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List of Gods
Frey Norse A god of rain, weather, seafaring & war
Frey Scandinavia A god of fertility & prosperity
Freya Germanic A goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex & youth
Freya Germanic A goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex & youth
Freya Norse A goddess of rainbows & war
Freya Scandinavia A goddess of spring & magic
Freyja Norse A goddess of fertility & vegetation
Freyr Norse A god of fruits, thriving crops & peaceful prosperity
Frigg Norse/ Germanic A goddess of fertility & marriage
Frjorgyn Norse/ Germanic A goddess with no known cult, the name suggests that she is either a mountain/ forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility
Fu Hsi China A god of fishing nets,vegetation, of happiness & the inventor of writing
Fu Hsing China He was considered a spirit of happiness
Fu Shen China A god of happiness
Fudo Japan A god of wisdom
Fudo Myoo Buddhism The god who protects against catastrophes
Fufluns Etruscan A god of wine & of the harvest
Fuji Ainu/ Japan A goddess of fire & volcano & chief goddess
Fujin Japan/ Shinto A god of winds
Fukurokuju Japanese A god of luck & the star god
Fulgora Roman A goddess of lightning
Fulla/ Folla Germanic A goddess of healing
Furiae/ Furies Roman The goddesses of justice & robbers
Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A god of war
Fuwch Frech Welsh A goddess of happiness
Ga Fon A god of metal
Ga Oh Iroquois Master of the winds
Gabija Lithuania A goddess of the hearth fire
Gabjauja Lithuania A goddess of grain that was demoted to an evil spirit by Christianity
Gabriel Hebrew/ Christian An archangel that was rather busy as a messenger from the God of Abraham, he also toots the trumpet that signifies the end of the universe
Gad Canaan A god of fortune
Gad Punic A god of unknown qualities, but likely concerned with chance &/ or fortune
Gaea/ Gaia/ Ge Greek The earth goddess & first born of chaos
Gagananja Buddhist A god
Gajavahana Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A god, a form of the god Skanda
Gal Bapsi Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
Galatea Greek One of the Neriedes
Galla Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia Minor underworld gods
Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras Africa The supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
Ganapati/ Ganesa/ Ganesha Hindu/ Puranic A god of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, & prudence
Ganapatihrdaya Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Ganaskidi Navaho a god of harvest, plenty & mists
Ganda Tara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Gandha Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess
Gandhari Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Ganga Hindu A goddess of healing, rivers & happiness
Gangir/ Hegir-Nuna Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A goddess
Ganiklis Lithuania A god of shepherds
Gans Apache/ SW USA Mountain spirits
Ganymede Greek A mortal boy that was given immortality & the job of cup bearer to the gods
Gao Yao/ Ting-jian China A god of judgment
Gaomei Chinese An ancient goddess [first mother] later changed into a male divinity
Gapn Syria This god appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
Garbh Ogh Irish A giantess & goddess of the hunt
Gardua Hindu/ Vedic An archaic sun god
Garmangabis Britain A tutelary goddess who came to Britain with the Romans
Gartiae Roman The Roman version of the Greek graces
Garuda India The Prince of birds that lets Visnu ride on his back
Gasueko Basque The lord of darkness as that may prove a friendly and helpful, but he may also appear as a devil
Gatumdug/ Gula Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A fertility goddess as well as the tutelary goddess of Lagas
Gaunab Kohl Hottentot/ Namibia/ S. Africa A malevolent God of darkness as well as the god of of of the black heaven
Gauri Hindu A form of the mighty Durga & a goddess of spring
Gauri Jain A messenger goddess
Gauri Sankar/ India A mountain goddess
Gavida Irish A minor god of the forge
Ge Gu China A goddess of health & medicine
Geb Egypt A god of the Earth
Gebeleizis/ Zalmoxis Thrace A god of thunderstorms
Gebjon Scandinavia A goddess of healing
Geezhigo Quae Ojibiwa She was the sky mother
Gefion Germanic A goddess of fertility
Gekka O Japan The god of marriage
Gendenwitha Iroquois A goddess of the dawn & the morning star
Genetaska Iroquois A goddess of justice, fairness & of peace
Genii Etruscan/ Roman These are the protective spirits that guide human beings, no one knows why
Genius Roman A god of the men only
Geofon British A goddess of the ocean
Geras Greek The goddess of old age
Gerra Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia The god of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil
Gestin-Ana/ Gestianna? Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A minor goddess
Gestu Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind, after his death the course
Geus Tasan Iran A cattle god accused of creating the cattle
Geus Urvan Iran A god that protected cattle
Geush Urvan He assists the Amesha Spenta, Vohu Manab
Geyaguga Cherokee The moon spirit
Ghantakarna Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A god of healing
Ghantapani Buddhist/ Mayhayana A god running a round with a bell in his hand
Ghasmari Buddhist A goddess of rather terrifying appearance
Ghede Vodun A god of death, & of fertility & love
Ghentu Hindu A minor God
Gibil/ Girra/ Girru Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A Fire God
Gibini Gishu Uganda A plague God associated with of the smallpox god
Gidja Aus. A god of the moon
Gilgames Sumeria An early historical King of Uruk, that later became and deified and was considered a god of the underworld
Gillian British A goddess spring
Giltine Lithuania A goddess of death, her preferred method is either strangulation or suffocation
Giriputri Bali A goddess of mountains & water
