women in childbirth
Goddess name "Brigantis" Celtic Goddess of the moon Celtic
Goddess name "Brighid" Celtic A Goddess of education, healing, sore eyes
Goddess name "Brighid" Celtic Goddess of education, healing, sore eyes Celtic
Goddess name "Brighid" Gaelic Goddess of metal working Gaelic
Goddess name "Brigit" Irish A fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Brigit aka Brigid" Ireland Brighit, Bridget ("exalted one") was the daughter of Dagda and wife of Bres of the Fomorians. She had two sisters, also named Brighid, and is considered a classic Celtic Triple Goddess. Ireland
God name "Brihaspati" India God of incantation and ritual India
"Brimo" Greek The angry or the terrifying, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Hecate or Persephone (Argonautica), Demeter, and Cybele. Greek
Goddess name "Brisaya" Greek Goddess of the dawn and the violet light of morning Greek
"Briseis" Greek A patronymic from Briseus, and the name of Hippodameia, the daughter of Briseus of Lyrnessus, who fell into the hands of Achilles, and about whom the quarrel arose between Achilles and Agamemnon. Greek
"Brisingamen" Scandinavian Freyja's necklace made by the fairies. Freyja left her husband Odin in order to obtain this necklace; and Odin deserted her because her love was changed into vanity. It is not possible to love Brisingamen and Odin too, for no one can serve two masters.
"Britannia" British Genia Lord of British British
"Britomartis" Greek Appears to have originally been a Cretan divinity of hunters and fishermen. Her name is usually derived from sweet or blessing, and a maiden, so that the name would mean, the sweet or blessing maiden. Greek
Goddess name "Brizo" Greek A prophetic Goddess of the island of Delos, who sent dreams and revealed their meaning to man. Her name is connected to falling asleep. Greek
"Brollachans" Scottish Scottish fairies that help with housework. When frightened they may bleat like a goat.
Nymph name "Brome" Greek Another Nymph who was a nurse for Dionysus
Nymph name "Brome aka Bromie" Greek One of the Nymphs who brought up Dionysus on mount Nysa. Greek
Goddess name "Bronach" Ireland Goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals Ireland
God name "Brono" Norse God of light norse
Cyclop name "Brontes" Greek A blacksmith personified, one of the Cyclops. The name signifies Thunder. Greek
"Brown Man Of The Muirs" Scotland Brown Man Of The Muirs, the protector of wild animals. Scotland
"Brownie" Scotland A domestic fairy; the servants friend if well treated. Scotland
Spirit name "Brownies" Scotland House Spirits of Scotland doing the housework, guiding cows back to the farmyard and ushering their hens back to their roosts.
"Brycea" Greek Brycea wife of Pandion.
God name "Buadza" Ghana God of the wind. Ghana
God name "Buadza Gan" Ghana A God of the wind
"Bubak" Bohemian A Bohemian bogeyman used to frighten children.
"Bubastis" Egypt A daughter of Osiris and Isis, and sister of Horus (Apollo). Her mother, Isis, entrusted Bubastis and Horns to Buto, to protect them from Typhon. Egypt
God name "Bubilas" Lithuania A household God of bees. Later hypothetical reconstructions say that people sacrificed honey for Bubilas. People believed that doing so would make bees swarm better. Bubilas is the husband of Austeja. Lithuania
God name "Bubilas" Lithuanian A household God of bees. Later hypothetical reconstructions say that people sacrificed honey for Bubilas. People believed that doing so would make bees swarm better. Bubilas is the husband of Austeja. Lithuanian
"Bucca" Cornwall A goblin of the wind, supposed by the ancient inhabitants of Cornwall to foretell shipwrecks.
"Bucentaur" Venetian Half-man and half-ox. The Venetian state-galley employed by the Doge when he went on Ascension Day to wed the Adriatic was so called
Nymph name "Bucolion" Greek A son of Laomedon and the Nymph Calybe, who had several sons by Abarbarea
"Buddha" India He was deified after his death
Goddess name "Buddhaalocana" Buddhist Goddess and female Buddha Buddhist/Shingon
Goddess name "Buddhabodhiprabhavasita" Buddhist "Born to be Englightened". Minor Goddess Buddhist
God name "Buddhakapala" Buddhist/ Mahayana A God
God name "Budha" Hindu/ Vedic/ Epic/ Puranic/ Buddhist An astral God
Goddess name "Budhi Pallien" India A fearsome Goddess of forests and jungles, who roams northern India in the form of a tiger. India
Goddess name "Budhi Pallien" Indian Assamese Forest Goddess, appears as a tiger prowling through the jungle. Indian
Demon name "Buer" Unk A Demon of the second order and has the form of a star, though sometimes depicted with the head of a lion and the feet of a goat. He appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius. Unk
"Bug or Bugbear" Welsh Any imaginary thing that frightens a person. Welsh
Supreme god name "Buga" Siberia/Tungus The Supreme God and represents the entire universe. Siberia/Tungus
Monster name "Bugaboo" Italian A Monster, or goblin, introduced into the tales of the old Italian romancers.
"Bugady Musun" Siberian Revered by many Siberian peoples. Bugady Musun was the patron of wildlife and the guardian of animals.
"Bugarik" Assam / Garos A lovely river siren with the body and arms of a woman, but no legs. Her head floats on the current and she will kill anyone she catches.
Spirit name "Bugarit" British The Spirit found on building sites and invoked as the cause of minor accidents. British
God name "Bugid Y Alba" Haiti God of war Haiti/Puerto Rico
Goddess name "Buk" Neur/ Sudan The Goddess of rivers & streams
Goddess name "Buk Neur" Sudan Goddess of rivers and streams Sudan
Goddess name "Buku" Africa God/Goddess of the sky Africa(west)
Goddess name "Bulaing Karadjeri" Australia Goddess Australia
Goddess name "Bulan" Indonesia Goddess of the moon Indonesia/Malaysia
God name "Bulane" Mozambique God of water Mozambique
"Bulderbasse" Danish A Poltergeist. Danish
"Bulis" Greek Bulis metamorphosed into a drake; and his son, Egypios, into a vulture. Greek
Ghost name "Bulla" Roman An amulet worn, by Roman children, intended to ward off Ghostly anger.
Spirit name "Bullkater" German A field-Spirit resembling a tom-cat. German
God name "Buluc Chabtan" Mayan Sometimes referred to as "God F," he was a war God who received human sacrifices. Mayan
God name "Buluga Andaman" Islands A God
"Bumann" German A bogeyman of an undefined nature. German
God name "Bumba" Bantu/ Africa A God of fire
God name "Bumba Bantu" Africa God of fire. Africa