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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Dylan British/Welsh Guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway. British/Welsh
God Name: Dylan Wales/ Britain A guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway
God Name: Dylan Eil Ton Wales A sea-god. He is sometimes said to be a god of darkness. Wales
God Name: Dymphna Britain Saint of those stricken in spirit. She was a native of Britain, and a woman of high rank. It is said that she was murdered, at Geel, in Belgium, by her own father, because she resisted his incestuous passion. Geel, or Gheel, has long been a famous colony for the insane, who are sent thither from all parts of Europe, and are boarded with the peasantry. Britain
God Name: Dynamis Greek One of the aeons - the first created entities - thought to be divine emanations from God. The male personification of power.
God Name: Dyrrhachius Greek A son of Poseidon and Melissa, from whom the town of Dyrrachium derived its name. Greek
God Name: Dysaules Greek The father of Triptolemus and Eubuleus, and a brother of Celeus. He was expelled from Eleusis by Ion, and had come to Phlius, where he introduced the Eleusinian mysteries. Greek
God Name: Dyser Scandinavian The deities who conduct the souls of the deceased to the palace of Odin. Scandinavian
God Name: Dysponteus aka Dyspontius Greek A son of Oenomaus or Pelops, believed to be the founder of the town of Dyspontium, in Pisatis. Greek
God Name: Dzakuta Nigeria A sky god and the ‘thrower of celestial stones.’ The Yoruba, Nigeria
God Name: Dzalarhons Haida Goddess of fire and volcanoes. Haida
God Name: Dziva Africa Goddess of justice. Africa
God Name: Dzivaguru Kore Great goddess of the earth. Kore
God Name: Dziwozony Poland Goddesses of healing, herbs and love. Poland
God Name: E Mayan E. An agricultural divinity and the patron of maize and maize produce. Mayan
God Name: E Alom Mayan Primeval creator goddessess, literally, those who conceive and give birth Mayan
God Name: E Quhalom Maya/ Quiche A primeval creator god
God Name: E'thon Greek The eagle or vulture that gnawed the liver of Prometheus. greek
God Name: Ea Babylon/Mesopotamia As a member of the supreme trinity he was god of the waters, giver of arts and sciences and the healer of the sick. Babylon/Mesopotamia
God Name: Ea/ Enki Babylon/ Mesopotamia The god of wisdom, spells, incantations, & the seas
God Name: Eabani Armenian The companion of Gilgamesh, the first primaeval man who was turning his rugged face towards civilization through the love of a woman. He takes part in the wanderings of Gilgamesh, and fights with him against Ishtar and the heavenly bull sent by Anu to avenge the insulted goddess. Apparently wounded in this struggle Eabani dies. Armenian Mythology
God Name: Eac Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Eacus Roman/ Iberia A weather god
God Name: Eacus aka Aeacus Greek A son of Zeus and Aegina. He was born in the island of Oenone or Oenopia, whither Aegina had been carried by Zeus to secure her from the anger of her parents. Greek
God Name: Eadon Ireland Goddess of poetry. Ireland
God Name: Easal Ireland/Manx God of abundance and prosperity. He gave the sons of Tuirrean seven magic pigs, which reappeared the day after they were eaten. Ireland/Manx
God Name: Easter aka Eastre Saxons A putative goddess of the Anglo-Saxons
God Name: Eastre German A goddess of healing
God Name: Eate Basque God of fire and storms. Basque
God Name: Eate/ Egata Basque A god of fire & storms
God Name: Ebech Canaan Old mountain god who was overcome by Inanna, the goddess of war, love and the planet Venus. Canaan
God Name: Ebhlinne Ireland Goddess of Munster and midsummer, once a sun or fire Goddess. Ireland
God Name: Ebisu Japan God of fishermen, good luck, and workingmen, as well as the guardian of the health of small children. Japan
God Name: Eblis Islam The chief of the evil spirits
God Name: Eblis aka Iblis Islam Chief of the evil spirits, a Jinn made of smokeless fire. In an outburst rooted in envy, Eblis disobeyed Allah and was expelled from the grace of Allah. Islam
God Name: Ebore Benin Sky god. Nigeria and Benin
God Name: Eboza Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Ec Yenisei Siberia The high god
God Name: Ecaop Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Ececheira Greek Goddess of armistices and peace Greek
God Name: Echeclus Greece A son of Agenor, who was slain by Achilles. A Trojan of the same name occurs in the Iliad. Greece
God Name: Echephron Greek A son of Heracles and Psophis, the daughter of Xanthus or Eryx. He was twin-brother of Promachus.
