Books about the Gods

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List of Gods
Ansar Babylonia/ Akkadia A primordial deity
Anshur/ Ashur/ Asshur Assyria Not only be goddess of the sun, but it was the that killed the dragon of chaos during creation
Antaboga Indonesian An underworld serpent deity ruling over the production of rice
Antai India A goddess of healing & whooping cough
Antero Vipunen Finland Deceased giant, protector of deep knowledge and magic.
Anteros Etruscan The god of passion
Anteros Greek The god of returned love
Antevorta Roman A goddess of childbirth, the future & prophecy
Anthat Syria A war goddess who had a shrine at Thebes
Antheia Greek A goddess of spring
Anti Egypt A Guardian deity of the eastern sky
Antu Babylon/ Akkadia She is derived from the older Sumeria Ki
Anu/ Anann/ Dana/ Dana Ana/ Catana Irish A mother goddess associated with fertility & the primordial mother
Anu/ Anus Babylon The head of the gods, he had an army of stars to destroy evildoers
Anuanaitu Caribbean A goddess of the ocean &whirlpools
Anubis Egypt A god of black magic, death, embalming & funerals
Anuket Egypt A goddess of water & of rivers
Anukis Egypt A birth goddess & of the cataracts of the lower Nile
Anulap Truk Is. The sky god
Anumati Sanskrit A god of the full moon
Anunit Chaldea A goddess of the morning star
Anunitu Babylon The goddess of the moon
Anunnaki Babylon The seven judges of the Underworld they began as fertility deities
Anuradha Hindu/ Puranic A minor goddess of fortune, she is benevolent though
Anus Hurrite . The king of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost
Anyigba Togo/ Africa A goddess of hunting, luck & healing
Anzety Egypt The god & King of Busiris
Aondo Tiv Nigeria The creator god that lives in the sky
Apa Hindu/ Puranic An attendant god
Apacita Inca A guardian spirit
Apacita Inca A guardian spirit
Apam Napat Persia/ Hindu/ Vedic A god of fresh water
Apap Teso Uganda A creator god who as a benevolent sky god brings rain
Aparajita Buddhist/ Mahayana A minor god/ goddess
Aparajita Hindu/ Puranic A form of Durga
Aparajita Hindu/ Puranic A god, a form of Rudra
Apate Greek The goddess of deceit
Apaturia Greek A goddess of evil
Apedmak Sudanese a war god
Apep Egypt A huge serpent who caused storms & eclipses & ate the sun at evening
Apesh Egypt A tortoise god of night, evil, & the powers of darkness
Apet Egypt A goddess that protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers & justice
Aphaea Greek A moon goddess?
Aphrodisias Carian S.W. Turkey a fertility goddess
Aphrodite Greek A goddess of desire, fertility & sexual love & beauty
Aphrodite Pandemos Greek A goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite
Apis Egypt A god of fertility
Apiu Etruscan A weather god
Apo Inca A mountain god
Apollo Greek A god of archery, harmony, order, inspiration, intellect, mathematics, medicine, oracles, prophecy, reason, & truth . About a busy little fellow.
Apolonia Brazil A goddess of healing & toothaches
Aponibolinayen Philippine A goddess of the sky
Apophis Egypt The demon of darkness
Apozanoltl Aztec/ Mexico A running water goddess
Appias Roman A fountain nymph
Apsaras Hindu/ Vedic Protective deities of gamblers & Water spirits
Apsu Babylon A god of underground waters
Apuat Egypt A jackal headed god who helps the soul choose it's next incarnation
Aquilo Roman The god of the west winds
Aquit The Americas A moon deity
Arachne Roman The mother goddess of Weaving
Aradia Italy/ Etruscan A Lunar deity?
Aralo/ Aparajita/ Aray Georgia/ Armenia/ Crimea A god of agriculture
Aramazd Armenia A god
Aranyani Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of woodlands
Aranzahas Hittite The Tigris river deified
Arapacana Buddhist A god
Ararat Anatolia The ancient creator goddess
Araua Roman A moon goddess [maybe]
Arava . A moon goddess
Arawa Suk/ Pokot / Kenya/ Uganda A moon goddess
Arawn/ Arawyn/ Arrawn/ Arawen Wales The god of Annwn ruled the underground
Arazu Babylon The god of construction that was completed
Archons Gnostic Christian Primordial creator gods
Ard Greimme Irish/ Scotland Once a sun god
Ardhanarit savara / Ammaiappan/ Naranari Siva & Sakti combined
Ardra Hindu/ Puranic A minor goddess of misfortune
Arduinna Roman/ Celtic/ European A goddess of forests & hunting
Ardvi Sura Anahita/ Anahita Persia The goddess of rivers & water
Ardwinna/ Dea Arduinna Britain A goddess of woodland & animal
Arebati Bambuti/ Congo A god
Areimanios Greek An underworld god, not nice
Ares Greek A god of storms & war
Arete Greek A goddess of justice & virtue
Argante British A goddess of healing
Arge Greek A goddess of hunting
Ari Au Tchesf Egypt A lion god
Ariadne Greek A goddess of dreams
Arianrhod Wales A goddess of fertility & wanton love & mother aspect of the triple goddess
Arianrod Irish The goddess of the moon
Aricia Roman A goddess of prophetic visions
Arimanius/ Areimaios Roman An underworld god
Arinna Hittite The goddess of the sun
Aristaeus Greek The protector of flocks that originated the cultivation of olives
Aristatos Greek A god of herdsmen
Arito/ Artio of Muti Switzerland A goddess of bears, prosperity & the harvest
Arjuna Hindu/ Vedic a heroic god
Arma Hittite/ Hurrian A minor moon god
Armaz George The supreme god & a warrior deity pre Christian style
