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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Enmesarra Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The god of law
God Name: Enmesharra Sumerian A god of the underworld who often worked with Enbilulu to bring water to the surface of the Earth. Sumerian
God Name: Ennead Egypt The Heliopolis pantheon as a group
God Name: Enneads Egypt The Ancient Egyptians set up multiple Enneads; the Great Ennead, the Lesser Ennead, the Dual Ennead, plural Enneads, and the Seven Enneads.
God Name: Ennugi Sumeria Attendant and throne bearer god. A younger brother of Sin, he was also the god of Irrigation and a canal inspector. Sumeria
God Name: Enodia Greek Goddess of crossroads and gates. Greek
God Name: Enorches Greek A son of Thyestes by his sister Daeta, was born out of an egg, and built a temple to Dionysus. Greek
God Name: Entelechy Rabelais The kingdom of Queen Quintessence in the History of Gargantua and Pantagruel' (NOT for the easily offended). Pantagruel and his companions went thither in search of the Holy Bottle. It may be called the city of speculative science. Rabelais
God Name: Enten Mesopotamia Fertility god who doubled as Guardian deity of farmers Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God Name: Entoria Roman Wife of Saturn, mother to Janus, Hymnus, Faustus, and Felix. Roman.
God Name: Enudu Gisha Uganda God of plague, specifically smallpox Uganda
God Name: Enyalius Greek The warlike, frequently occurs in the Iliad (never in the Odyssey) as an epithet of Ares. Greek
God Name: Enyo Greek The goddess of war, who delights in bloodshed and the destruction of towns, and accompanies Mars in battles. Greek
God Name: Enzu Akkadia God who was named appears to be a corrupted form of Suen Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Eolus Roman God of the winds. Roman
God Name: Eos Greek In Latin Aurora, the goddess of the morning red, who brings up the light of day from the east. She was a daughter of Hyperion and Theia or Euryphassa, and a sister of Helios and Selene. Greek
God Name: Eostre Celtic A Goddess of animal reproduction. Easter is derived from her name. Celtic
God Name: Epactaeus or Epactius Greek The god worshipped on the coast and used as a surname of Poseidon in Samoa. Greek
God Name: Epaine Greek The fearful, a surname of Persephone. Plutarch suggests, that it might also be understood in a euphemistic sense as the praised goddess. Greek
God Name: Epaphos Greek The progenitor of the Egyptians
God Name: Epaphos aka Epaphus Greek A son of Zeus and Io, who was born on the river Nile, after the long wanderings of his mother. He was then concealed by the Curetes, by the request of Hera, but Io sought and afterwards found him in Syria. Greek
God Name: Epaphus Greek A son of Zeus and was concealed by the Curetes, by the request of Hera. He subsequently became king of Egypt and built the city of Memphis. Greek
God Name: Epet Egypt Goddess of healing, childbirth, children Egypt
God Name: Ephesus Greek A son of the river-god Caystrus, who was said, conjointly with Cresus, to have built the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and to have called the town after himself. Greek
God Name: Ephialtes Greek A giant who was deprived of his left eye by Apollo, and of his right eye by Hercules. Greek
God Name: Ephialtes Greek One of the giants, who in the war against the gods was deprived of his left eye by Apollo, and of the right by Heracles. Greek
God Name: Ephialtes Greek One of the Aloeidae. When Iphimedeia and her daughter, Pancratis, celebrated the orgies of Dionysus on Mount Drius, they were carried off by Thracian pirates to Naxos or Strongyle; but both were delivered by the Aloadae Otus and Ephialtes. Greek
God Name: Ephra Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Epiales Greek The personification of the cold shivering fit which precedes an attack of fever. Greek
God Name: Epidaurus Greek The mythical founder of Epidaurus, a son of Argos and Evadne, but according to Argive legends a son of Pelops, and according to those of Elis a son of Apollo. Greek
God Name: Epidotes Greek A divinity who was worshipped at Lacedaemon, and averted the anger of Zeus Hicesius for the crime committed by Pausanias. Epidotes, which means the "liberal giver," occurs also as a surname of other divinities, such as Zeus at Mantineia and Sparta, of the god of sleep at Sicyon. Greek
God Name: Epigones Greek One of the sons of the seven heroes who were beaten before Thebes. Greek
God Name: Epimetheus Greek Was the brother of Prometheus ("foresight", literally "fore-thought"), a pair of Titans who "acted as representatives of mankind". They were the inseparable sons of Japetus, who in other contexts was the father of Atlas. Greek
God Name: Epona Celtic "Divine Horse." Mother Goddess and goddess of horses. Celtic
God Name: Epos Olloatir Celtic Horse God often seen as either a male or male representation and masculine aspect of Epona. Celtic
God Name: Epos/ Olloatir Britain A god often seen as a male form of Epona
God Name: Eranoranhan Canaan Protector of men only Canary Is./Hierro Is.