God Name: Echetlaeus Greek A mysterious being who during the battle of Marathon appeared among the Greeks a man, who resembled a rustic, and slew many of the barbarians with his plough. After the battle, when he was searched for, he was not to be found anywhere, and when the Athenians consulted the oracle, they were commanded to worship the hero Echetlaeus. Greek
God Name: Echidna Greek A daughter of Tartarus and Ge, or of Chrysaor and Callirrhoe and according to others again, of Peiras and Styx. Half-woman, half-serpent. She was mother of the Chim?ra, the many-headed dog Orthos, the hundred-headed dragon of the Hesperides, the Colchian dragon, the Sphinx, Cerberus, Scylla, the Gorgons, the Lern?an hydra, the vulture that gnawed away the liver of Prometheus, and the Nemean lion. Greek
God Name: Echinades Greek One of the five surviving Spartae that had grown up from the dragon's teeth, which Cadmus had sown. Greek
God Name: Echo Greek An Oreade, who when Zeus was playing with the nymphs, used to keep Hera at a distance by incessantly talking to her. In this manner Hera was not able to detect her faithless husband, and the nymphs had time to escape. Greek
God Name: Echraidhe Celtic Celtic Horse Goddess
God Name: Echtghe Ireland Believed to be another form of Dana, the first Great Mother Goddess of Ireland.
God Name: Eckhardt German In German legends, appears on the evening of Maundy Thursday to warn all persons to go home, that they may not be injured by the headless bodies and two-legged horses which traverse the streets on that night.
God Name: Ecop Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Ecstatici Greek A class of diviners among the ancient Greeks, who used to lie in trances, and when they came to themselves gave strange accounts of what they had seen while they were "out of the body."
God Name: Edda Norse The literal meaning of the word is great-grandmother, but the term is usually applied to the mythological collection of poems discovered by Brynjolf Sveinsson in the year 1643. In the Rigsmal (Lay of Rig) Edda is the progenitrix of the race of thralls. Norse
God Name: Edeke Uganda God of calamity and disasters. Uganda
God Name: Edeke Teso Uganda A god of disasters
God Name: Edinkira Africa Tree goddess Africa
God Name: Edusa Roman A goddess of infants who are weaning
God Name: Edusa aka Edulica Cuba A Roman divinity, who was worshipped as the protectress of children, and was believed to bless their food, just as Potina and Cuba blessed their drinking and their sleep.
God Name: Ee loolth Duwamish Goddess of mountains. Duwamish
God Name: Ee-A-o/ Yao Gnostic Christian A primordial being
God Name: Eetion Greek A king of the Placian Thebe in Cilicia, and father of Andromache and Podes. Greek
God Name: Egata Basque A God who warns of approaching fire and windstorms. Basque
God Name: Egeria Greek The nymph who instructed Numa in his wise legislation. Numa used to meet her in a grove near Aricia. Greek
God Name: Egeria Roman Goddess of childbirth of midwives, fountains and justice. Roman
God Name: Egibiel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Egil Scandinavian Brother of Weland, the Vulcan of Northern mythology. Egil was a great archer, and his tale is the exact counterpart of the famous fable about William Tell.
God Name: Egill Norse The father of Thjalfe; a giant dwelling near the sea. Thor left his goats with him when on his way to the giant Hymer to get a vessel in which to brew ale. Norse
God Name: Egoir aka Egder Norse An eagle that appears at Ragnarok. Norse
God Name: Egres Finnish Fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop Finnish
God Name: Egres/ Akras Karelian Finland A fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop
God Name: Egungun oya Africa Another form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
God Name: Ehacatl Aztec God of education and the wind Aztec
God Name: Ehacatl/ Quetzalcoatl Aztec A god of education & the wind
God Name: Eheres Greek The angel invoked to remove earwax.
