Books about the Gods

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List of Gods
Modi German/ Norse This son of Thor is a god that has yet to arrive
Modimo Twana Botswana A universal god, possibly monotheistic
Modron Wales Great Mother she is one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses
Moerae Greek A goddess of reason
Mog Ruith Irish A god, possibly a solar god
Mogounos Roman/ Gallic A local tribal deity he was assimilated with Apollo
Mohini Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor incarnation of Visnu
Moira/ Moirai/ Moerae/ Mories/ Fates Greek They are supreme even over the gods of Olympus
Mokos E.Slavic A goddess of healing & sheep
Molek/ Moloch Amorite A god of fire that children were sacrificed to IAW 1 Kings11:7 & 2 Kings 23:10 only
Moloch Canaan The sun god & a god of war
Moma Uitoto SA A god that originally was the creator of mankind & the apotheosis of the moon
Mombo Wa Ndhlopfu Ronga Mozambique A tutelary god that lives in & controls the forest
Momu Scotland A goddess of wells & hillsides
Momus Greek A god of censure & mockery
Mon Kafir/ Afghanistan/ Hindukush A warrior god & hero from prehistoric origins and around today
Moneta Roman A minor goddess of prosperity, the spirits of the mint
Monje Yoruba A goddess of rivers
Monju Bosatsu Japanese A god of education
Monos Greek The god of pain & sarcasm
Month/ Montu Egypt The war god of Thebes that quit during the 11th dynasty, royal politics you see
Moombi Kikuyu A creator goddess
Mor Irish A sun goddess & dam of the kings of Munster
Morganes Celtic These are female water spirit
Morgay Scotland/ Britain A harvest goddess
Morongo Zimbabwe A goddess of the evening star, love & sexuality
Moros Greek A god of fate
Morpheus Greek A god of dreams by humans
Morrigan Celtic/ Irish The goddesses of war of death & destruction from prehistoric origins
Morrigu/ Morrigan/ Morrighan/ Morgan/ Badb/ Nemain Irish/ Wales/ Britain The Crone aspect of the goddesses who were a trinity responsible for war & ghosts
Mors Roman A minor god of death
Morta Roman A goddess of death who became one of the Parcae
Moruadh Irish A goddess of the sea
Morva Andaman Is./ Indian Ocean They are invisible sky spirits
Moschel Latvia He is the god of cows
Mot Canaan/ Ugarit A god of death, fertility & sterility
Mot Phoenicia The god of the dead and of all the powers that opposed life
Motsesa Mozambique A goddess of water
Moyocoyani Aztec A minor god of universal power
Mrantna'irgin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The spirit of the dawn, one of four
Mrgasiras Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Mu Gong China/ Taoist The god of immortality
Mu King China A god of fire
Muati Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A rather obscure local god associated with the island paradise of Dilmun
Mucalinda Buddhist A tutelary god of the lake near Bodh Gaya
Mugasa/ Mugu Pygmy(C. Africa) A sky god whose story is close to that of the God of Abraham Genesis one
Mugasha Baziba Africa He is the god of water
Mugizi Bunyoro Uganda The guardian deity of Lake Albert
Muhingo Bunyoro Uganda The god of war
Muireartach Irish A goddess of the ocean
Muireartach Irish/ Scotland A battle goddess
Mujaji/ Modjajji Lovedu Africa A goddess of rain immortalized in the book, She by Rider Haggard
Mukasa Buganda Uganda A beneficent god for he demanded no sacrifices
Mula Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A malevolent Naksarta
Mula Djadi Tobak/ Batak Sumatra the creator god that created everything & lives in the highest of all seven heavens
Mulhalmoni Korea A goddess of healing, eye diseases & water
Mulindwa Bunyoro Uganda The tutelary goddess of the tribal chiefs
Mulliltu Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadian A goddess
Mullo Britain/ Roman Patron deity of teamsters & associated with Mars
Muluku Macoua supreme being