God Name: Erathipa Australian A huge boulder in the shape of a pregnant woman. It is said that the souls of dead children reside within it, and that if a woman of child-bearing age walks by a soul slips from the boulder and into her womb to be reborn. Australian
God Name: Erato Greek The Muse of lyric poetry & mime
God Name: Erato Greek A nymph and the wife of Ares, by whom she became the mother of Elatus, Apheidas, and Azan. She was said to have been a prophetic priestess of the Arcadian Pan. Greek
God Name: Erce Anglo-Saxon A triple goddess; a youthful maiden during the spring, maturing into a mother during the Summer, then aging into a crone at Winter-time. Anglo-Saxon
God Name: Erda Germanic Very old and wise goddess of the earth germanic
God Name: Erebos Greek/ Roman A primordial deity, different
God Name: Erebus Greek A primordial god, the personification of darkness. Greek
God Name: Erechtheus Erichthonius Greek There can be little doubt but that the names Erichthonius and Erechtheus are identical; but whether the two heroes mentioned by Plato, Hyginus, and Apollodorus, the one of whom is usually called Erichthonius or Erechtheus I. and the other Erechtheus II., are likewise one and the same person, as Muller and others think, is not so certain, though highly probable. Greek
God Name: Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
God Name: Erg Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Erge Basque Spirit who takes men's lives Basque
God Name: Ergediel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Erh Lang China God, with a magic dog, who fights the mountain demons. China
God Name: Eri Ireland Eri of the Golden Hair, Virgin Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann. Ireland
God Name: Eri of the Golden Hair Irish A virgin goddess of the Tuatha De Danann
God Name: Erigone Greek A daughter of Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, and by Orestes the mother of Penthilus. Greek
God Name: Erinnyes Greek Erinnyes, Eumenides or Erinys (the Romans called them the Furies) were female personifications of vengeance. When a formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes "those who beneath the earth punish whoever has sworn a false oath" - "the Erinyes are simply an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath" Greek
God Name: Erinys Greek A goddess of wrath
God Name: Eriphila Greek The personification of avarice, who guards the path that leads to pleasure, in Orlando Furioso. Greek
God Name: Eriphyle Greek A daughter of Talaus and Lysimache, and the wife of Amphiaraus, whom she betrayed for the sake of the necklace of Harmonia. Greek
God Name: Eris Greek Born of Ate and Zeus, or, according to Homer, Hera and Zeus (Iliad IV), she is the goddess who calls forth war and discord. According to the Iliad, she wanders about, at first small and insignificant, but she soon raises her head up to heaven (IV). Greek
God Name: Erishkigal Sumeria A goddess of the underworld
God Name: Eriskegal Allatu/ Babylon She is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
God Name: Eriskegal aka Erishkigal Babylon/Allatu Demon Queen of Seduction and Undeath, Mistress of Succubi. Babylon/Allatu
God Name: Eriu Ireland One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann and Goddess of fertility. Ireland
God Name: Eriu/ Erin/ Eire Irish One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann & a fertility goddess
God Name: Erix Greek Son of Goliath and grandson of Atlas. He invented legerdemain. Greek
God Name: Erkilek Inuit Malevolent hunting god. Inuit
God Name: Erlik Samoyed Finnish God of the netherworld Finnish
God Name: Erlking German King of the elves, who prepares mischief for children, and even deceives men with his seductions. He is said to haunt the Black Forest. German
God Name: Ermutu Egypt Goddess of childbirth and midwives. Egypt