God Name: Ehlose Zulu The guardian spirit which may take many forms, and warns of approaching dangers. Zulu
God Name: Eiael Christian A minor god of the occult sciences and longevity. Christian
God Name: Eibhir Ireland Goddess of the sun, described as being a yellow-haired "stranger from another land." Ireland/Manx
God Name: Eidothea Greek A daughter of the aged Proteus, who instructed Menelaus, in the island of Pharos at the mouth of the river Aegyptus, in what manner he might secure her father and compel him to say in what way he should return home. Greek
God Name: Eikthyrnir aka Eikthyrner Norse A hart that stands over Odin's hall (Valhal). From his antlers drops water from which rivers flow. Norse
God Name: Eileithyia Greek Also called Eleithyia, Eilethyia, or Eleutho. The ancients derive her name from the coming or helping goddess. She was the goddess of birth, who came to the assistance of women in labour; and when she was kindly disposed, she furthered the birth, but when she was angry, she protracted the labour and delayed the birth. Greek
God Name: Eingana Australian The world-creator, the birth mother, maker of all water, land, animals, and kangaroos. This huge snake goddess still lives in the Dreamtime. Australian
God Name: Einheri Norse Plural Einherjar. The only or great champions; the heroes who have fallen in battle and been admitted into Valhal. Einherje. Norse
God Name: Eir Norse An attendant of Menglod, and the most skillful of all in the healing art. The word signifies peace, clemency. Norse
God Name: Eir Scandinavia A goddess of mercy & teaching
God Name: Eirek Scandinavian Whilst ourneying toward Paradise he came to a stone bridge guarded by a dragon and, on entering its mouth, found that he had arrived in a world of bliss. Scandinavian
God Name: Eirene Greek Goddess of peace and one of the Horae Greek
God Name: Eirnilus Hebrew The angel in charge of fruit. Hebrew
God Name: Eistibus Hebrew A minor god of divination. Hebrew
God Name: Eistla Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
God Name: Eithinoha Haudenosaunee A female spirit associated with fertility. Haudenosaunee
God Name: Eithne Ireland Old goddess who lived off nothing but the milk of a sacred Indian cow and was protected by a spirit who chased away all would-be suitors. Ireland
God Name: Eji Ogbe Africa God who is king of the pantheon Africa(west)/Nigeria/Yoruba
God Name: Ek Mayan Babob Mayan
God Name: Ek Chua Mayan God of merchants and cacao growers. Black faced with a huge nose.Mayan
God Name: Ek Chuah Mayan God of war and commerce Mayan
God Name: Eka Abassi Africa Creator of life Africa
God Name: Ekadasaruda Hindu Collective name for the group of gods (11) they are forms of the god Rudra Hindu
God Name: Ekahau Aztec God of commerce Aztec
God Name: Ekahau Maya He is the god of travelers & merchants
God Name: Ekahau Mayan God of travelers and merchants Mayan
God Name: Ekajata Buddhist Goddess of happiness Buddhist
God Name: Ekarudra Hindu Minor deity, another aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Ekastaka India Goddess of healthy children India
God Name: Ekchuah Mayan An agricultural divinity who is the Patron of cacao and cacao products. He also has associations with travelers and journeys. Mayan
God Name: Ekhi Basque Personification of the sun Basque
God Name: Ekhi/ Eguzk Basque The personification of the sun
God Name: Ekimmu Babylonian Demons that infest the graves. Babylonian
God Name: Ekineba Africa Goddess of teaching Africa
God Name: Ekkekko Quechua God of good fortune Quechua
God Name: El Syria A storm god, also found in the mythologies of Canaan & the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova God
God Name: El Auria Wicca Angel of flame, similar to Uriel. Wicca
God Name: El Dorado Peru Golden illusion, a land or means of unbounded wealth. Peru
God Name: El El Semitic One of the angels who guards the north wind. Semitic
God Name: El Khidr Arab One of the good angels, according to the Koran.
God Name: El aka Ymvh Hebrew/Phoenicia/Canaan/Levant The supreme god, the father of mankind and all creatures, the husband of the Goddess Asherah. He also doubles as a storm god. Hebrew/Phoenicia/Canaan/Levant
God Name: El'eb Canaan Primordial god Canaan
God Name: Elagabalus Arab A Syro-Phanician sun-god, represented under the form of a huge conical stone.
God Name: Elagabul Greek The God of Emesa[Syria]
God Name: Elaine British Maiden aspect of the goddess British/Welsh
God Name: Elais Greek One of the Oenotropae. Greek
God Name: Elara Greek A daughter of Orchomenus or Minyas, who became by Zeus the mother of the giant Tityus and Zeus, from fear of Hera, concealed her under the earth. (Apollodorus i. Argonautica) This was where she gave birth to Tityas, who some traditions state to be the son of Elara and Gaia, the earth goddess. Greek
God Name: Elasii Greek Goddesses of healing and epilepsy Greek
God Name: Elathan Celtic A king of the Fomors, father of Bress. Celtic
God Name: Elatus Greek A son of Ares by Leaneira, Metaneira, or by the nymph Chrysopeleia. He was a brother of Azan and Apheidas, and king of Arcadia. By his wife Laodice he had four sons, Stymphalus, Aepytus, Cyllen, and Pereus. Greek
God Name: Elben German Nature spirits. German
God Name: Elberich German The most famous dwarf of German romance. He aided the Emperor Otnit (who ruled over Lombardy) to gain for wife the Soldan's daughter.
