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"Demeter" Greek One of the great divinities of the Greeks. The name Demeter is supposed by some to be the same as mother earth, while others consider Deo, which is synonymous with Demeter and as derived from the Cretan word barley, so that Demeter would be the mother or giver of barley or of food generally. Greek
Goddess name "Demi-Gods" Greek The "half-gods", is used to describe mythological figures or heroes such as Hercules, Achilles, Castor and Pollux, etc. Sons of mortals and gods or goddesses, they raised themselves to the standard of gods by their acts of bravery.
"Demiurge" Platonists The mysterious agent which made the world and all that it contains. The Logos or Word spoken of by St. John, in the first chapter of his gospel, is the Demiurgus of Platonising Christians. In the Gnostic systems, Jehovah (as an eon or emanation of the Supreme Being) is the Demiurge. Platonists
"Demo" Greek A name of Demeter. It also occurs as a proper name of other mythical beings, such as the Cumaean Sibyl and a daughter of Celeus and Metaneira, who, together with her sisters, kindly received Demeter at the well Callichoros in Attica. Greek
Demon name "Demogorgon" Christian Often ascribed to Greek mythology, is actually an invention of Christian scholars, imagined as the name of a pagan god or demon, associated with the underworld and envisaged as a powerful primordial being, whose very name had been taboo.
"Demonassa" Greek 1. The wife of Irus, and mother of Eurydamas and Eurytion. (Argonautica) 2. A daughter of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, was the wife of Thersander, by whom she became the mother of Tisamenus. 3. The mother of Aegialus by Adrastus. Greek
Goddess name "Demophon" Greek The youngest son of Celeus and Metaneira, who was entrusted to the care of Demeter. He grew up under her without any human food, being fed by the goddess with her own milk, and ambrosia. During the night she used to place him in fire to secure to him eternal youth ; but once she was observed by Metaneira, who disturbed, the goddess by her cries, and the child Demophon was consumed by the flames. Greek
"Demurge" Gnostic artisan or "craftsman" the Creator or Maker of the world. Gnostic
Goddess name "Dena" Persia Goddess the daughter of Ahura Mazda. Persia
Goddess name "Dena" Persian / Iran Goddess. The daughter of the god of light AHURA MAZDA....
God name "Dendrites" Greek The god of the tree, a surname of Dionysus, which has the same import as Dasyllius, the giver of foliage. Greek
Goddess name "Dendritis" Greek The goddess of the tree, occurs as a surname of Helen at Rhodes, and the following story is related to account for it. After the death of Menelaus, Helen was driven from her home by two natural sons of her husband. She fled to Rhodes, and sought the protection of her friend Polyxo, the widow of Tlepolemus. But Polyxo bore Helen a grudge, since her own husband Tlepolemus had fallen a victim in the Trojan war. Accordingly, once while Helen was bathing, Polyxo sent out her servants in the disguise of the Erinnyes, with the command to hang Helen on a tree.
Goddess name "Dendritus" Greek A goddess of the tree
God name "Deng" Sudan God of Rain. Dinka, Sudan
Goddess name "Deng" Nuer / Dinka / Sudan sky god. Considered to be a foreign deity in the Nuer pantheon and a bringer of disease. His daughter is the moon goddess. In Dinka religion he is a storm and fertility god bringing lightning and Rain....
God name "Deng Dinka/ Neur" Sudan A god of Rain
"Deo" Hindu Originally the term for the thirty-three great divinities. Hindu
God name "Deo Qui Vias Et Semitas" Britain Deo Qui Vias Et Semitas Commentus Est. 'The God who Invented Roads and Pathways' is mentioned on a single altarstone in Britain.
"Deohako" Seneca Collective name of the three daughters of the earth Mother. Seneca
"Deosil" s Clockwise. The term used to refer to the direction of a witch's dance or Circle-casting.
Angel name "Deputy Angels" Jewish Certain angels who, in Jewish lore and magic, act as spirit servants. Jewish scholar Eleazar of Worms declared them to be entirely good.