God Name: Ern Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Eros Greek In Latin, Amor or Cupido, the god of love. In the sense in which he is usually conceived, Eros is the creature of the later Greek poets; and in order to understand the ancients properly we must distinguish three Erotes: viz. the Eros of the ancient cosmogonies, the Eros of the philosophers and mysteries, who bears great resemblance to the first, and the Eros whom we meet with in the epigrammatic and erotic poets, whose witty and playful descriptions of the god, however, can scarcely be considered as a part of the ancient religious belief of the Greeks. Greek
God Name: Erra Akkadian The god of mayhem and pestilence who brought plagues and other calamities. Akkadian
God Name: Errata Discworld The Goddess of Misunderstandings. This little known goddess was the cause of the Tsortean Wars; not, as most people believe, Elenor. Understandably not the most liked goddess, Errata wasn't invited to many weddings. Discworld
God Name: Ersa and Pandeia Greek 1. The wife of Danaus and mother of Hippodice and Adiante. (Apollod. ii. 1.) 2. A daughter of Cecrops and sister of Agraulos, Pandrosos, and Erysichthon. She was the beloved of Hermes, and the mother of Cephalus. Greek
God Name: Erymanthean Greek A devastating boar which wandered about in Arcadia. Its capture was one of the labours of Hercules. Greek
God Name: Erysichthon Greek That is, the tearer up of the earth. Greek
God Name: Eryx Greek In Apollodorus. ii he is called a son of Poseidon though others call him a son of Aphrodite and Butes of Sicily. Greek
God Name: Erzla Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Erzuli Haiti Goddess of justice. Haiti
God Name: Erzuli Mapiangueh Haiti A goddess of justice
God Name: Erzulie Haiti Goddess of health, clothes, flowers, jewelry, of fertility, love, virginity, beauty and sex. Haiti
God Name: Es Ket Siberia Creator god who fashioned humans from clay. Siberia
God Name: Esceheman Arapaho Grandmother earth. Arapaho
God Name: Eschetewuaraha Chamacoco The goddess of rain
God Name: Eschu Africa/Yoruba The god of mischief, is the son of Lusa and Mahu. He supported Legba in giving power of the loa to a mortal as a force of good against the evil unleashed by their brother Sagbata. Africa/Yoruba
God Name: Eschu/ Legba Yoruba/ Africa These deities are messengers between gods & mortals, not very nice either
God Name: Eseasar Africa Goddess of the earth. Africa
God Name: Esenchebis Greek The Greek name of the goddess Isis. Greek
God Name: Eshara Chaldea Goddess of productive fields and a war goddess who represented the armed defense of land and property. Chaldea
God Name: Eshmun Phonecian Lesser God of health and healing. Phonecian
God Name: Eshmun Semitic A northwestern Semitic god of healing and the tutelary god of Sidon.
God Name: Eshshata Jewish The a spirit of fever. Jewish Folklore
God Name: Eshu Yoruba/Fon Divine messenger. Yoruba/Fon
God Name: Esme Welsh Minor goddess of wealth, also seen as a gracious protector. Welsh
God Name: Espiacent Hebrew Another angel concerned with earwax. Hebrew
God Name: Esprit Follet French The French poltergeist.
God Name: Essus Gaul Harvest God worshipped in Brittany and Gaul by the the Essuvi.
God Name: Essus/ Esus Britain/ Gaul A harvest/ woodcutter god
God Name: Estar Akkadian "Queen Of Heaven", the goddess of war, love and fertility. Akkadian
God Name: Estsanatlehi Navaho Vegetative, fertility and creator sky goddess. Navaho
God Name: Esu Benin/Yoruba The dark side of God. He is an independent entity and timeless. Benin/Yoruba
God Name: Esu Edo Benin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
God Name: Esus Celtic The war god that may have been a tree god
God Name: Esus aka Essus Gaul God of boatmen, fond of cutting branches from trees with his axe. Gaul
God Name: Etain Ireland Goddess of war Ireland
God Name: Etain/ Echraidhe Irish A goddess of war
God Name: Etemmu Akkadian The name given to the ghost of a person who had not been buried and considered potentially harmful. Akkadian
God Name: Eteocles Greek 1. A son of Andreus and Evippe, or of Cephisus, who was said to have been the first that offered sacrifices to the Charites at Orchomenos, in Boeotia.