God Name: Eldhrimner Norse The kettle in which the boar Saehrimner is cooked in Valhal. Norse
God Name: Eldir Norse The fire-producer; a servant of ?ger. Elder. Norse
God Name: Electra Greek 2. A daughter of Atlas and Pleione, was one of the seven Pleiades, and became by Zeus the mother of Jasion and Dardanus.
God Name: Electra Greek 1. A daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and the wife of Thaumas, by whom she became the mother of Iris and the Harpies, Aello and Ocypete.
God Name: Electryone Greek Goddess of the moon Greek
God Name: Eleithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth & midwives
God Name: Elel Puelche Argentina Malevolent demonic being. Argentina
God Name: Elementals General Nature spirits of land, water, fire, etc., personifications of natural phenomena. General
God Name: Elena Russia Goddess of fire Russia
God Name: Eleos Greek Goddess of peace and mercy Greek
God Name: Eleuther Greek A son of Apollo and Aethusa, the daughter of Poseidon, was regarded as the founder of Eleutherae in Boeotia. He was the grandfather of Jasius and Poemander, the founder of Tanagra. He is said to have been the first that erected a statue of Dionysus, and spread the worship of the god. Greek
God Name: Elf Anglo-Saxon Elves, oelf. Properly, a mountain fay, but more loosely applied to those airy creatures that dance on the grass or sit in the leaves of trees and delight in the full moon. Anglo-Saxon
God Name: Elfin India The first fairy king. He ruled over India and America. Middle Age Romance
God Name: Elgabal Syria Local mountain god with solar links Syria
God Name: Elidure Britain A legendary king of Britain, advanced to the throne in place of his elder brother, Arthgallo, supposed by him to be dead. Arthgallo, after a long exile, returned to his country, and Elidure resigned to him the throne.
God Name: Elihino Cherokee Goddess of the earth Cherokee
God Name: Elim Judaic Collective term for god's the lower order of the gods from the great deities, the Elohim Judaic
God Name: Elimiel Jewish A minor angel in charge of the moon. Jewish
God Name: Elivager Scandinavian A cold venomous stream which issued from Niflheim, and in the abyss called the Ginnunga Gap, hardening into layer upon layer of ice. Scandinavian
God Name: Eljon Syria Old syrian diety who was incorporated into El as El-Eljon, an epithet of Yahweh.
God Name: Elkunirsha Hittite Creator Of The Earth. Hittite
God Name: Elkunisra Canaan Creator god. Canaan
God Name: Ellaman Dravidian Goddess of passage, an astral deity Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Elle Woman Danish The spirit of the elder tree. Danish
God Name: Elle-Maid Scandinavian Elle-Women, Elle-Folk, Scandinavian fairies.
God Name: Ellefolk Danish Danish elves
God Name: Ellel Hittite God Hittite
God Name: Ellel/ Ellilus Hittite A god
God Name: Elli Norse Goddess of wrestling norse
God Name: Ellil Akkadia Creator and air god Babylon/Akkadia
God Name: Ellyllon Welsh The souls of the ancient Druids, which, being too good for hell, and not good enough for heaven, are permitted to wander upon earth till the judgment day, when they will be admitted to a higher state of being. Welsh
God Name: Eloa Christian A female angel that was born from the tears that Jesus wept. Christian
God Name: Eloai Egypt Primordial being, one of the seven planetary spirits of the Egyptians
God Name: Elohim Semitic The genus of which ghosts, Chemosh, Dagon, Baal, Jahveh, etc., were species. The ghost or spectre which appeared to Saul is called Elohim. Semitic
God Name: Elohim Semitic In theology, Elohim (the plural of Eloah) means the "Lord of Hosts," or Lord of all power and might. Jehovah signifies rather the God of mercy and forgiveness. Hence, Elohim is used to express the God of creation, but Jehovah the God of the covenant of mercy. Semitic
God Name: Eloi Greek Patron saint of artists and smiths.
God Name: Elousinian Mysteries Greek Bacchus, Persophone and Demeter.