God name "Dercetius" Roman God of mountains Roman / Iberia / Hispanic
God name "Dercetius" Romano - Iberian mountain god. Derceto...
Goddess name "Derceto" Greek A goddess of fertility
Goddess name "Derceto" Greek Goddess of fertility and mermaids. Greek
"Dercynus" Greek A son of Poseidon and brother of Albion. Greek
Goddess name "Derketo" Chaldea Goddess of the moon associated with fertility. Chaldea
"Derrhiatis" Sparta A surname of Artemis, which she derived from the town of Derrhion on the road from Sparta to Arcadia.
Spirit name "Derzelas" Dacian God of health and human spirit's vitality, also known under the names of Great God Gebeleizis, Derzis or the Thracian Knight.
God name "Descended into hell" Greek Means the place of the dead. (Anglo-Saxon, helan, to cover or conceal, like the Greek "Hades," the abode of the dead, from the verb a-cido, not to see. In both cases it means "the unseen world"; or "the world concealed from sight." The god of this nether world was called "Hades" by the Greeks, and "Hel" or "Hela" by the Scandinavians. In some counties of England to cover in with a roof is "to hell the building," and thatchers or tilers are termed "helliers."
Goddess name "Despina" Greek Or Despoena, the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter after they mated disguised as horses. Despoena, the ruling goddess or the mistress, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephone. Greek
Goddess name "Despoena" Greek 1. A goddess of fruit. A daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. Known as Pomona to the Romans 2. The ruling goddess or the mistress, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephone. Greek
Angel name "Destroying Angel" Roman Another name for the angel of destruction, aka the angel of death.
Angel name "Destruction Angels" Jewish A fearsome type of angel who descends to the earth to inflict terrible suffering upon the wicked and in need of punishment. Jewish
King name "Deucalion" Greek Son of Prometheus and Clymene. He was king in Phthia, and married to Pyrr. When Zeus, after the treatment he had received from Lycaon, had resolved to destroy the degenerate race of men who inhabited the earth, Deucalion, on the advice of his father, built a ship, and carried into it stores of provisions and when Zeus sent a flood all over Hellas, which destroyed all its inhabitants, Deucalion and Pyrrha alone were saved. Greek
"Deus Coelestis" Libya Another name of Baal Hamon. Libya
God name "Deus Munificentissimus" Roman Latin for "The most bountiful God"
God name "Deus ex machina" Roman The intervention of a god, or some unlikely event. Literally, it means "a god let down upon the stage or flying in the air by machinery."
God name "Deva" Hindu / Puranic / Vedic Generic name of a god. Hindu / Puranic / Vedic
Deities name "Deva (the god)" Hindu / Vedic / Puranic Generic name of a god. Originally, in the Rg Veda, thirty or thirty-three devas are indicated, divided into three groups of eleven. In later Hinduism, the term deva is generally applied to deities not included in the chief triad of BRAHMA, VISNU and SIVA....
Goddess name "Devaki" Hindu / Puranic / Epic Mother goddess. Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Devaki (divine)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. Daughter of Devaka and consort of the mythical king VASUDEVA, Devaki bore eight sons, including KRSNA and BALARAMA. Her brother Kamsa believed that the eighth child would kill him and he slaughtered the first six sons. In order to save the remaining two, VISNU implanted the “seed” of his avataras in Devaki's womb (in the form of hairs from his head), before transferring Balarama to the womb of the goddess ROHINI and Krsna to Yasoda, the wife of a cowherd, Nanda....
"Devala" Hindu Music personified as female. Hindu
Goddess name "Devana" Czechoslovakia / Slavic A goddess of the hunt
Goddess name "Devananda" Jain Mother goddess of happiness and joy. Jain
Goddess name "Devananda (delight of the gods)" Jain / India Goddess. The mother of Mahavira....
Planet name "Devapurohita" Hindu / Puranic Astral god. An epithet for the planet god JUPITER....