Mummu Mesopotamia This god advised the primeval god Apsu
Mungu/ Mulungu Swahali/ E.Africa The creator god
Munisvara Hindu/ Dravidian A demigod that started out being a deified saint
Munjen Malik Kafir/ Afghanistan A chthonic earth god
Munkata-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto The sea gods [3] that protected seafarers
Munume Bunyoro Uganda The god Weather
Muraja Buddhist A goddess of music
Murigen Irish/ Scotland/ Manx A lake goddess associated with the deluge legends
Murukan/ Ceyon Dravidian/ Tamil A hunting & war god
Musdamma Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A god of buildings, including houses
Muses Greek Some mountain goddesses
Mushdama Mesopotamia The god of architecture
Musisi Ndonga Angola A messenger god
Muso Koroni Bambarra W. Africa A chthonic fertility goddess of disorder
Mut Egypt A vulture goddess shown crowned and holding a papyrus scepter, goddess of fertility, healing & sound bodies
Muta Roman A goddess of silence
Mutinus Roman A minor fertility god of, strongly ityphallic & invoked by women wanting to bear children
Muttalamman/ Mutyalamma Davidian/ Tamil A plague goddess identified with smallpox
Mutu Assyria He is the personification of death & the god of the underworld
Myesyats Slavonic The moon deity
Mylitta/ Mu'Allidtu Phoenician/ Babylon A goddess of fire, childbirth & fertility
Myoken-Bohdisattiva Chinese/ Buddhist An astral god, the apotheosis of the pole star
Myrrah Phonecia The fertility goddess that whelped Kinnur
Mystis Greek A goddess of teaching
N?kki Finland The fearsome spirit of pools, wells and bridges. Same as Nix.
Na Cha/ Li No Cha Chinese/ Taoist The guardian god that was born as a god of from human parents
Na Ngutu W. Africa The guardian deity of warriors slain in battle
Na Pe'/ Na Pe'/ Old Man Blackfoot/ W. USA/ Canada The creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions
Na'ininen Koryak/ Siberia A benevolent creator being
Naamah Canaan A goddess of fertility, sex
Naas Irish A goddess who died in county Kildere
Nabu Babylon/ Mesopotamia/ Akkadian A god of speech & the scribe & herald of the gods
Nabudi Oceania The goddesses of illness
Nachunde Elamite A sun god
Nacon Maya He is the god of war
Naenia Roman A goddess of funerals
Nagadya Uganda A goddess of drought & rain
Nagakumara Jain One of the group the gods with the title of bhvanavasi that were associated with rain & thunder
Nagaraja Hindu A snake god in in one of the deities that were worshipped prior to 1700 BCE
Nagawonyi Uganda A goddess of drought
Nagini Jain/ India A goddess
Nahi N. Arabia A guardian God of benevolent nature
Nahual Aztec A generic name for a personal God
Nahuti Ehecatl Aztec A minor water god
Nahuti Ollin/ Ollin/ Ollintonatiuh Aztec A creator god
Nai Gan Ghanna A god of the ocean
Nai No Kami Japan The god of earthquakes
Naiad[s] Greek Any nymph who presided over brooks , springs or fountains
Naigameya Hindu A god usually shown with the head of a goat
Naionuema Uitoto SA This god created the earth from its own imagination
Nair Irish A goddess best known for escorting High King Crebhan to the Otherworld
Nairamata Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
Nairyosangha Iran A god of fire
Najade Slavic These are water nymphs
Nakawe Huchol The earth goddess
Nakiwulo Africa A goddess of justice
Naksatara[s] Hindu A group of astral goddesses
Namasangiti Buddhist A god
Nambi Masai A goddess of love & of sexuality
Nambi Ugandan A goddess of the sky
Nammu Sumeria The goddess who gave birth to the heavens and the earth
Namtaru Assyria A god of plagues
Nan chi Hsien weng China The god of longevity
Nan-Sgrub Buddhist/ Tibet A god, a form of Yama
Nana Armenia A mother goddess
Nana Babylon A goddess spring
Nana Buluku Fon Africa The supreme god
Nana Buruku Cuba An earth & water goddess
Nanabohozo Ojibwa/ USA/ Canada A god that influences the success or failure of hunters