God Name: Elpenor Greek One of the companions of Odysseus, who were metamorphosed by Circe into swine, and afterwards back into men. Greek
God Name: Elphame aka Elphlane Scotland Elphane, Goddess of death and disease. Scotland
God Name: Elphame/ Elphlane/ Elphane/ Queen of Elphame Scotland A goddess of death & disease
God Name: Elpis Greek The personification of hope, perhaps a child of Nyx and mother of Pheme, the goddess of rumour. Greek
God Name: Elvidna Norse The hall of the goddess Hel. Norse
God Name: Elyll Welsh A hairy, clumsy creature, the same as a brownie. Welsh
God Name: Elyon Hebrew The most high god. Hebrew
God Name: Elysion Greek A section of the Underworld (the spelling Elysium is a Latinization of the Greek word Elysion). Elysium is an obscure and mysterious name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios. Greek
God Name: Elysium Greek Elysian Fields. The Paradise or Happy Land of the Greek poets.
God Name: Emanjah Trinidad Goddess of rivers and teacher of children. Trinidad
God Name: Embla Norse The first woman. The gods found two lifeless trees, the ask (ash) and the embla; of the ash they made man, of the embla, woman. Norse
God Name: Eme'mqut Koryak Animistic spirit with cannibalistic tendencies. Koryak
God Name: Emeli Sudan Creator god and generic term meaning Lord, Sudan/Tuareg
God Name: Emeli Hin Tuareg Sudan A creator god & generic term meaning Lord
God Name: Emer Celtic Goddess of wisdom Celtic
God Name: Emes Sumeria God of vegetation. Sumeria
God Name: Emma O Buddhist/Japan God of death and lord of hell. Buddhist/Japan
God Name: Empung Lumimuut Sulawesi Goddess who gave birth to God of the sun. Sulawesi
God Name: Empung Luminuut N Celebes Is/ Sulawesi A goddess that gave birth to the sun god
God Name: Empusa Greek A monstrous spectre, which was believed to devour human beings. It could assume different forms, and was sent out by Hecate to frighten travellers. It was believed usually to appear with one leg of brass and the other of an ass. Whenever a traveller addressed the monster with insulting words, it used to flee and utter a shrill sound. The Lamiae and Mormolyceia, who assumed the fonm of handsome women for the purpose of attracting young men, and then sucked their blood like vampyrs and ate their flesh, were reckoned among the Empusae. Greek
God Name: Empyrean Greek There are five heavens, the last of which is pure elemental fire and the seat of deity; this fifth heaven is called the empyrean. Greek
God Name: En Iltyrain A god who was demoted a demon by the Christians
God Name: En-lil Babylon The name of Bel in the oldest inscriptions Bel. Babylon
God Name: Enbilulu Sumerian A river god in charge of the sacred rivers Tigris and Euphrates. He was also the deity of canals, irrigation and farming. Sumerian
God Name: Encelados Greek The most powerful of the giants that conspired against Zeus. The king of gods and men cast him down, and threw Mount Etna over him. The poets say that the flames of this volcano arise from the breath of this giant. The battle-field of his contest was Phlegra, in Macedonia. Greek
God Name: Enceladus Greek A son of Tartarus and Ge, and one of the hundred-armed giants who made war upon the gods. He was killed, according to some, by Zeus, by a flash of lightning, and buried under mount Aetna and according to others, he was killed by the chariot of Athena, or by the spear of Seilenus. Greek
God Name: Endouellicus Roman God of healing Roman/Iberia
God Name: Endukugga Sumeria God of the Underworld Sumeria
God Name: Endursaga Mesopotamia Herald god Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God Name: Endymion Greek A youth distin­guished for his beauty, and renowned in ancient story by the perpetual sleep in which he spent his life. Greek
God Name: Enediel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Enejie Greek The angel called up to grant wishes.
God Name: Enekpe Africa Goddess of the family and guardian of destiny Africa
God Name: Enipeus Greek A river-god in Thessaly, who was beloved by Tyro, the daughter of Salmoneus. Poseidon, who was in love with her, assumed the appearance of Enipeus, and thus visited her, and she became by him the mother of twins, Pelias and Neleus. Greek
God Name: Enki aka Ea Mesopotamia/Sumeria A deity later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology, originally chief God of the city of Eridu. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God Name: Enki/ Ea Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator god, water, cunning & fertility
God Name: Enkimdu Sumeria God of canals, ditches, irrigation and sedentary farming. Sumeria
God Name: Enlil Sumeria God of air and weather. One of four Sumerian creating gods. Sumeria