God name "Devaputra" Buddhist Designation for the lower ranked gods. Buddhist
Demon name "Devas" India Some gods at perpetual war with the demons
Demon name "Devas" India Some gods at perpetual war with the demons. India
Spirit name "Devas aka daeva" Hindu A type of celestial being that appears in both Persian mythology and Hinduism. Named after a Sanskrit word meaning "god," the deva emerged in Hindu teachings as a spiritual being, serving the supreme beings.
Goddess name "Devasena" Hindu / Puranic Goddess. Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Devasena (heavenly host)" Hindu / Puranic Goddess. One of the consorts of SKANDA who normally stands to his left. Attribute: lotus in the left hand....
God name "Devata" Hindu The gods in general or, as most frequently used, the whole body of inferior gods. Hindu
God name "Devel" Gypsy Highest being / god. Gypsy
God name "Devel/ Del" Gypsy The highest being / god
"Deverra" Roman One of the three symbolic beings, Pilumnus, Intercidona, and Deverra, whose influence was sought by the Romans at the birth of a child, as a protection for the mother against the vexations of Sylvanus. Roman
Goddess name "Deverra" Roman Minor goddess of birth. A guardian of newborn children. Symbolized by a broom used to sweep away evil influences....
Goddess name "Devi" Hindu A twelve armed warrior goddess
Goddess name "Devi" Hindu Twelve armed warrior goddess. Hindu
Deity name "Devi" Hindu The consort of Siva and daughter of Himavat, the Himalaya mountains. As the female energy of Siva she considered either as a beneficent or as a malignant deity. Hindu
Deities name "Devi" India These are female deities
"Devi" Russia Giants, usually believed to be evil beings. Russia
Goddess name "Devi (the goddess)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess epitomizing the active female principle. Devi evolved as a major goddess out of the older notion of mother and vegetation goddesses. She is seen more as an abstract principle who will nevertheless respond directly to worshipers' prayers. By the fifth century AD she appears in many forms as the active (feminine) aspect or power of male deities. General attributes: conch, hook, noose, prayer wheel and trident. Devi is also the generic name given to a female deity, in her capacity as the consort of a god or DEVA.See also SRI(DEVI), BHUMIDEVI....
Spirit name "Devil" Christian The supreme spirit of evil, the tempter and spiritual enemy of mankind, the foe of God and holiness. Jewish and Christian
"Devil's Advocate" Christian In the Catholic Church when a name is suggested for canonisation, some person is appointed to oppose the proposition, and is expected to give reasons why it should not take place. This person is technically called Advocatus Diaboli. Having said his say, the conclave decides the question.
"Devil's Arrows" Britain Three Druid stones near Boroughbridge. Britain
God name "Deving Iching" Latvia God of horses. Latvia
Goddess name "Devona" Briton Goddess of the rivers of Devon. Briton
Monster name "Devonshire" Britain A corruption of Debon's-share. This Debon was one of the heroes who came with Brute from Troy. One of the giants that he slew in the south coasts of England was Coulin, whom he chased to a vast pit eight leagues across. The monster trying to leap this pit, fell backwards, and lost his life in the chasm. When Brutus allotted out the island, this portion became Debon's-share. Britain
God name "Dewden aka Dedun" Nubian A Nubian god worshipped since at least 2400BC. There is much uncertainty about his original nature, especially since he was depicted as a lion, but the earliest known information indicates that he had become a god of incense.
Goddess name "Dewi Ratih" Bali Goddess of the moon. Bali
Goddess name "Dewi Shri" Bali Rice goddess. Bali
Goddess name "Dewy" Canaan Goddess Rain. Canaan
Goddess name "Dhanada" Buddhist / Mahayana Form of the goddess Tara. Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Dhanada" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. One of the emanations of the DHYANIBUDDHA AMOGHASIDDHI, also a form of the goddess TARA. She sits upon a moon throne with an unnamed animal in attendance. Color: green. Attributes: Book, blue lotus, image of Amoghasiddhi, noose and rosary....
Goddess name "Dhanistha" Hindu / Puranic Minor goddess of misfortune to and malevolent astral deity. Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Dhanistha (very rich)" Hindu / Puranic Minor goddess of misfortune. A malevolent NAKSATRA or astral deity; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA). Also SRAVISTHA....