God Name: Eteocles2 Greek A son of Oedipus and Jocaste. Greek
God Name: Eternal Jew / Wandering Jew. Christian The Jew who hurried on Jesus Christ when he was led to crucifixion. As a punishment, he is compelled to wander about the world, homeless and restless, till the Day of Judgment. Christian
God Name: Eth Wicca An angel who carries out time and motion studies. Wicca
God Name: Ethausva Etruscan An Etruscan Goddess of Childbirth and Midwifery.
God Name: Etugen Mongol A virgin earth goddess
God Name: Etugen aka Itugen Mongol Virgin goddess of the earth. Mongol
God Name: Etzel Nibelungenlied The second husband of Kriemhild, king of the Huns. Nibelungenlied
God Name: Euboea Greek A daughter of the river-god Asterion near Mycenae, who together with her sisters Acraea and Prosymna acted as nurses to Hera. Greek
God Name: Eucharis Greek A nymph of the goddess Calypso. Greek
God Name: Eucleia Greek A personification of the glory which the Athenians had reaped in the battle of Marathon. Greek
God Name: Eudora Greek A daughter of Nereus and Doris. Greek
God Name: Eueucoyotl Aztec God of fertility, sex, pleasure, sorrow and spontaneity. Aztec
God Name: Eumenides Grek Eumenides [the good-tempered goddesses ]. A name given by the Greeks to the Furies, as it would have been ominous and bad policy to call them by their right name, Erinnyes.
God Name: Eumenides/ Erinyes Greek A goddesses of justice
God Name: Eumeus Greek A faithful servant and guardian of the troops of Ulysses. Greek
God Name: Eumolpus Greek That is, " the good singer," a Thracian who is described as having come to Attica either as a bard, a warrior, or a priest of Demeter and Dionysus. Greek
God Name: Euneus Greek A son of Jason by Hypsipyle, in the island of Lemnos, from whence he supplied the Greeks during their war against Troy with wine. Greek
God Name: Eunomia Greek One of the Horae and goddess of order and lawful conduct. Greek
God Name: Eunostos Greek Goddess of flour mills Greek
God Name: Eupatridae Attica The lords of creation. Attica
God Name: Euphemus Greek A son of Poseidon by Europa, the daughter of Tityus, or by Mecionice or Oris, a daughter of Orion or Eurotas. Greek
God Name: Eupheno Greek wife of Hyperbios.
God Name: Euphorbus Greek A son of Panthous and brother of Hyperenor, was one of the bravest among the Trojans. He was the first who wounded Patroclus, but was afterwards slain by Menelaus, who subsequently dedicated the shield of Euphorbus in the temple of Hera, near Mycenae. Greek
God Name: Euphrosyne Greek One of the three Charites or Graces. The cheerful one, or life lived in exuberance and joy, the Goddess of mirth, and the incarnation of grace and beauty. A daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, or of Dionysus and Aphrodite. Greek
God Name: Eurabatres Greek An angel from the planet Venus.
God Name: Euronomus Greek A demon who ate the flesh of corpses. Greek
God Name: Europa Greek The daughter of Agenor, King of Phoenicia, or Telephassa, Her famous brother was Cadmus. She was a beautiful girl who caught the eye of Zeus one day while on the shore at Sidon (Tyre). He transformed himself into a snow-white bull with crescent horns among the herds of Agenor and lay down at her feet as she gathered flowers in the meadows with her attendants. Greek
God Name: Euros East God of the east winds Roman/Greek
God Name: Eurotas Greek A son of Myles and grandson of Lelex. He was the father of Sparta, the wife of Lacedaemon, and is said to have carried the waters, stagnating in the plain of Lacedaemon, into the sea by means of a canal, and to have called the river which arose therefrom after his own name, Eurotas. Greek
God Name: Eurus Greek The east wind. Greek
God Name: Euryale Greek The name of the three sisters known as the Gorgons; her name means Wide-Wanderer. Greek
God Name: Eurybates Greek The herald of Odysseus, who followed his master to Troy. He is humorously described as hump-backed, of a brown complexion, and witn curly hair; but he was honoured by his master, since he was kind and obedient. Greek
God Name: Eurybates aka Eribotes Greek The son of Teleon, was one of the Argonauts, and appears to have acted as surgeon, as he is represented as attending on Oileus when he was wounded by one of the Stymphalian birds.. (Argonautica). Greek
God Name: Eurybia Greek A daughter of Pontus and Ge, who became by Crius the mother of Astraeus, Pallas, and Perses. Greek
God Name: Eurydamas Greek 1. A son of Irus and Demonassa, was one of the Argonauts. Apollonius Rhodius calls him a son of Ctimenus. 2. One of the suitors of Penelope, who was killed by Odysseus. Greek
God Name: Eurydice Greek A mountain valley nymph with a sad love story[ aren't they all?]