Arnakua'gak Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit
Arnamentia Celtic A goddess of spring waters
Arnemetia Roman/ British A water goddess known from inscriptions
Arom Kafir/ Afghanistan A minor goddess contracts
Arsan Duolai Yakut/ Siberia The chief spirit of the underworld
Arsay Canaan An underworld goddess, the third daughter of Baal
Arsu N. Arabia An astral god
Artaius Gaul A god of sheep & cattle herders
Artemis Greek A goddess of agriculture, archery, hunting, chastity, virginity, fertility, childbirth,the moon, & of nature
Arthapratisamvit Buddhist A goddess of logical analysis
Artio of Muti/ Arito Switzerland A goddess of bears, prosperity & the harvest
Aruna Hindu A god of morning & warriors
Arundhati Hindu/ Puranic An astral goddess personified as the morning star
Aruru Babylon A goddess
Arvenus Gaelic A local tribal deity
Arya-Tara Buddhist A goddess
Aryaman Hindu/ Vedic A god of formal hospitality
Aryong Jong Korean A goddess of water & rainfall
As Egypt A local fertility god
As ava Russia The goddess of fresh water
Asa Poorna Chohan/ India A goddess of happiness
Asalluha Summer/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor god that acts as a messenger & reporter toEnki
Asar N. Arabia An equestrian god
Asase Afua Ghana A goddess
Asase Ya Ashanti Ghana A goddess of the earth, fertility & the creator of humanity
Asbit Egypt A goddess of fire
Ascelpius/ Aesculapius Greek A moral taught medicine Chiron the Centaur & could raise the dead
Asertu Canaan/ Hittite A fertility goddess
Asgaya Gigagei Cherokee The god of thunder
Ashera Phoenicia A goddess of fertility
Asherah Canaan A goddess of the sea
Asherali Canaan The moon goddess of fertility
Ashi India A goddess of wisdom
Ashiakle Ghana The goddess of wealth, & of the sea
Ashima Semantic A moon goddess
Ashimbabbar Semantic A moon goddess
Ashirat Akkad A goddess of the Evening star
Ashis India A goddess of happiness
Ashkit Egypt A goddess of wind
Ashnan/ Asnan Sumeria A goddess of drunkenness, wine & grains
Ashtaroth Phoenicia A moon & fertility goddess
Ashur Assyria The chief deity of war & fertility
Ashvins Hindu Sons of the sun
Asi Persia A goddess of wisdom
Asiaq Inuit A goddess of weather
Asima Si Brazil The goddess of water & fish
Asintmah Athabasca/ Canada/ USA A goddess of midwives
Asira N. Arabia a little god mentioned only by name
Asis Suk/ Pokot / Kenya/ Uganda A sun god
Askelpios Greek The god of healing & physicians
Aslea[s] Hindu A minor goddess of misfortune
Aso Egypt A goddess of justice
Asokottamasri Buddhist/ Tibet A physician god
Asopos Greek A local river god
Aspalis W. Semitic A hunting goddess
Asrael Islam The angel of death who takes the soul from the body.
Asratum Canaan A fertility goddess
Assur Babylon/ Akkadia National deity of Assyria
Astabis/ Zamama/ Ninurta Hurrian/ Akkadia A warrior god
Astamastara Hindu/ Puranic A group of mother goddesses
Astapaios Gnostic Christian The Prime parent ruling the seven heavens of chaos in gnostic mythology
Astar Ethiopia an astral god
Astaroth W. Semitic a fertility goddess who deals with sheepherders
Astarte Canaan A goddess of hunting
Astarte Egypt A goddess of war
Astarte Syria A goddess of the moon
Astarte/ Ashtoreth Phoenicia/ Babylon/ Assyria/ conference/ Canaan A goddess of fertility, sacred love, sexuality & of sex & the moon
Asterodeia Roman Another moon goddess
Asthertet Syria A goddess of horses, war & the moon
Astlik Georgia/ Crimea A pre Christian astral goddess
Astoreth Palestine/ Israel/ Lebanon A fertility goddess
Astraea Greek/ Roman A goddess of justice, truth, of purity, innocence & modesty
Astraeos Greek A god of astronomy & star light
Astrik Slavic A goddess
Asuha-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A god of courtyards
Asuras Hindu/ Vedic sky gods that become demons
Asurkumara Jain Youthful gods associated with rain & thunder
Asvayujau Hindu/ Puranic Minor goddess of fortune
Asvins Hindu/ Vedic Physician twin gods
At Em Egypt A goddess of time
Ataa Naa Nyongmo Gan Ghana The creator god that controls the sun & the rain, call causes disasters as epidemics & and earthquakes if you don't follow his rules
Atabei/ Attabeira Cuba An earth goddess
Ataecina Roman/ Iberia An underworld goddess
Atahensic Iroquois The sky goddess who fell to the earth at the beginning of creation
Atai Africa A goddess of justice
Atalacamani Aztec/ Mexico The goddess of ocean storms
Atanea Greek A goddess of the ocean & the dawn
Atanea Marquesas Is. A dawn goddess
Atar Iran The god of all fire
Atargatis Syria A goddess of lakes, fertility & nature
Atasamain N. Arabia an astral deity
Ate Greek A goddess of discord, evil, error, infatuation & justice
Atea Marquesas Is. The god of light
Aten Egypt The sun god
Atete Ethiopia A goddess taken over by the Christians as the Virgin Mary
Athena/ Athene/ Pallus Athena Greek A goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect & wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason & spinning
Athirat Canaan A goddess of the ocean & official wife of El
Athor Egypt A goddess of light
Athtart/ Astarte Canaan The goddess of fertility & sex
Atida Uganda/ Africa A goddess of hunting & rain
Atira Pawnee A goddess of the earth & of the Evening star