God name "Dhanvantari" Hindu / Puranic / Vedic / Epic God of the Sun who later became an avatar of the god Visnu. Hindu / Puranic / Vedic / Epic
God name "Dhanvantari (traveling through an arc)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Sun god. In later tradition a minor incarnation or avatara of the god VISNU, also closely associated with Medicine. In Vedic mythology Dhanvantari carried the ambrosia created from the primeval ocean of milk. He brought medical science to mankind. Only as the religion evolved did he become identified as an avatara. As KANTATMAN (PRADYUMNA), he is thought to be Kama reincarnated after his death at the hands of SIVA. Various other epithets and existences are attributed to this deity. Offerings are due to him at dusk in the northeastern quarter. He is the guardian deity of hospitals which are usually in the vicinity of a sanctuary of Vis”nu. Attributes: two bowls containing ambrosia. Also Kantatman....
God name "Dhara" Hindu Attendant god Hindu / Puranic
Deities name "Dhara (supporting)" Hindu / Puranic Attendant god. One of a group of eight VASU deities answering to the god INDRA. Attributes: lotus, plough, rosary and spear....
Goddess name "Dharani (earth)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic (1) Goddess. Consort of PARASURAMA and an avatara of the goddess LAKSMI.(2) Collective name for a group of deities. Buddhist. Twelve personifications of a particular kind of short mystical religious text used as a charm. Also dharini....
God name "Dharma" Hindu God of justice, righteousness and virtue Hindu
God name "Dharmadhatuvagisvara" Buddhist Physician god Buddhist
God name "Dharmadhatuvagisvara" Buddhist God of the law. A variety of MANJUSRI and therefore an emanation of AMITABHA. Color: reddish-white. Attributes: arrow, bell, Book, bow, hook, image of Amitabha on crown, staff, sword and water jar. Depicted with four heads and setting the law wheel in motion....
God name "Dharmakirtisagaraghosa (sound of the ocean of the glory of the law)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. Accounted among one of a series of Medicine buddhas known as a SMAN-BLA in Lamaism. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes. Color: red....
Goddess name "Dharmamegha" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Vajrayana
Goddess name "Dharmamegha (cloud of the law)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Minor goddess. One of twelve deified BHUMIS recognized as different spiritual spheres through which a disciple passes. Color: blue. Attributes: Book and staff....
Goddess name "Dharmapala" Buddhist Minor goddess concerned with law Buddhist / Vajrayana
Deities name "Dharmapala" Buddhist / particularly Lamaist / Tibet Collective name for a group of eight tutelary deities. They wear royal apparel but are of terrible appearance and are considered to be the guardians of the law. General attributes: ax, cup, knife and snake....
Goddess name "Dharmapratisamvit (analysis of nature)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Goddess of nature analysis. One of a group of four PRATISAMVITS. Color: whitish-red. Attributes: noose and staff with crook....
Goddess name "Dharmavasita (control of law)" Buddhist Minor goddess. One of a group of twelve VASITAS personifying the disciplines of spiritual regeneration. Color: white. Attributes: water jar on a red lotus....
Goddess name "Dharni Pinnu" India Goddess of health India
Goddess name "Dharti Mata" Hindu Mother goddess Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Dharti Mata" Hindu / Puranic Mother goddess. A deity who appears late in Hinduism and equates with PRTHIVI or BHUMIDEVI. According to some authors she is the consort of THAKUR DEO. Also Dhartri Mai, Darti Awwal....
Goddess name "Dhat Badan" Yemen Primary goddess Yemen
God name "Dhatar" Hindu God of the Sun Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Dhatar (creator)" Hindu / Puranic Sun god. An original Vedic list of six descendants of the goddess ADITI or Adityas, all of whom take the role of Sun gods was, in later times, enlarged to twelve, including Dhatar. Color: golden. Attributes: two lotuses, lotus rosary and waterjar. Also Dhatr....