Girru Sumeria A busy fellow, he is the god of fire & light & patron of civilization
Gish Kafir/ Afghanistan The god of war
Giszida Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A god
Gita Buddhist/ Tibet A mother goddess
Gitche/ Manitou Algonquin/ Lenape The Great Spirit, the All Father
Glaucus Greek This sea god went around muttering prophesies
Glaucus Roman A sea god
Glaukos Greek A sea god, a rather bizarre story like many other god claims
Gleti Benin The moon goddess
Glispa Navaho The spirit that gave the healing chant to the people
Gluskap/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator force
Glykon Gnostic-Mitharic The reincarnation of Asklepios, a demon with a human head & body of a snake
Gnomes Pan-European Demonic beings that inhabit woods, mountains & water
Gnowee Aus. A goddess of war
Gobannon Celtic He is a blacksmith type god
Gobnu Irish A god of skills to include Ale brewing
God/ Deus/ Gott Christian/ Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic/ Roman Claimed to be the creator god around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect
Goewin/ Goewyn Wales A goddess of sovereignty
Gog Gallic Consort of Magog
Goga Melanesian A goddess of fire
Gohone Iroquois The spirit of winter
Goibbiu Irish He is the god of the blacksmiths craft
Goibnui/ Govannon Celtic He is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
Goleuddydd Wales A goddess
Gomaj N.Amer.? A moon spirit
Gon-Po Nag-Po Tibet A god of many names
Gonaqade't Chilat US PNW A sea god
Gong Gong China This is the devil that lets loose the great flood & is the opponent of the ruling god
Gor Africa The god of thunder
Goraknath Hindu A guardian God that is an avatar of Siva
Gou Mang & Ru Shu China These are the messengers of the sky god
Govannon Welsh A god that was invoked to help clean the plowshare
Graces/ Gratiae Roman These are the Roman version of the Greek Charities
Graeae/ Graii Greek The three old women or gray ones
Grahamatrka Buddhist A goddess whose name means demon mother
Grahamatrka Nepal A goddess & stellar deity
Grainne Irish/ Manx/ Scotland Master herbalist & sun goddess
Gramadevata India A generic term for the local tutelary gods
Grannos Celtic A god of healing & springs
Grannus Roman A god of healing affiliated with hot springs & mineral waters
Grdhrasya Buddhist A minor goddess whose name translates to face of a vulture
Great Father Celtic The Horned god,the Lord
Great Mother Celtic The Lady represents the female principle of creation
Grhadevi India A god of the household
Grian Irish Faery goddess from County Tipperary & a goddess of war
Grid Scandinavia A goddess of strength
Grismadevi Buddhist/ Tibet A seasonal goddess
Groa Scandinavia A goddess of healing
Gua W.Africa A god of agriculture, blacksmiths, & thunder
Guabancex Caribbean/ Taino A goddess of the winds & rain
Guabonito Haiti The sea goddess who teaches people about medicines & health
Guaire/ Boinne Guary Irish Guardian god/ spirit of Bruigh
Guamaonocon Antilles Mother Earth
Guan Di China A god of war
Guan Yin/ Guanyin Chinese The goddess of mercy
Gucumatz Quiche (?) A creator god
Guede l'Oraille Haiti A goddess of violent storms
Gugulanna Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A minor underworld god
Guhyasamaja Buddhist A protective deity
Gui Xian/ Gui China These demonic beings are descended from people that had either drowned &/ or committed suicide & could not be reincarnated
Gujeswari India A mother goddess
Gujo Kafir/ Afghanistan A tutelary god
Gukumatz Maya/ Quiche A sky god
Gul-Ses Hittite A collective name for all the goddesses of fate
Gul-ses/ Gul-ases Hittite These goddesses apparently are the scribes of the gods that dispense good, evil, life & death
Gula/ Gula Bau Babylon/ Sumeria A mother goddess of creativity, fire & with the power to inflict/ cure disease
Gulissa Mata Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess who became a goddess of evil intent, inflecting sickness
Gulliveig Norse A goddess/ sorceress of the Vanir race of gods
Gulu Dinka The creator god
Gum Lin China A river goddess
Gunab Hottentot A god of evil
Gungu . A moon deity
Gunura Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A god whom nothing is known about, duty wise
Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po Buddhist/ Tibet A god of tents
Gurzil Tripolitania A god in the shape of a bull
Gusilim Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A god
Guta Hungary A demonic being that represents the seamy side of life
Gwen Celtic A goddess of happiness & smiles
Gwendion/ Gwydyon Welsh A god of war
Gwethyr Wales King of the Upperworld Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl
Gwyddno Wales At one time he was a sea god
Gwynn Ap Nudd Wales King of the fairies & the underworld
Gyhldeptis Tlingit/ Haida A kindly forest goddess
Ha Egypt A guardian God of the West
Ha Wen Neyu Iroquois The great spirit.
Habetrot Britain A goddess of healing & spinning
Habetrot Celtic A goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year
Habiesso Africa A god of thunder
Habondia/ Abondia/ Abunciada/ Habonde Britain A goddess of abundance & prosperity
Hacauitz Maya A mountains god
Hacha'kyum Maya/ Lacandon The god of the real people
Hachacyum/ Nohochacyum Maya The creator the world who was helped by three other gods
Hachiman Japan A god of war that was based on an actual emperor, his sacred animal is the dove
Hachiman/ Hime-Gami/ Hime-O-Kami Japan/ Shinto A god of war & peace
Hadad/ El Canaan/ Semite The god of lightning, thunder & storms
Hadakai India A goddess of health & Rabies
Hades/ Pluto Greek A god of death & one of the Olympian gods
Hae Soon Korea A goddess of war
Hafoza Jate The god of thunder & lightning
Hah Egypt This is the god that was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity & eternity
Hahana Ku Maya A messenger god
Hahgwehdiyu Iroquois The god of goodness
Haili'la Haida/ PNW A plague god associated with small pox. Interesting history. Cool
Hala Kassite A goddess of healing