God Name: Eurydice Greek The most famous was a woman-or a nymph-who was the wife of Orpheus. While fleeing from Aristaeus, she was bitten by a serpent and died. Distraught, Orpheus played such sad songs and sang so mournfully that all the nymphs and gods wept and gave him advice. Orpheus accomplished something no other person ever has: he traveled to the underworld and by his music softened the heart of Hades and Persephone, who allowed Eurydice to return with him to the world of the living. Greek
God Name: Eurylochus Greek One of the companions of Odysseus in his wanderings. He was the only one that escaped from the house of Circe, while his friends were metamorphosed into swine; and when Odysseus went to the lower world, Eurylochus and Perimedes performed the prescribed sacrifices. It was on his advice that the companions of Odysseus carried off some of the oxen of Helios. Greek
God Name: Eurymedon Greek A Cabeirus, a son of Hephaestus and Cabeiro, and a brother of Alcon. 2. One of the attendants of Nestor. 3. A son of Ptolemaeus, and charioteer of Agamemnon; his tomb was shown at Mycenae. Greek
God Name: Eurynome Greek A daughter of Oceanus. When Hephaestus was expelled by Hera from Olympus, Eurynome and Thetis received him in the bosom of the sea. Greek
God Name: Eurynomus Greek A daemon of the lower world, concerning whom there was a tradition at Delphi, according to which, he devoured the flesh of dead human bodies, and left nothing but the bones. Greek
God Name: Eurypylus Greek A son of Euaemon and Ops. He appears in the different traditions about him, as a hero of Ormenion, or Hyria, or as a king of Cyrene. Greek
God Name: Euryte Greek A nymph, the daughter of Hippodamas. She married Porthaon and produced Licymnius, Sterope, Agrius and Oeneus. Greek
God Name: Eurytion Greek A son of Irus and Demonassa, and a grandson of Actor, is mentioned among the Argonauts. (Argonautica) According to others he was a son of Actor, and he is also called Eurytus. (Apollodorus i) When Peleus was expelled from his dominions, he fled to Eurytion and married his daughter Antigone but in shooting at the Calydonian boar, Peleus inadvertently killed his father-in-law, (Apollodorus iii)
God Name: Eurytos Greek One of the giants that made war with the gods. Bacchus killed him with his thyrsus. Greek
God Name: Eurytus Greek A son of Melaneus and Stratonice was king of Oechalia, probably the Thessalian town of this name. He was a skilful archer and married to Antioche, by whom he became the father of lole, Iphitus, Molion or Deion, Clytius, and Toxeus. Greek
God Name: Euterpe Greek Muse of lyric poetry and music. Greek
God Name: Eutpa Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Eutychia Greek The goddess of good fortune. Greek
God Name: Evadne Greek 1. A daughter of Poseidon and Pitane. Immediately after her birth, she was carried to the Arcadian king Aepytus, who brought her up. She afterwards became by Apollo the mother of Iamus. 2. A daughter of Iphis, or Philax. (Apollodorus iii) There are three other mythical personages of the same name. Greek
God Name: Evaki Bakairi Goddess of the night and day who places the sun in a pot every night and moves the sun back to its starting point in the east every day. Bakairi
God Name: Evan Etruscan Considered female a being that is one of the Las
God Name: Evangelos Greek The bearer of good news. Under this name the shepherd Pixodarus had a sanctuary at Ephesus where he enjoyed heroic honours, because he had found a quarry of beautiful marble, of which the Ephesians built a temple. Greek
God Name: Evippe Greek The name of five mythological personages, concerning whom nothing of interest is related. (Apollodorus. ii. Metamorphoses) Greek
God Name: Ewauna Coquille Creator goddess. Coquille
God Name: Exadius Greek One of the Lapithae, who distinguished himself in the contest at the nuptials of Peirithous. Greek
God Name: Exarp Enochian A spirit of the Air. Enochian
God Name: Excalibur Britain Liberated from the stone. The sword which Arthur drew out of the stone, whereby he proved himself to be the king. Britain
God Name: Exr Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Eyrgjafa Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
God Name: Ezgadi Christian A minor angel in charge of successful journeys. Christian
God Name: Ezili Haiti/Vodun/West Indies The spirit of love, beauty, jewellery, dancing, luxury and flowers. Haiti/Vodun/West Indies
God Name: Ezili Fon Haiti/ Vodun/ West Indies A goddess who represents wisdom & beauty & love
God Name: Ezinu Sumerian The Sumerian goddess of grain.