Goddess name "Dhavajagrakeyura" Buddhist Goddess who sits on a Sun throne Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Dhisana" Hindu Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu
Goddess name "Dhisana" Hindu / Vedic Minor goddess of prosperity. Associated with the acquisition of wealth. Also the name given to a bowl of fermented drink or soma....
God name "Dhrtarastra (his empire is firm)" Buddhist Minor god. One of the dikpalas or guardians of the easterly direction. Color: white. Attribute: lute....
Goddess name "Dhrti" Jain Minor goddess who apparently just hangs around Jain
Goddess name "Dhrti (firmness)" Jain / India Goddess. A minor deity with no significant role or attributes....
God name "Dhruva" Hindu Astral god Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Deities name "Dhruva (immovable)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Astral god. The son of Uttanapada, a star in the constellation of Ursa Minor which was the pole star in the last millennium BC. An avatara of V IS NU. Also one of a group of Vasu deities answering to the god INDRA. In different context, the description of a kind of fixed icon. Attributes: prayer wheel, rosary, spear and water jar....
Goddess name "Dhumavati" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Dhumavati (smoky)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. One of a group of ten MAHAVIDYAS personifying the SAKTI of S IVA. Aspects include Darunaratri (night of frustration), who is also regarded as one of the personifications of the goddess Sakti....
Goddess name "Dhumorna" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Dhumorna (smoke)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The consort of YAMA. Attribute: a pomegranate....
Goddess name "Dhumravati" Hindu Rather terrible goddess, walks around with a skull in the hand Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Dhumravati" Hindu / Puranic Terrible goddess. Attributes: skull in the hand and garland of skulls, sword and tusks....
Goddess name "Dhupa" Buddhist Minor goddess and a censor Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Dhupa (incense)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Mother goddess. One of the ASTAMATARA mothers. Color: yellow. Attribute: a censer....
Goddess name "Dhupatara (incense-Tara)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. Color: black. Attribute: a censer....
God name "Dhurjati" Hindu God, a manifestation of Siva Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Dhurjati (with matted hair)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. A manifestation of SI IVA in which his body is smeared with ash....
Goddess name "Dhvajagrakeyura (ring on a banner)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of AKSOBHYA. She sits on a Sun throne. Color: dark blue, black or yellow. Attributes: club, image of Aksobhya, noose, pestle, prayer wheel, staff, sword, tiger skin and trident. Three-headed and three-eyed....
God name "Dhvajosnisa" Buddhist God, apparently Guardian deity Buddhist
Deities name "Dhvajosnisa" Buddhist God. An USNISA deity apparently connected with the guardian deities or dikpalas in the southwestern quarter. Color: reddish-blue. Attributes: banner with jewel....
Spirit name "Dhyanaparamita (perfection in meditation)" Buddhist Philosophical deity. A PARAMITA and spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: darkish sky blue. Attributes: banner with jewel, and white lotus....
Deity name "Dhyanaparmita" Buddhist Philosophical deity Buddhist
"Dhyani" Buddhas Five meditating Buddhas who came from the primeval Buddha Buddhist
Spirit name "Dhyanibuddha" Buddhist Generic name for a spiritual or meditation Buddha Buddhist
Spirit name "Dhyanibuddha" Buddhist / Vajrayana General name of a spiritual or meditation buddha. An emanation of the ADIBUDDHA and generally regarded as one of a group of five representing the cosmic elements. The mystic counterpart of a human buddha. When the five are represented as a group, their common attribute is a staff on a lotus....
Goddess name "Dhyanibuddhasakti" Buddhist Collective name for a specific group of goddesses Buddhist
Goddess name "Dhyanibuddhasakti" Buddhist Collective name for a group of goddesses. The five SAKTIS of the Dhyanibuddhas. Common attributes include a cup and knife....
God name "Di Jun" China God of the eastern sky China
Goddess name "Dia Griene" Scotland Goddess of war Scotland
Goddess name "Diablesse" Haiti Goddesses of justice Haiti
God name "Dian Cecht" Irish A god of crafts & healing
"Dian-Cecht" Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Goddess name "Diana" Greek / Roman A goddess of childbirth, chastity, virginity, fertility, hunting, the moon & the sky
Goddess name "Diana" Roman moon goddess. Living in the Forests, she is a huntress and protector of animals, also the guardian of virginity. Generally modeled on the Greek goddess ARTEMIS, she had a sanctuary on the Aventine Hill in Rome and, under Roman rule, took over the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus....