Nanabush/ Manabozho/ Wisaaka/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator & good spirit
Nanahuatl Aztec A creator god
Nanai Sumeria A stellar deity
Nanaja Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A war & fertility goddess
Nanan Bouclou Ewe A god of herbs & medicine
Nanautzin Aztec A god of disease
Nandi India A goddess of happiness & joy
Nandi[n] Hindu A bull god
Nang Lha Tibet A personal family guardian type of house god
Nanna Germanic A goddess of plants & flowers
Nanna Norse A goddess of the moon
Nanna/ As-im-babbar Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Iraq A moon god
Nanook/ Nanuq Inuit The bear god
Nanse Babylon A goddess of justice, water & canals
Nantosuelta Gallic The goddess of water
Napaeae Greek/ Roman These are animistic spirits of the valleys feminine in nature
Napir Elamite Iran The moon god
Nappatecuhtli Aztec The minor god of mat makers
Nappinnai Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local goddess
Nara Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Minor incarnation of the god of Visnu
Narada Hindu/ Epic/ Vedic/ Puranic A minor but popular god
Naradatta Jain A goddess of learning
Narasinha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An incarnation of the god Visnu
Narasinhi/ Chandika Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess
Narayana Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A creator god thought to be synonymous with business
Nareau Melanesia A creator god
Narkissos/ Narcissus Greek A minor god that was rather enamored of himself
Nascio Roman A goddess of childbirth
Nastasija Russia A goddess of sleep
Nat Scandinavia A goddess of happiness
Nataraja Hindu/ Puranic a form of Siva
Nath Irish A goddess of wisdom
Natha Buddhist/ Sri Lanka A tutelary god
Nathum Etruscan A goddess of justice
Naunet Egypt A primordial goddess one of the eight Ogdoad
Navadura[s] Hindu A generic title for the nine forms of the god of Durga
Navky Slavic A goddesses of water
Nawandyo Uganda A goddess of healing
Nayakaya Shilluk Sudan the crocodile goddess that reside in the Nile, Shillukscontinue to sacrifice to her
Nayenezgani Navaho The most powerful war god
Nazambi/ Nyambi/ Nzambe/ Yambe/ Zambi Bakongo Zaire The creator god
Nazapa Ngbandi Zaire The creator god that is invoked at the sunrise
Ndara Sulawesi Is. The god of the underworld.
Ndaula Bunyoro Uganda A plague god associated with smallpox
Ndauthina Fiji A god of adultery, fire, fishing & seafaring
Ndjambi Hereo SW Africa A sky god who is name is generally forbidden to be spoken
Ne'nenk'nenkicex Kamichadal The Christian God
Nebethepet Egypt A local primordial goddess
Nebo Assyria The god of teaching, writing & wisdom and in
Nebo Mesopotamia A god of speech
Necessitas Roman A goddess of fate
Nechmetawaj Egypt A goddess of justice
Nediyon Davidian/ Tamil A creator god
Nefertem Egypt A god of sunrise, perfumes, ointments, virility, pleasure & Lotus flowers
Nefertum Egypt A minor primordial God of creation from lower Egypt
Negafok Inuit The cold weather spirit
Negun Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A minor goddess this week
Nehalennia Britain A goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders
Nehalennia Germanic A goddess of fertility & the ocean
Nehebka Egypt A goddess of justice
Nehebu-Kau Egypt A minor snake god
Neit Egypt A goddess of war & wisdom
Neit Irish A Tuatha De Danann war god
Neith Egypt A goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, healing, war, hunting & weaving
Nejma Morocco A goddess of healing
Nekhebt Egypt The vulture goddess of Upper Egypt
Nekmet Awai Egypt A goddess of justice and in
Nelaima Latvia A goddess of destiny
Nemain Celtic A goddess of war
Nemain Irish She is one of the triune crone goddesses of battle
Nemausis Roman/ Gallic A god of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France