God Name: F Mayan F. A god of war who likes a tasty human sacrifice. Mayan
God Name: Fa Africa The god with 16 eyes who brought learning to the people. Africa
God Name: Faax Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Fabulinus Roman The god who taught Roman children to utter their first word. It was the god Vagitanus who taught them to utter their first cry. Roman
God Name: Fachea Ireland Goddess of poetry and patron of bards. Ireland
God Name: Fada France A fee or kobold of the south of France, sometimes called "Hada." These house-spirits, of which, strictly speaking, there are but three, bring good luck in their right hand and ill luck in their left.
God Name: Fadda Islam Mahomet's white mule. Islam
God Name: Fafner Norse Son of Hreidmar. He kills his father to get possession of the Andvarenaut. He afterwards changes himself into a dragon and guards the treasure on Gnitaheath. He is slain by Sigurd, and his heart is roasted and eaten. Norse
God Name: Fagus Gaul/Pyrenean God of beech trees. Gaul/Pyrenean
God Name: Fahfah Islam One of the rivers of Paradise. Islam
God Name: Faids Britain The second class of Druids. Britain
God Name: Faivarongo Polynesia Grandsire of the Ocean and the god of sailors. Polynesia
God Name: Faivarongo Tikopia Polynesia A god of sailors
God Name: Fakavelikele Polynesia The supreme god of the Futuna who, with Songia and Fitu, was considered the source of all good and evil. Polynesia
God Name: Falacer Italian An ancient and forgotten Italian divinity, considered to be the same as Jupiter.
God Name: Falhofner [Hollow-hoof] Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
God Name: Fama Roman The personification of rumour or report. Roman
God Name: Fan K'uei China God of butchers. China
God Name: Fand Celtic A goddess of happiness & pleasure
God Name: Fand Irish An early Irish sea goddess, later described as a "Queen of the Fairies". Her name is variously translated as "Pearl of Beauty" or "A Tear". She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses.
God Name: Fangle Rainbowweb Computer games A fairy bringer of fortune who lives at the bottom of my tangled garden and is only seen in the mist of an early morning. She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals and has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.
God Name: Faragvoul Puerto Rico/ Haiti A votive god
God Name: Farbaute [Ship-destroyer] Norse The father of Loke. Norse
God Name: Farbauti Norse Father of Loki, Byleifstr, and Helbindi. Farbauti's wife was either Laufey or Nal. Norse
God Name: Faro Africa Purified the earth by sacrificing himself to atone for his twin Pemba's sin. Mande. Weat Africa
God Name: Faro Bambara W Africa A river god that brought order to the world when it was created
God Name: Fascinus Roman An early Latin divinity, and identical with Mutinus or Tutinus. He was worshipped as the protector from sorcery, witchcraft, and evil daemons and represented in the form of a phallus, the genuine Latin for which iafascimtm, this symbol being believed to be most efficient in averting all evil influences. He was especially invoked to protect women in childbed and their offspring.
God Name: Fata Italian An Italian fay, or white lady.
God Name: Fata-Morgana Celtic Goddess of the sea, illusion, enchantment, fate and death and Queen of the Fortunate Isles. Celtic