"Diancecht" Irish Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht
Goddess name "Diang" Sudan cow goddess and the wife of the first human, Omara, sent by the creator god. Her son is Okwa, who married the crocodile goddess Nyakaya. Shilluk, Sudan
Goddess name "Diang" Shilluk / Sudan cow goddess. Living along the west bank of the Nile, the Shilluk perceive Diang as the consort of the first human, Omara, sent by the creator god. Her son is Okwa, who married the crocodile goddess NYAKAYA. Thus the three main elements of Shilluk life are contained in their religious beginnings—men (sky), cows (earth) and crocodiles (water)....
Goddess name "Diang Shilluk" Sudan A cow goddess
Deity name "Dianic Wicca" Greek A Wiccan path that focuses on the strong female deity Diana.
Angel name "Diari" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Diarmaid" Celtic Had a beauty spot which, any woman chanced to see it, would make her instantly fall in love with him. Celtic
"Dias" Greek Father of Cleolla, the mother of Agamemnon by Pleisthenes. Greek
"Dice" Greek The personification of justice, was, according to Hesiod, a daughter of Zeus and Themis, and the sister of Eunomia and Eirene. She was considered as one of the Horae; she watched the deeds of man, and approached the throne of Zeus with lamentations whenever a judge violated justice. Greek
Goddess name "Dice/ Dike" Greek A goddess of justice
"Dicilla" s One of Logistilla's handmaids, famous for her chastity. Orlando Furioso
"Dickepoten" Germanic The Jack-o'-Lantern of Mark and Lower Saxony.
"Dictaeus" Greek A surname of Zeus, derived from mount Dicte in the eastern part of Crete. Greek
Nymph name "Dicte" Greece A nymph from who was beloved and pursued by Minos, but she threw herself into the sea, where she was caught up and saved in the nets of fishermen. Greece
Goddess name "Dictynna" Crete A mother goddess
Goddess name "Dictynna" Cretan Mother goddess. She became syncretized with the Greek goddess RHEA....
"Dictynna aka Britomartis" Cretan Originally a Cretan divinity of hunters and fishermen. Her name is usually derived from sweet or blessing, and a maiden, so that the name would mean, the sweet or blessing maiden.
Goddess name "Didi" Thakrun Hindu a plague goddess associated with cholera
Goddess name "Didi Thakrun" Hindu / northern India Plague goddess. Associated with cholera. Worshiped locally at Bardvan....
"Dido" Carthage Dido was queen of Carthage, who fell in love with ?neas, driven by a storm to her shores. After abiding awhile at Carthage, he was compelled by Mercury to leave the hospitable queen. Dido, in grief, burnt herself to death on a funeral pile.
"Dieva-deli" Latvia heavenly beings, 2 sometimes 3
Supreme god name "Dievas aka Dievs" Latvia The supreme god in the pre-Christian religion of Lithuanians, where Dievas was understood to be the supreme being of the world. Latvia
God name "Dievini" Latvia Group of minor gods. Latvia
God name "Dievs" Latvia A pre-Christian sky god
God name "Dievs" Pre - Christian Latvian sky god. He is depicted in the guise of a gentleman farmer wearing cap and sword and mounted on a horse, or driving a cart. Tradition has it that he first set free the Sun....
"Digambara" Jain clothed with the directions of space; sky-clad That is, wears nothing other than space; naked. Jain
Goddess name "Digambara (naked)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Goddess. The SAKTI of Yogambara. Attribute: a bowl. NOTE: Digambara is also an epithet of the goddess KALI in Hindu religion....
Demon name "Digawina" Melanesian  A demoness who steals food and stuffs it into her enormous vagina.
Deities name "Dii Mauri" Africa The God of Moors. Immortal, they act as redeemers, and benevolent indigenous deities. North Africa
Deities name "Dii Mauri Moor" N Africa They were redeemers, immortals, & exalted deities that were almost never named
God name "Dii Penates" Roman household gods. Roman
Goddess name "Diiwica" Serbia Goddess of the hunt. Serbia
Goddess name "Diiwica/ Dilwica" Serbia Another goddess of the hunt
Goddess name "Dike" Greek Goddess of justice. The daughter of ZEUS. Depicted as a maiden whom men violently abuse in the streets but who is honored by the gods and who reports to her father on the misdeeds of mankind, causing Divine retribution. She is depicted on the Kypselos chest as an attractive woman strangling an ugly goddess of injustice, ADIKIA....
God name "Dikkumara" Jain / India A god associated with Rain & thunder
God name "Dikkumara" Jain / India God. One of the groups under the general title of BHAVANAVASI (dwelling in places). They have youthful appearance and are associated with Rain and thunder....
"Diksa" Hindu Or initiation is personified as the wife of Soma, the moon. Hindu
Goddess name "Diksa (initiation)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The consort of Ugra and mother of SANTANA. Also the name of the Buddhist Tantric initiation ceremony....
Goddess name "Dil" Irish A goddess
Goddess name "Dil Ki Baat" India Goddess of strength and wisdom. India
God name "Dilis Varskvlavi" Russia Dilis Varskvlavi "the Morning Star", the Winter god. Russia
God name "Dilmun" Sumeria God of fresh water Sumeria
Goddess name "Dilwica" Slavic Goddess of hunting Slavic
Demon name "Dimme" Sumeria Female demon of fever and and diseases of infants. There were seven evil spirits of this kind, who were apparently regarded as being daughters of Anu, the god of the heavens. Sumeria
Angel name "Dimt" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Dinawagan" Tinguian The wife of Hatan "The head anito, who made the laws of the sky world and rules it" and invoked for help particularly in illness. Tinguian
God name "Dinditane" Huli Fertility god of gardening. Huli
"Dindymene" Greek The Great Mother of Mount Dindimus. Greek
Angel name "Dinmt" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Diom" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Diomede" Greek A daughter of Phorbaa of Lemnos, was beloved by Achilles. Greek
King name "Diomedes" Greek A son of Tydeus and Deipyle, the husband of Aegialeia, and the successor of Adrastus in the kingdom of Argos, though he was descended from an Aetolian family. Greek
King name "Dion" Greek A king in Laconia whose daughters were metamorphosed into rocks. Greek
"Dione" Greek A female Titan, a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and, according to others, of Uranus and Ge, or of Aether and Ge. She was beloved by Zeus, by whom she became the mother of Aphrodite. Greek
God name "Dionysia" Greek Festivals celebrated in various parts of Greece in honour of Dionysus. We have to consider under this head several festivals of the same deity, although some of them bore different names, for here, as in other cases, the name of the festival was sometimes derived from that of the god, sometimes from the place where it was celebrated, and sometimes from some particular circumstance connected with its celebration. Greek
"Dionysius" Greek These mysterious rites were, at first, imparted to a few, but afterwards communicated to great numbers, both men and women Greek
God name "Dionysus" Greek The youthful, beautiful, but effeminate god of wine. He is also called both by Greeks and Romans Bacchus, that is, the noisy or riotous god, which was originally a mere epithet or surname of Dionysus, but does not occur till after the time of Herodotus. Greek
Hero name "Dioscuri" Greek Sons of Zeus, the well-known heroes, Castor and Pollux, or Polydeuces Greek
God name "Dioskouroi" Greek Twin gods see Castor & Pollux
God name "Dioskouroi" Greek Twin gods. See also POLYDETKES....
"Dioxippe" Greek wife of Aegyptus
Goddess name "Dipa" Buddhist Goddess of light Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Dipa (personification of the oil lamp)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Goddess of light. Considered to be among the group of ASTAMATARAS (mothers). Color: blue or red. Attribute: a lamp....
Goddess name "Dipa Tara" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Dipa Tara (lamp Tara)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. Color: yellow. Attribute: a torch....